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Thread: Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men Parts 1-4

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Collector View Post
    Five Percenters say that the black man is Allah and the white man is the devil.

    I am a white man, and also a Muslim, and Five Percenters exist for the pleasure of neither white people nor Muslims, but I have been a friend of this community for roughly a decade now. This relationship has transformed the ways in which I see the world and also myself.

    I first encountered the Five Percent during the cross-country wanderings that became my American Muslim road book, Blue-Eyed Devil. Though most Five Percenters do not consider themselves to be Muslims, I saw this community as a necessary component of the story of American Islam. So I went to their headquarters, the Allah School on Seventh Avenue in Harlem, and ended up having a pretty good time. Because the Five Percenters were critically under researched and misrepresented, I embarked on a project entirely devoted to them: The Five Percenters: Islam, Hip-Hop, and the Gods of New York.

    In the course of collecting texts, interviewing community elders, decoding Wu Tang lyrics, and hanging out at Five Percenter gatherings (parliaments), something changed. As an amateur ethnographer, I was not prepared to be affected by the materials that I was ingesting. Spending thousands of hours thinking about the Five Percenters, I actually began to internalize their narratives, symbols, and ideas. Though I wasn’t entirely inside, I was no longer outside. My position became a strange in-between space that I would examine in another project, Why I am a Five Percenter.

    The first lesson I learned from the Five Percent was simple: Fuck white people. Seriously. White people are devils. I don’t mean this as a statement on biology, because the category of “race” is only political fiction and bad science. I’m using the term more in the sense of what it means to be marked as white in an unjust society. The fact is that I benefit from being white in several ways that I recognize, and many, many more that I usually fail to see. Because I am so often blind to the benefits of my whiteness, it is possible that I unintentionally reenforce those benefits, no matter how vehemently I say that I oppose racism or shower white affection on groups like the Five Percenters. When people want to sound like they’re theoretically sophisticated, they describe this phenomenon with the term, “white privilege.” I call it Satan.

    Malcolm X returned from Mecca with a belief that classical Islam’s allegedly transracial brotherhood could help white Americans to move beyond the race poison that has been so deeply injected into their brains. However, I’ve also seen white Muslim converts use this claim to color-blindness as an excuse to avoid talking seriously about race. Mix white privilege with the privilege of religious orthodoxy, and you get a white Sunni who doesn’t have to consider why Elijah Muhammad was so absolutely necessary for this country.

    There have been numerous white Five Percenters throughout the community’s history, and I have ironically found a greater fulfillment of Malcolm’s experience in Mecca through the Five Percenters than in my Sunni conversion. A Five Percenter elder told me that if I rejected white supremacy and strove for righteousness, I could not be called a devil; though he believed in the Five Percenter doctrine of white devils, he would not hold that against me as an individual. The answer was not for white people to instantly stop being white, as Malcolm had claimed that Islam would do for them, but to directly confront their whiteness and everything that whiteness does in the world. To be white in America means that I have been groomed to be a devil. The Five Percenters allowed me a space in which I could confess that and work to transcend it.

    Five Percenters also gave me some useful ways for thinking about myself as a Muslim. Their claim to personal godhood offers, among many other things, a statement on organized religion. At a time when I was unsure of my own identity as a Muslim, Five Percenters—who generally reject the term “Muslim” for themselves—empowered me to claim ownership of my Islam. The Five Percenter disdain for religious hierarchies actually rescued my Muslim-ness. It was through the ability to make choices about my tradition that I could have any relationship to it at all. The Five Percenter breakdowns of “Allah” as “Arm Leg Leg Arm Head” and “Islam” as “I Self Lord And Master” gave me everything that I had sought in taqwacore.

    Five Percenters study the Supreme Wisdom Lessons, the initiatory texts of the Nation of Islam, without blind adherence to the NOI institution or authorities such as Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan. In that way, they’re kind of like Salafi Muslims, who advocate a “straight to the texts” approach and see themselves as above Islam’s established legal schools. But unlike the Salafis, who seek to minimize the role of creative interpretation, Five Percenters emphasize the power of the individual reader to draw meaning up from the text. For Five Percenters, the truth of the Lessons is less about what they “really” say than the understanding that you, as the reader, produce from them. I’ve done my own work with the Lessons, but have also applied a Five Percenter approach to my relationship with the Qur’an and the prophetic traditions.

