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Thread: Three emcees (sheep lord, mister yo and george stark) - frozen stiff

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    Default Three emcees (sheep lord, mister yo and george stark) - frozen stiff

    Sheepish Lord of Chaos aka Sheep Lord
    Mister Yo
    George Stark the Dark Half aka noel411

    So earlier this year, was workin on another album and hit noel411 and mister yo up for a few collabos and there it was born "the three emcees" album. so after many months of fucking around with mixing and all that bullshit, we finally have an album to present to you all, titled 'Frozen Stiff'.

    Download here:


    Or stream an alternative tracklisting with additional tracks, here:


    Producers are credited in track titles. All 3 of us brought in connections to handle the beats.

    Had sick fun dropping heat, hope y'all like it


    sheep lord
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