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Thread: the qu'ran code

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    Default 21571C elect. co.

    ....ellsworth bumpy johnson, my cousin D., you wasn't free
    to do what you want, but see, I know the black women keep
    being used against our better judgment, your mom's rebecka
    the one who birthed esau and jacub, the lessons in the letters
    G. and D. that's your brother and you, sue wu't would jew want from me's
    my GOD, and that's something I'm a' keep to myself, jew 'bout to see
    and by-the-way, happy 47th on this date 4.7
    I'm a' build our relationship as brethren, but there's those that I'm
    a' educate my way, had you known better, I would not meddle
    while we were on the cross, you denied me, so, oh well, good fella'
    my twin lucyano used to play chess with you, so don't tell me
    you're about this philly shit since being born here 'til you met me
    eye-to-eye, after I board your white jew wife on a plane crash
    the black w8men outfit D.O. for self to clothes on our frames fast
    I won't let you down, D., but you know Hell surrounded us
    it was you who fought the demons with me, and I'm proud of us...

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    Default 66 secs to judgement

    ...I don't vow with uncle ben's and it's not all about the benjamins
    who wanna' breathe out slurs to collapse their lungs on some petty shit
    where's the ownership in that when you get what you asking for
    I keep all my sense in tact, bullshit don't need a matador
    and if I showed love, what's the dog in you attacking for
    'cause when I shows up, what the God in you's not active for's
    because The Father been removed from the household, the mother's
    israel's current state who is lucyfer's host, so no wonder
    twin don't even see how I pulled that one off, I spat one off
    the target fell, my marksman skill is not a joke, so back on off
    I'll talk you to death for saying I'm all-talk, that's all I need
    to do, I thought jew knew, your bible says the shit, you won't out me
    when's your bitch ever came my way, bloods and crips bout to make my day
    at the angels, every angle now abiding to what I've laid
    as the lord of hosts, and everyone I've been is all I am
    to summon me? reserect my dick to see how tall I am
    bet you the sky fall, see, don't eyeball me to oddball me
    if I vent just to let off steam, next event you all die on me
    how do you shift the subjects to be murdered from my servants
    to exactly who the-fuck deserving this, that's my verdict
    I'm already in my afterlife, what's your excuse now
    israel, you ain't directing shit, so you best produce now...

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    Default ode' to the '60s

    ..I'm coming straight outta' south philly, a cold basket case initials a.c.
    I turned heads, since being put down in the '60s
    caution to any troll wanting to check me
    one-two piece with a biscuit, get your rest in
    big guns out to turn my body into holy cheese
    rose up not giving a fuck who you supposeed to be
    ...repping the blocks 1-9 to 2-4 believe
    that, staid grinding to afford bills and groceries
    ...you lost niggas best to follow me...
    them dumb misses never bothered me 'til I showed what I'm a' be...
    ...and I'm from where homicide fits the geography
    tax write-offs on your life when you decide to sleep...
    ...the yellow tapes reading caution....the white chalk's at your doorstep...
    ...they hopping out, choppers out
    aks warring inbetween salaat where I'm from around...
    ...r.i.p. huss', we ain't done yet...let's make a day of it [cont'd]...
    ...christ resurrected in philapa......some shit never dies, eh...
    ...and r.i.p. to all the black leaders we lost in the '60s...
    ...over the u.s. government's fear of the rise of the black messiah...

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    Default 63 secs to judgement

    ...red and blue hues keep lining up for me b8tches trying to fuck
    my reserection out on the streets, my dick sizing it up
    I'm made money, the b8tch look at me now saliva-struck
    I got patients enough to leave bodies anywhere I instruct
    now whose building's architectual integrity's at a stump
    enemies breathing around me getting slumped, I'm not a chump
    if your bitch decide she wants her lips around my dick, you're fucked
    if your ass above your waistline, I'll shoot you to a pulp
    I need you to register you're the money out the register
    and I'll spend you no sooner than you denied my heritage
    give up your m8thers, d8ughters, whoever got vagina for me
    to climb in, if you block, bottom-line is you dying for it
    yeah huss', they been acting as-if I'm invisible ink
    'til I penned every homicide I did with invisible inc
    it don't take a critical thinker, it takes a plead for forgive-
    ness when in my sites before sedatives relocate the witness
    to my existence via penmanship as I script it
    if you not in my close knit or kindred, what's your business
    if you 'bout that life, then where's your will writ', I'm in business
    let the cowboy grieve, or best believe it's a western
    visiting every restroom, wake up with urine in your beds
    thinking I'd let the government finesse vs, best look again
    I got you huss', in God you trust, but peace on the streets' not enough
    to keep those in the craft from conjuring up the opps on us
    so, without further ado, their time is up, now bottoms-up
    now her bottom's up on my timeline, but she's not enough...

