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Thread: How to embed videos or images? + How to rep someone?

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    Default How to embed videos or images? + How to rep someone?

    Title says it all, I haven't been able to figure out how to embed videos or images when I'm posting a link. Neither how to add to someone's reputation. No biggies but I figured I'd still ask! Thanks in advance
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    put the word YOUTUBE in square brackets, follow it with all the letters and numbers that follow after v= in a YT vid'd url, end it with /YOUTUBE in square brackets

    There is a way to include FB vids too. Easiest way to do this is to choose the 'Go Advanced' option in the right lower corner of the post you are typing. If you do not see this option you should go to settings in the top menu and set your options accordingly


    put IMG in square brackets, then put in the pic's url, end with /IMG in square brackets


    There is no option for you to add reputation yet. It requires a minimum amount of posts (I forget the number)

    For now if you would really like to add to someone's rep you can PM people like me with a link to the post you would like to get repped. I will then rep the post on your behalf, including your name in the comment section

    If you have any more technical questions please feel free to post them in the thread you created. username colors have to do with how long you have been posting, whether you are a mod and what user group you have been elected for (there are closed off sections of the forum related to these user groups. you cannot access these sections as a new user. don't worry about it though, all of the wu action is in wuchamber which you can readily access)
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    Thanks a lot for the reply! It all sounds very reasonable. No biggie on the rep though, I'll just spam the forum until I can do it myself! Jokes aside, it's not that important to me but thanks for the offer man. I was just wondering since I was repped myself and searched all over for the button, now it makes sense!

    Peace Hal

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