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Thread: Mortal Kombat dropped on home consoles twenty five years ago today.

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    Default Mortal Kombat dropped on home consoles twenty five years ago today.

    Dubbed Mortal Monday, the huge marketing campaign saw the ports of the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Game Gear and Game Boy released simultaneously. I remember the huge line outside of Funco Land on Grand Concourse..
    I owned the Genesis version and eventually upgraded to the Sega C.D. version which honestly, was only slightly better. The port on Mortal Kombateception is nearly arcade perfect.

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    davids, do you like mortal kombat or time killers the best?

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    I remember u needed a cheat code to get blood on the Sega mega drive (Genesis). My bro had it. We had it on the Amiga too.

    I remember staying home from school one day n playing it all day n making notes of the fatalities n stuff that I pulled off so I could tell my brothers when they got home, lolz.
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    I am aware of Time Killers, but have never actually played it. I still have an old issue of Game Pro around here with a review of the Sega Genesis port and it got absolutely horrid reviews. So I never bothered with it. Never played the arcade version either, but the response was about the same.

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