Got the co-sign from Preemo too!

'Hard To Earn' is near & dear to me, so I had to get back in the lab and record this 25-year tribute to this legendary album.
On this mix you'll find:

-OG Samples
-Album Cuts


For anyone looking to support their friendly neighbourhood DJ (I spent almost a week planning/brainstorming/recording/fine-tuning this mix), I'm selling CDQ downloads of this mix, with the tracks split up so you can skip/rewind. Audio quality is much higher (the stream was only encoded at 112 kbps), plus it comes with bonus tracks I never released to the public. If you're interested, just DM me, or email me at promoguy1 [at] gmail [dot] com


DWYCK (ft. Nice & Smooth) [Filthy blend]
Comin’ for Datazz [Filthy blend]
Mass Appeal (ft Quran, Lord Finesse) [Filthy blend]
Now You’re Mine (Chumps Get Beatdown) [Filthy blend]
Code of the Streets [Filthy blend]
Speak Ya Clout (ft Jeru, Melachi the Nutcracker, Lil Dap) [ReFix]
Blowin’ up the Spot
Tonz o Gunz (ft Lil Vicious) [Filthy ReFix]
The Question Remainz
Borough Check (w/ Digable Planets)
F.A.L.A. (ft Big Shug)
Suckas Need Bodyguards
Mostly Tha Voice
Doe In Advance (OG Unreleased version)
Serious Rap Shit (w/ Group Home)
The Planet

Feel free to hit me with any feedback below....