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Thread: the qu'ran code

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    Default the qu'ran code

    ...the zig-zak-zig gave me that, number 19, the 1-9 Ave.
    been where I, Allah immortalized repped the frontline at...
    ...so jew like to go against my word, have me look like a clown
    when jew know you trapped in the room with me, why jew looking around
    for who? I said the saints were going to give the game to me
    jew saying this world isn't mine, but who did your prince claim to see
    God's face, right, well God's face's mine...do jew waste food like jew waste time
    today mighta' been your last day to show why I should spare your frayed lives
    now I'm at He'll, and what that is is He Will being cancelled out
    by jew pussies, and israel as their pet goat on a prance about
    the dollar sign horoscope, a friend without the r's a fiend
    magical tricks worked out as a scheme big enough for all to see
    who made the qu'ran up, I heard it was jews, so goes for the clue
    as to how I know israel is muhammad ibn abdullah
    still in-fact I am the host of gabriel same as jabril
    the living word personified, jew all can die for israel
    he wants the money, and only I can make the profit, jew knew this
    and yet still, the game you threw it for jews personal movement
    number 17 coulda' caught that, but the saints couldn't fall back
    for me, because jew thought I couldn't do shit about y'all acts
    of blasphemous craftmanship using the 6.69 jew have me at
    for example to end the world, trade buildings and hit baphomet's
    symbol as the pentagon, and tag the keystone state as well
    where the country's first capital philly be at, what fate prevails
    the date entails, as I prepare my bride, it's dog day afternoon
    and chali con is best informed that I'm not in the laughing mood
    the rams moved through, to advance, where's my advance, I'm strapped for cash
    and there is no trust to fund, my foot still constipates ya' ass
    my limp reversed since I gotta' wear a body on my right foot
    and there b. goes moping around, I'm not shook about his tight looks...

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    Default vesey and church sts.

    ...yeah, how was I involved...how jew thought I'd be resolved in that
    comcast on my radar, "we know who you are" from them
    wu' ether was the weather around me, but whether wu'
    would ever connect the dots, but still real leary of the dude
    veci who they had unresolved business with, the r.a.m. member
    tried to jam me, no preserves, to spoil my ancestory
    the third temple built's the one world center, forging false peace
    as-if I won't still kill israel since luc's cipher torched me
    osama bin's family on a plane trip funded by bush
    I heard that, petrolium investments covered by kush
    bones dug up, what are the odds of l.s.d.'s proposition
    reaching my e.s.p. about then, as no-fair competition
    who says to let's keep hip-hop's baren uterus alive
    and got no clue of the cum resin on such fluid saliva
    ground zero, vesey and church, how would jew make it work
    without vs, because since jew doubt vs, I'm sure to make jew hurt...
    ...I put his street name in the first verse ahead of this
    I push him through the pipeline myself, you can bet on it
    identity theft is punishable by eternal death
    compared to where I'll put jew, the cold is an inferno sweat
    and the church is the lord's house? and what's vesey's, a whore's house?
    so you thought you made me who I am's how jew got me to floor towers
    we met on the grounds of positive fx back in nine-seven
    I'm God Allah in-person, israel is muhammad ibn..
    ...so how is it jews find yourselves stuck in the middle of
    these islamic countries, and ain't solved this riddle yet....
    ...armageddon is the embodiment of you jews fate
    as I'm a' gettin' my own people, know my wrath's what ju's face...

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    Default I shows up

    ...I showed up on 125th, black jesus of the harlem 6
    tribute is who met up with, easter sunday, young god was just
    patroling his sidewalks, as I was up there just looking to live
    if wu' knew how jew had me murdered to commandeer what I'd built
    with justice, but ay, the kleck-klack shot snot out his snub nose
    exactly, this language I have hell'd captive, sue wu't those
    niggas doing thinking I won't kidnap ole'dirt from his dirt nap
    you ever show up in my city, I'll show up where you work at
    now, gods word being who I am, is perfect, what is it worth
    to you not to abide by my purpose, now where does it hurt
    the whole body's a trauma unit until filled with embalming fluid
    in one ear, out the other, the whole time I been talking to you
    seventy-four seconds to judgement, seventy-four circa's the subject
    my good brother kash building his budget, enough with the dumb shit
    sue wu't u still tippy-toeing for, and you know it's war
    why is because you saw the signs and yet I'm still ignored
    now pay attention: jew done highjacked the 5% nation
    problem is jew couldn't finish me off after I was wasted
    so jew allowed five decades to pass trying a' find some way to
    amass my own power as theirs, a war waged when from stored wages
    the secret lies with charlotte, yeah, the national treasure
    ...the reason why we warring here will scramble your senses
    israel, do jew want your eternal death wish granted
    or am I real yet, suit yourself, I'll close on your bitch antics...