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    Default then let's agree

    ...she can breathe heavy as I conceive medleys perceived
    as deadly to believers in settling, there's no sentiments
    from me other than the evidence you see as what I be
    she undress for me, she quench for me, I'm drenching her with sea
    men can't get to her, she's meant for me, there's nothing else to see
    the angels want us to get shitty cuz'? then let's agree
    to slow dance to that, the romance had no chance to break
    the code of my candid dates, glaze lucy to a candy-face
    that noose of a new yolk best undastand its place, my fans await
    when I talk to them, the choppy sounds they make I can't relate
    their interpretations of my shit missed the mark by miles away
    so I pull out my plank, they either walk that or bow they face
    if their bowels their face, there's not any place to about their face
    my g8rls scout the cookie box, I'm cookie monster, how's she taste
    by now my safe's bulging with dead personnel who looked for stash
    what I got in common with toilets' I ain't gotta' look for ass
    I operate this shit, but hell naw, I ain't gotta' take the shit
    you tried to jail bait me with? I'll take your ass to take your shit
    don't ask "could you repeat that"...I'll walk away, the chalk displayed
    around every shell casing, the marks are laid like carpet stained...

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    Default a hero [one minute to judgement]

    ...60 seconds this a minute, what's seven-five stacks
    to seven-four seconds when zero's down to one stack
    a hero's nothing but a sandwich now, how to top that off's
    everything on it, plus the hot peppers how to knock that off's
    what the enemy's done on june 13th nineteen and sixty-nine
    and gods been acting as-if I am not possible to find
    alive, but huss' sacrificed his life for my victory lap
    in due time, a few kinks to work out, no misstory, jack
    remember me? how do I breathe and am not reserected
    I teethed in the early seventies, I been not an infant
    ...and I give it up to philly because I know where I was
    so nothing nyc here could ever live, same as I was
    I'm the only mouth you got to speak from, the outcome's
    the for-real phila. body bag shit I can vouch on...

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    Default yacub and beans talk

    ...pardon...you can find my jacub and beans talk verse under my dog day afternoon thread, at 1.7.19, 8:42pm...
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    Keep at it son
    My skills punish, you untill ya grills rubbish, make ya cry like peeled onions More electrifying. Then a eels touch is, got a girl thats real luscious Eat these rappers for real like sealed lunches More bad ass than a navy seals gun is
    More fly then everybody that wields luggage
    Im the beer clutchin career crushin fear nothin fierce one with...sheers cuttin blood spills gushin no need to worry bout the wounds cuz u wont heal from it

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    Default 55 secs. to judgement [huss' a real one, much love]

    ...who woulda' thought I woulda' found you wallace fard muhammad
    as nipsey hussle after I was used to dearly depart you
    I was approached by the government on seven and thirteen
    of ninety-eight, with an offer, I declined, yet they were thirsting
    to intercept china's summoning of me as sun tzu-wu
    and to wipe china off of africa is just what I'm gon' do
    GOD had the government surrounded when they approached me
    israel the host of lucyfer thought if he coached me
    he'd be in position to prep me for oven roasting
    I don't trust shit since my first trip on a roller coaster
    no calling off shit, the purge is how you supposed to know I'm
    dead-serious stone-cold when it comes down to my chosen
    people I'm coming back for, there is no co-existing
    and mixing dna strands, there is no hope for bridging
    the gaps since the gap band been said where the bomb hit up
    the haile selassie fake-out was an april fools set-up
    to attempt to gain control of the illa noi's, I been employed
    with phila. since april nineteen ninety-nine, I'm feeling bored
    about to walk off the job to my calling, 1-9 hundred
    christ reserecting is pending it's just how I want this
    to go, the angels now want the best for me, the angles now
    one eighty straight for me, reserect me to be well endowed
    enough to seal nine eleven of oh one perpetrators' fates
    there's no telling what's gon' happen as I seal each nigga's face...

