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Thread: OC - A New Dawn : 2nd Phase [2018]

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    Default OC - A New Dawn : 2nd Phase [2018]


    1.A New Dawn 03:32
    2.Feelin' Free 02:32
    3.John Wick 02:31
    4.4 Eva 02:48
    5.Slo' Burn 02:28
    6.Sunday Morning (feat. Tay Bell) 03:24
    7.Quick To Jump 03:26
    8.Powerful 03:39
    9.The Sauce [Interlude] 01:37
    10.Live Free, Die Hard 02:43
    11.Exhale 03:37
    12.Fair Game 02:44
    13.Ignorance Is Bliss 03:10
    14.Vibe 02:59
    15.Ethics (Who Are You) 02:42
    16.Give It Up 02:22

    O.C. drops the '2nd Phase' of his trilogy of DITC Studios albums with "A New Dawn". Following up from the critically acclaimed "Same Moon Same Sun" album, the Diggin' In The Crates crew member once again drops another LP of pure quality for old and new heads alike. Production is handled by Showbiz, Motif Alumni, Dark Keys and Gwop Sullivan.
    released February 16, 2018

    Executive Produced by Showbiz & Mark Lo
    Recorded at D.I.T.C. Studios
    Recorded & Mixed by Parks Music
    (c) 2018 D.I.T.C. Studios

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    Dope. I heard a few tracks already. This is what 90s rappers should be putting out. Stay in your lane there comes a time when you don't try to update your style to fit in.

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