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Thread: OUATIS in 2019 - What’s the deal?

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    How are you gonna compare this to Supreme Clientele?

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    Hes saying that supreme clientele will be cherished by the fans forever. It added to the wu legacy. Cuban linx 2 did the same. Ouatis coulda been that but jnstead Is a social media thing that will he forgotten about until it surfaces again... and then forgotten about again. And the original fans will all be dead when it does come out. Cilvaringz confuses popularity with “media” which we all know is a buncha clickbait Bs.

    Noone in hip hop cares about this album but wu fans. Thats who its mysterious too. Ive been on many other forums guaging the response.. and its not some wonderful piece of pr denial. Its more “wu/rza sold out” than “mysterious” album

    Lemme ask yall this.

    Which album did OUATIS overtakento become the “most expensive” album of all time. You dont know right. Cuz noone cares

    Thats the only REAL stat. Mysterious and notorious is just some made up shit. The cure / detox are more mysterious than this. Its notorious for who bought it... not the actual album itself.

    Cilvaringz obviously cares more about notoriety of the work than the work itself.

    Not surpising. Its common for real artists to have their work bastardized and pushed out by those non creatives who wanna be famous and have the resources to do so.

    Only thing i cant accept is the cavalier “only opinions i care about are ones that matter to me” attitude; when theONLY people who supported his work come from THIS FORUM. A lot of us been here fucking 15+ years... hard to not see this shit iver and over again and not be annoyed.

    Instead of just being humble with it all he justifys with all this superficial BS that ive never seen anyone say but him. But... Im used to it by now.
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    Other than those weird A things that showed up in your post I would say spot on Forensikz. I would actually say u r dillusional if u don’t see it this way. Peace

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    yeah id agree with all of forensikz points as well

    Noone in hip hop cares about this album but wu fans.
    and even this is barely true anymore. I don't think many wu fans give two shits about it really. It's a distant short lived trending topic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rame View Post
    How are you gonna compare this to Supreme Clientele?
    YYeah pretty much as forensikz said. It was an eternally memorable album that came out after the Wu's heyday. Oatis could've been similar if it's good enough.
    New live instruments song, 'Ozone'. Check it out, cunts...


    Suck this drunk alcohol dick.

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    non ig rep!!! peace to the N.I.gods
    hectic ----rip
    -check two
    -food for thought
    -Sky Blue Bally Kid
    -Hal Incandenza
    -soul controller
    -Frank Drebin
    -David Daniel Davis

    rings- i don't post hear often but have been here since the early days of the corp,,,.,,as a battle? dj an beat maker/poetry peep, sound designer/location sound mixer..i wud b pissed if my slickness wud not be heard by the masses. I totally get the book you put out etc.. but this arrogant style witch u say u don't care if this album is never heard is absurd.....art is art, beats are beats...dude id love to have inst of this an cut some ill shit to it. but... i get the whole fact of 88 years etc..bill murray..wtf..hes a cool guy..i honestly feel sorry,,,, shit is where its at. the point is if my beats poetry words art couldn't be heard by anyone idk man, i wouldn't be happy, thats me...
    but you should at least acknowledge maybe you an bobby made the wrong choice selling it to martin,which I'm sure u did. I'm not gonna read the whole constitution of who made this shit pop in the media.
    the "i" is great shit ringz. but as wu fans and u are one we want more, we want czar face vs ghost, blood on chef aprons, etc..
    its because we love an want to bang wu bangerz, on dj sets, radio etc...
    i don't use laptops for my sets , strictly vinyl.,,
    finally..would u really be rather dead in 85 years an not be patted on the shoulder not once by the rza an not by anyone else, to how good this album is...?
    legalities are out they are at this point, we all get that,, its locked up etc...
    i really want to hear the "The Pillage of Â’88" among others, honestly surprised there is a track list for ouatis on the net.
    i appreciate your honesty a few clicks back about where it is etc..
    but, as an artist..

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    i will make wu corp great again
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    Quote Originally Posted by BIG RIG BROCK View Post
    i will make wu corp great again
    Quote Originally Posted by soul controller View Post
    i remember random shit i dont need to know lol
    "Who's the wickedest, street officialist, Guess, Gortex
    Lex is the crispiest, ice the vidiculous
    Peep and look, the unexplainable'll keep ya shook
    High illism, the realism got you hooked"
    AZ - Doe or Die (Rza Remix)

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