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Thread: Do you think U-God ever murked someone?

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    Default Do you think U-God ever murked someone?

    When the book Wiseguy (the book Goodfellas was based on) was written about Henry Hill, he never admitted to murdering anyone. He was always around murders, always carrying guns, shooting guns, getting shot at, but claimed he never killed anyone... for obvious reasons.

    U-God has the same type of shit. If you read his book, he talks about pulling guns on people, getting shot at, being in the drug game for years. Obviously Uey can't admit to actually killing someone. He even went as far as saying one time him and his guys had a dude in a room that had set him up and he was about to squeeze the trigger and at the last second he decided not to.

    Henry Hill used to be on the Howard Stern Show all the time. He'd be really fucked up and sort of half admit to have committed some of the murders.

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    I wouldn't put it past Uey

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    I think he likes to play things up a bit for the sake of the story.

    De mijne is 4x duurder!

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    Wouldn't be surprised if some dodgy shit happened after that dude used his kid as a human shield and got him shot.

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