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    Default 125...215

    ...u.s. trump'd, and you guessed wrong if you just thought I'd just go along with
    what's going on, shit...the lost children of israel must not want to own shit
    I'm on my own then....I'll bag the 1-9 up on-foot and look out for my own kin
    wasn't a moment I coulda' postponed, bottoms-up bodies every top of the mourning
    alive on my own wit, and walked all my own steps...south philly better watch every cold breath
    ...my brother 'leem had his strings pulled by the puppet master
    I won't rest 'til I bring the bull's death...
    ...jew wouldn't get it 'til the blades at his whole neck..
    ...you think I'm here to entertain anyone's threats?
    fuck outta' here, I'm insane even post-mortem
    I never stopped moving forward every ignorance
    ...of my shit, it don't stink then, ignore the
    stench of the riggamortises every inch on the...
    ...earth's canvass what I paint the picture on
    of a blood bath not a tub was built ready for...
    ...so, look, a wall can't save y'all from vs at all...we're still massacring every wet back involved
    on the green lights to any dark melanated traffic
    I'll make whole countries dissappear without magic...
    ...star of david's the hexagram I been flippping
    ever since high school, the pentagram hides the bitches
    ...I scene 125 flip to 215
    the government cheese lines now be superzized
    u.s. wants more time, but jew know the time's
    been eleven forty-five, that's eleven and the nine...

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    Default 191 zip code

    ...give me the responsible parties for the 9.11
    event of '01, eventually is right now, every inch counts
    the music stopped, have a sit-down, I'd accept the charges since
    jew thought I wouldn't recognize my own shit, who's fault is this
    I tore shit down, sue wu't the-fuck u.s. gonna' do about it
    see, that's how you do it, jew bunch a' pussies, move without me
    ...or reserect my dick to fit the bolthole jew housed in
    ...and give me my movie, beginning-to-end without lip
    absolutely no rating, israel's a director
    of video drome shit, infidels are dismembered
    ...I take niggas d8ughters and then shape bitches thoughts from who
    the-fuck they thought I was before all this horrific news
    whether the big rig finally gets the picture
    the eagle's mine to groom now as I evict jews
    I send the strong delusion now to put the fix in
    a body clad in skimpy lingerie do my dishes
    the minds, bodies and souls of hoes can feel the pressure
    their walls decked out with barack obama pictures
    their walls drenched down when I sling salami in them
    I put him in position...jew couldn't stomp the vinyard
    you're fruit for the winepress, and can nobody save jew
    I'm from the 191 zip a body bag up
    leemo, the code is dont' give me the back-talk
    I got patients to run amuck sniffling bath salts
    my word is final upon my arrival in earths
    center mass is targeted, jonah's arrival unearthed...

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    Default revelation 27:39-40

    ...as I been killing for israel, lucyfer's been all in the mind
    jews ain't have the sense to play it that way, all by design
    blatant epithets to resurrect israel's other side
    until what jew have is me, Allah, bound to cut your ties
    to vs as what jew feed from, on your knees is how jew plead
    before the eagle's deed's done, here's your headless scorpion king
    body's acting out its final motor function, what jew think
    that half-breed nigga jew was your pet peeve? yeah, but jew blinked
    now what a ju' is compared to a jew is living proof
    the original ones who gave me up to be executed
    between G. and D. now my cousins, G. had to leave
    he was moses, the weight on my shoulders what it had to be
    because I am He'll, I never told niggas anything else
    who took it upon themselves to think I was anything frail
    my own obamanation's the al-mahsi ad-dajjal
    I'll enjoy my retirement for now since I was took out
    the dis ease I contain in my books that I lug about
    whoever refuses to pay me don't know what the thugs about
    I been had the patients to gun niggas down, what triggers bound
    to catch up to arian militias who scalped niggas crowns
    had ju' listened before opening your mouth to save the whites
    leem, it was best for you to shut ya' mouth to save your life
    beans talk baited the giants, I been to nyc, I'm a' kill 'em
    all now, never knew where I been at, surgical to sit 'em
    all down, a south philly rep until the death and back when I'm
    called out, I'm now where the sun sets according to the
    scroll now, west philly's madina, back to maka's my
    goal now, from life itself all those outsidevs gotta'
    go now, I am the O jew took out from GOD to save your own selves...

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    Default 2035

    ...I'm scheduled to route outta' here in 2035
    the only grace period israel had been while I'm alive
    that's this present life of mine, asking me to live with him
    for what? jew wasn't trying a give me one tidbit of my shit
    trying a' make me prostrate to this nigga? fuck outta' here
    his prostate feel pressured, I been dug in, up to my ears
    this world does not have me fooled, it's fake as u.s. currency
    I play the game until the game's done, but jew been irking me
    as-if charlotte can protect jew, so I'll be the first to let jew
    know how much jew done fucked up, no jew/ju' bean can elect to
    change my dna selection nor interior decorate
    my home with crowbars then live in, when you're extinct, none's forgiven
    jew controlled by ju' dumb negroes, and the negro hides da' nero
    forty-two months you dumb bitches took to birth one lying pisshole
    he only moves for every gift that I receive, jew playing dumb
    about having to reserect my dick, a tease is moving tongues
    the current state of israel will be destroyed, eternal deaths
    albeit them middle easterners falling to eternal depths
    the effect's dominoes around the world thus proving it's a globe-
    al holocaust, and in my house I show off as the holycost
    whether nuclear missles launched, ay, look, each nigga chose the door
    number two, I'm a' pack my bags and be on route, I'm out the door
    don't know why the-fuck israel been begging me to live with him
    it was a set-up the porno movie show I teetered in
    I walk a way from one steaming pile of lifeless human beings
    to another pile steaming after the next, yes con I'm a' see you...
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    Default day 777

