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Thread: illegal immigration

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    It's spending that much because it's a purely private model, not in-spite of it. If you make a medicine, you have the patent to the formula meaning nobody else can make that same medicine unless the licence with you. Which means you can pick whatever price you want. So you get a situation where procedures in the US cost 10-30x more than they do in most of Europe (nearly equal in population). Hospitals can also charge whatever they want on top of that. We spend the most and deliver the least amount of healthcare of any developed country. Because people aren't insured in this country they also don't go to the hospital until it's nearly too late. Big difference between people getting early tumors removed in a procedure that costs $400 and 4 rounds of chemo and getting helicoptered out to a specialist hospital, for not knowing it's there since you work at wal-mart or run a small business 15 years later.

    People with insurance (which is only the graduate-professional class, not even all workers or the majority) can get check ups regularly. Everyone else has to use ubers as ambulances and leaving the hospital with gouged and inflated $60,000 bills they'll never pay.

    We have to have price controls with healthcare. Here in Houston, if there's a flood and you're caught price gouging water you can be arrested for public endangerment. But if you price gouge HIV medicine or insulin, no problem nationwide. Not everything can run of a private model or a purely private model. Healthcare isn't a nice car or vacation house that people should get for being well employed and college educated.

    And yeah only public universities should be free. You pay state taxes to create and keep a university alive in your state. You pay for everything there with your taxes. Then you go there, or send your kids there and they charge you $60k lol. Then they run a multibillion dollar sports program and still charge your ass $60k while also not paying the players and having the head coach be the highest paid man in the state.

    Like LORD NOSE said, everything is this country is a scam. Most people have been convinced that the government 'cant afford' to be a government which frees up budget space for foreign wars and allows billionaires and multimillionaires wiggle room to stay untaxed. The idea that we can't afford to get everyone who needs it on medicaid, or that we shouldn't charge people to go to a school they pay for their entire lives is expensive and unrealistic. Mut we can afford to drop 30,000 half a million dollar bombs every year, or give rich people a 2 trillion dollar rebate on being rich. The American public has to stop being a sucker lol. But we're the ones that keep pretending that the government can't afford to actually do anything useful.

    If you're a US citizen you should be able to go to a US hospital. Right now our employer's HR policy literally determines life and death for ourselves and our kids lol.

    Guys, I get all this. Hospitals are expensive and deadly. I agree that people are going broke over hospital bills and something should be done about it. Again, the sad thing is we can't afford it. Even if we could, people would still want private options because it's faster. Government slows things down and the wait time to see a doctor would be catastrophic with our population. We need both government hospitals and private hospitals.
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