Oh I remember her like your favorite song i had gotten invited yea i won 4 games before once the second time was different it it didnt feel right i got a feeling right away i had been absent for about two years i was struggling but i continued yes i can see the bench from far away i was playing ok they were a good team i didnt want to go inside the locker room i didnt want to come out either just thinking thinking of the prize thinking of how it was very overwhelming the first time how dope it was i was really starting to feel like man it can be over any minute and bam my trip was done for some reason i thought i was down 10 but i was down 20 no man i think i might have thought i was down 3

I saw threes going in but they didnt hit me i went to the bench to take my break i was going kind of crazy i got a turnover maybe i shouldnt of done that play it was a big mistake i was going crazy time was running out i couldnt believe it i had lost time had ran out man i was going crazy it was really done at least that night not a good feeling i lost and felt horrible yea i had to go but yea i know i had to leave man the trip it happens i believe yea when we won who celebrated sorry fans man who yea yes how it starts falling almost hitting my face feeling it as i listen to a speaker i so young like yea i had macked her what knowing i had just seen her yea it is the ultimate