    ...I be giving proof that I be the living proof
    ...all of you tender fruits not contending with the truth
    let's talk about the facts, not a facsimile at all
    ...my books keep stacking 'til I build me a wall...
    ...whoever see me can't believe it at all...
    I want whatever I want even if it's war
    bottom line, it is time to pay everything you owe me
    me allowing you to murder me was the old me
    any discomfort I feel have your upholstry's
    secret compartments hiding you by the parts cleaved
    I'm a south philly sicko, nobody can talk
    me down from the ledge where the gargoyles be parkd
    da' nero allegedly born three seven
    to pay me is what lucky triple seven's best bet is
    ...with his life every breath taken in, exhale any-
    thing slick, eternity in Hell fire's the medicine
    sweating bricks as-if to let me live, I'm not amused
    by any innuendos I'd abuse until he lose
    all the taste in his mouth, forget a tooth, these destitutes
    kept trying to overwrite the death they was sentenced to...

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    Default richard allen the reverand

    ...now, bill cosby is from the r.a.p.
    where the r.a.m. was based around n.p.
    and my twin is a ram member, and tommy hill
    got killed around my friday work, so time'll tell
    why jew wanted richard allen to fall, but if that's my brother
    who I knew 'round elementary school, ask your puppet
    master about me, I'm not attached to any strings
    that I cannot disconnect, jew try your damned'est anyways
    to push your agenda through over my head all in my head
    as I conquer the liii though, all of y'all dead under my tread
    mill, I am no patriot, but I did heard I was conceived
    in new england, nowadays it isn't too hard to believe
    now for those who do not know mininster richard allen though
    a black philadelphian who founded the first episcopal
    for black folk...my nigga' leem been asking me who he was
    I told him that it'd have to come to me bruh, no believer's
    supposed to be trying to press me, but sickle-cell is not
    a joke, so I wouldn't block his blessings nor stop his hope
    but as it all comes to me, the timing's perfect, well deserved
    any reward in this lifetime and the next, nothing rehearsed
    preparation though for me been from one hearse to a re-hearse
    if I ever get to liv, on my eagle since my feats hurt...
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    Default eternal death every step

    ...I'm a' destroy new york, so what I suggest is not a request
    keep ya' asses where the-fuck you from, do not test what I said
    give me africa, I'm going upside its head until he's dead
    chaka zulu bet ya' life is already s.p. b.m.
    now if we can't act my movie out, the fallout's nuclear
    the end of the world right into my word is proof enough
    israel, jew wanted me to kill you off because you're black
    dead serious, jew ain't want their hands dirty with the act
    of murdering who jew worshipping so you could be born to them
    your inner-conflict is eternal, yes, you're torn within
    my countermove was empregnating you with the earth's children
    ...for even saying or thinking that you wanted to drill,
    me, I want it for real, eternal death every step reaching you
    every breath heated, jew not surviving me, I see through you
    yakub, and eat my dick if you thinking that I'm food
    fear-factor shit prior to ludachris, thinking I'm fooled
    you want to rule as a god, but caught between me and gods
    so for trying to be slick, you slip, is it on a dick
    open your mouth again on some faggot shit, the maggots will
    fatten up on rotten slabs of flesh where your ghost was left
    buck-naked to be judged, some reckon I'm a slug
    thinking salt'll curl me up, find me emptying the slugs
    no dial ever turned me up, I'm not controlled, remote control's
    the cattle prods on the herds who ain't heard how their souls were sold
    but engage in the lies, are told manure just for elongated
    diatribes on the shit deficated to hold resevervations
    on whole time spans until trepidation's de-escalated
    to slip the mickey in, global nuclear radiation
    now, consider that I'm allowing this 'cause of docile
    coward-ass niggas who on their own known to have been hostile...
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    Default the first 48 [the sunni/soon I/sun I am]

    ...how's it feel to die riddled with metal rain, and be reborn
    as a ridldle of heavy pain, not knowing until I mature
    into a man from adolescent turbulence to insurgence
    I know my killers, grew up around them all, they were murderous
    in my name ironically, gods yet to find 'em, I'm them
    ...I lived by the sword and died by it, now the word's what I am
    I'm off-the-hook, my killers are not, I'm a torcher chamber
    day 180 came and done went, I was slow to anger
    now who's youth done brought the first 48 as a game up
    again since twenty seventeen, it's not a game you can win
    I'm not a game, I'm not just here to vent, got the game in a fix
    he ain't getting out of, vs phila-body-bag niggas are trips
    one-way-tickets by-the-way, clock's been ticking while the wait's
    been for me to be presented fully in tact while the stakes
    being raised as shish kebabs, impaling all hurdle attempts
    emptying soup cans in any and all burgle attempts...

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