    I’m not god and I’m not the devil. I am a human being, and the Five Percenters have helped me along the road to full humanity and peace within both my mosque and my own skin.

    Michael Muhammad Knight (@MM_Knight) is the author of nine books, including Blue-Eyed Devil
    lol yeah white ppl are very demonic. I think black people want to believe white ppl can or may eventually stop being demonic but i'm not as optimistic. I think everyone, even white people, have to operate with the understanding that white ppl are demonic in order to survive. They've been getting upset when you say it lately, but I think the solution is for them to, if possible, stop being demonic, rather than questioning people that are observing textbook demonic behavior over and over. Like, every chance you have to prove that you're consistently human you don't even take up the challenge. Then when someone says 'so I'm starting to think these fools are the devil' you start scratching your head. Very weird shit. Frankly there's nothing the 5%ers/NOI have said that hasn't proven scientific fact. These guys said that white ppl were grafted cross breeds nearly 100 years ago. Then we now find out they're part neanderthal.

    Now they're trying to make being part neander a reason to be racist to black people lol. Very similar to your conversion to islam example. Anything you give them they're just use it to be racist and black ppl are literally not even doing anything to them at all. Even AI is racist lol. Niggas even made Starbucks some klu klux shit. I'm glad things are made in China now because if you give these niggas the chance they'll make pillow cases that slowly kill black kids. Deliberately, this Chinese one will kill everyone out of incompetence. Very demonic shit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JASPER View Post
    Just accept the cookies, fag.

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    Even if you think of a lot of the 'movements' in America, they're all predicated on white ppl being demonic

    anti-vax - I don't want these demonic white ppl putting needles in my kids based on their track record
    veganism - I don't want to eat meat that these demonic white ppl have gotten a hold of
    non-gmo - You're really going to eat that after white ppl got a hold of it
    Climate change - So it turns out these white ppl have destroyed the earth
    And form of academic skepticism - you know these white ppl are liars right?
    Home schooling - You're going to let these white ppl teach your kids? Are you stupid?
    Going off the grid - I don't want these white people to find me
    Any liberation movement - We have to stop these white people from ruining out lives
    Anxiety about technology - What if robots start acting like white people
    Anti Semitism - I'm beginning to think Jews are behaving like White people
    Islamophobia - I'm beginning to think Muslims are behaving like White people
    Sinophobia - China is becoming very powerful, what if they use that power to behave like white people
    Every Apocalyptic movie ever - What if white people actually get their way

    very, very demonic shit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JASPER View Post
    Just accept the cookies, fag.

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    i recall tsa trashing the noi a lot when sunny winters would rattle on about them. lmao he has become more woke(racist) since meeting the mail order bride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cilvaringz View Post
    "does".... not "do" you euro cac. And no they dont. Nobody likes me
    You are born in europe goofy. Don’t forget where you came from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cilvaringz View Post
    "does".... not "do" you euro cac. And no they dont. Nobody likes me
    Actually eye'm pretty sure u're wrong there, god. I don't know the exact science of it, but it's like this. To me if I asked 'does ur family like u?' that's like saying ur family is a single entity n asking if this entity likes u. But I'm not. I'm asking do ur individual family members like u?

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    Default the only "of mics and men" killabee feat ...

    ... Is my brother cilvaringz. Hate it or love it.
    He is the only killabee who is even mentioned or talked about in the complete series documentary of mics and men which,by the way is one of the Best documentarys of a music group i have ever seen in my life. Cilva is a student of rza. No one can ever denie it. He is the leader of the killabeez in Old Europa. I stand on his side and i respect the way he did his thing. For Him a dream became true. I wish the Best for Him and his family. 4 me His music is
    Realy Wu affiliated just like Bronze true 4th etc.


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    Of mics and men docu is nominated 4 an
    Emmy Award


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    I think they could get the award.
    Quote Originally Posted by soul controller View Post
    i remember random shit i dont need to know lol
    "Who's the wickedest, street officialist, Guess, Gortex
    Lex is the crispiest, ice the vidiculous
    Peep and look, the unexplainable'll keep ya shook
    High illism, the realism got you hooked"
    AZ - Doe or Die (Rza Remix)

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    Quote Originally Posted by num2son View Post
    I think they could get the award.
    I think its Safe. Because its 2 Dope

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