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Thread: ESTEE NACK owned 2018 --- 15 New Records Dropped !

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    Default ESTEE NACK owned 2018 --- 15 New Records Dropped !

    This man dropped 15 new projects in 2018. Most of them ill, fresh flows, dope lyricism, and grimey beats

    he dropped 7 collab projects with Al Divino alone

    dude flows circles around most emcees

    the whole Tragic Allies crew remains crazy slept on but Nack is on a whole other level . . flow master, lyrics heavy with knowledge, and prolific as fuck

    PEEP :

    here's the LPs & EPs dropped this year:

    Post Tenebras Lux (w Recognize Ali)

    Afrikan Folk Music From Out The Diaspora

    Mini Mansion Dust Vol 1
    Vol 2
    Vol 3

    Joan Manuel Serrap

    VEDA (w Al Divino)

    Nikola (w Al Divino)

    Destiny (w Al Divino)

    Abrakadabra, Alakazam! (w/ Al Divino)

    Maleficis Artibus EP (w Al Divino)

    Akira on Acid (w/ Al Divino)

    Villains in Villas (w/ Al Divino)

    Novela: La Novela De La 9 (w Crucial the G)

    Surfin On Gold

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    What?! 2018 is a hell of a year for Hip-Hop. Gonna peep this shit for sure.

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    Yesssss!!!! Every release 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 shits crazy.

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    Im a bit late to the party in regards to ~Estee Nack but I have checked most of his stuff from this year. The guy is a frikking monster, proper hard shit. I am really loving al.divino too, those two have a great chemistry and some of those beats that they rap on leave me speechless. Absolute fire!

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    I’m surprised how much quality hip hop Estee Nack has released.. Thanx for putting me on to his music. He picks great beats too. The album with Purpose is my fave.. Peace

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