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    Default smoke signals

    ...my k.o.s. in contrast to the chaos...there's not a day
    that goes by without the prayers, the nois blurred and slowed my
    reaction time to smoke signals from bullet wounds....now we even?
    far from it, people grieving from the Allah the nois summoned
    to be murdered at 33, but have you ever heard of me
    yes you have, I'm the one you left bypassing surgery
    in an elevator to He'll, turns out I ain't take it too well
    every verse of mine repetative as fuck but got you still
    hanging onto every word, I ain't mentally disturbed
    scared niggas joke let 'em know before I enter into work
    shooting the facility up, nigga get away from me punk
    my program is to unprogram you from your ignorance chump
    but you was born from your decision made before your conception
    as for the direction you been on to learn your lessons
    and I ain't here for shit else but my own interests
    been fed up until I can eat off my own intellect...

    ...yeah brock, protocol is I'm here to covet or possess the black w8men...I took over the big rig though...israel should already know...
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    Default insects

    ...g8rl, you're my ladybug, giving me feels once we engage in hugs
    no other way to shrug off the wave than to just straight-up fuck
    the spider's web is a silk design, and I'm too fly to catch
    you know this but know we own each part of us that hides in depths
    won't recollect but just collect each pressure point, each wet caress
    I level out each time and place we met with grievous acts of death
    are the beehive hexagrams as opposed to snake skin designs
    were the senile just in utter denile until they up and died
    I heard nothing else but crickets, when I tried to rap, who listened
    when I turn to insects, is that a locust plague on y'all vistas
    don't know what you expect, but I expect everyone's attention
    if not utmost respect than petrifying fear in y'all tremors
    and ever since the fresh prince lept to his fate in a grand canyon
    no family member's safe for get-aways unless my stamp grants it
    I been the armi ant, 2nd/39th infantry boot camp
    almighty demons platoon, I demonstrated what you can't
    the u.s. flag's incineration, just the angels draped in it
    my own legacy generations deep, there's not a way in it
    mosquitos got two million swats to 'em, but wasps the main victims
    bitches bidding to have my son, huss', I'm not the sane nigga'
    no termites can possess my wood, I'm just out to clean kitchens
    refrigerator combinations cracked, I'm not a dame's nigga
    a preying mantis and a praying mantra's not the same, is it
    but that's where I have my haRem at 'til what I scene's vivid...
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    Default mama cried

    ...attention, brock, you know you ain't making it outta' this thread alive, right?
    ...so, now, pick a date now...naw, the date's already been chosen...
    ...erase that last post of yours...either before or after-the-fact...
    ...next verse...

    ...my mama' cried when demons served me at 6.69
    I never gave it much thought until now, as it is time
    that my old earth call me back into her bosom, am I safe
    anthony and christopher shot to death and left to waste
    anthony and christopher first and middle names, such is my fate
    to have my old earth born again to walk me to my grave
    young niggas' world melly's last video dropped on the date
    of my first 48? I'm ant christ, no more to say
    so you wanna' get shitty cuz'n for-real, then look my way
    anything that's going on from now on, I booked my dates
    anything that tried to bring any harm, mistook my grace
    when it's been always before I eat and after I prey
    51 seconds locked to 5.1.1999
    I been knew who to gravitate to now, the bitch whole life is mine
    she prah'ly birthed my mother for a daughter in twenty oh one
    so this be what it's cumming to, as mmers move through every hub
    if scared at all to read further on, and I can smell your fear
    since I am dog when stuck in the mirror, the silver screen'll air it
    that's the way it's been, so I put ends to all the entertainment
    and nobody's tax-exempt from vs as I soldiered my way in...
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    Default 50 secs. to judgement [readjusting the big rig]

    ...the big rig must not wanna' live or give itself up for the bid
    thinking you can move as you wish on my thread, you'll end up dead
    you think I gotta' prove it with the energy I move with?
    you really acting stupid, outmaneuvered your own shoe steps
    the pit's bottomless, no moves left, the massacres near where you rest
    dumb bastard, couldn't heed a warning until it dawns on you that
    being a pyromaniac and Hell fire's two different things
    only thing going back-and-forth's a firing pin to a spring
    only thing I could offer you's a job, but you think it's a game
    children playing outside, you wanna' try to compromise my aim
    lobotomize your brain, and then I'll see if you can work for me
    and get two million of your own people put under earth for me
    that's the starter kit, my test marketing it works for me
    park your cartiliage in a forest for a search party scene
    I been targeted, but what I do is rise up every time
    people call for me, no publicity stunt, you lost your mind
    gain it back as I reserect to recalibrate your spine
    in crude terms, where my dick wound up, your guess as good as mines
    this is not your platform to play with, you cross the line
    say goodbye to everything behind it, then fall in line...to be cont'd...

    ...yeah, brock, why you drop the big rig on your name...
    ...anyway, no way in/out for you...you just cost your people their lives. thank you...
    ...next order of business...
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