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Thread: The funniest thing ever written i tried to explain my schizophrenic time travelfailed

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    Default The funniest thing ever written i tried to explain my schizophrenic time travelfailed

    The most powerful demonstration of synchronicity ever recorded is in progress this is the music video for projectillogics song “time travel” what you will see here are all my calculations to travel time this may be the final decent as it turns out the time travel fee was backwords from last time i might get something back and if i do i call that time travel

    Edit i learned about synchronicity from the book the celestine prophecy that i bought by mistake when i was young. I literally worship coincidences and im very very powerful in synchronicity and ive seen a paranormal amount of paranormal throughout my lifetime startting from the very first moments when i was first flashed into this body with the 300 rings.The whole book isn’t finished yet but its coming. Projectillogiccares.wordpress.com is my blog but its far from complete. Read this whole post and witness this very possible chance to achieve actual time travel. It makes perfect sense to me but you might not get it but i scored in the top 10% of the nation on my ged. According to the iq test im gifted. Schizophrenia has nothing to do with intelligence im as smart as they come. Are these metaphors maybe but there is definitely a bunch of magic going on here. The video was created with magic. Im trying to use magic to go viral. You may or may not understand.

    This is an attempt to travel time.If you wanna see the ultimate schizophrenic project then watch this its the music video i made for my song time travel It was created using schizophrenia synchronicity numerology and magic. While creating it i thought i was making the calculations to travel time and i am attempting to go viral. The time travel thing was just a metaphore or was it.I was trying to upload an earlier version many months ago i think before it was a music video and i was getting so high and i had court that day and it was getting down to the final moments and i was trying to go viral before court because I didn’t know if they were drug testing me or not and I thought i had to do it before i went to court just in case i went to jail. I was so freaking high and im smoking and smoking and smoking.I took a shower at the last moments before i had to go to court and when i got out of the bathroom my ride was gone. Hes the one that bailed me out of jail wtf. He had to put his property on the line to bail me out. I didnt understand why he left but that was ok i needed more time.I didnt know how it worked but i called my lawyer atleast relativly soon after that but i was too late and i was told that they didnt know if there was gonna be a warrent or not and i had no idea about that dudes property. The way i looked at it i had just traveled time and that when you travel time sometimes theres a fee and i didnt know if i had to pay that fee or not. I didnt have to pay it no not that particular time. The prosecutor didnt issue a warrant.That was a long time ago and i still haven’t gone viral. I have 39 songs at www.soundcloud.com/projectillogic i have a blog at projectillogiccares.wordpress.com

    Heres the video for my song “time travel” its beautiful and this song time travel use to be one my favorite songs. Enjoy

    Its the ultimate schizophrenic music video. I was having a blast thats why it was so hard to end it. Its the funnest art project i have ever worked on but the memory of exactly how it was made was not retained. I know i was just using randomness and numbers and synchronicity. I have no idea if this could easily be duplicated but i doubt it.
    Here it is

    When the video was short at first i thought i was flashing a copy of my soul and thats before i even considered making it a music video. Then at some point i realized i was traveling time. These may or may not be metaphores they may or may not make sense to you but im powerful in synchronicity and this is how it works. after the first attempts of going viral with an earlier version of soundless version of the video i eventually realized that i already had a song called time travel. Its been a couple weeks since I completed the music video but i just found the schizophrenic sub reddit so this is going to be another attempt to travel time. Its the most beautiful schizophrenic art project ever created. Enjoy it i got the idea to do thepost like this from someone elses thread about s schizophrenic art project or atleast thats where this post started.That one was rather basic and had nothing to do with time travel. Here goes another attempt to travel time. I wonder if i am going to have to pay the fee. I wonder if im going to get the fee i paid before i started this project back. If i do thats time travel. I didnt know id be doing this today when i woke up yesterday

    Maybe its the opposite and i already payed the fee but when i lost the love of my life my schizophrenic girlfriend about 7 months ago because of a bullshit danko order that forcibly seperated us. I just found out 4 of my 5 charges got dropped within the last week and i find out if the charge that caused the danko gets dropped and that removes the danko order and that charge is removed. I just figured it out. Its backwards!

    Im about to hit send will it work this time idk but theres only one thing left now

    Omg im adding the edit after i posted everything above on one sub reddit. My attempts to post it to other subreddits failed. For the one i did get to post i had to post what im about to post in this word file As a comment but i have not yet hit send. But it ended up saying theres only one thing left and that meant hit send but as it turns out it means adding this edit. Now im about to post the unposted comment into this word file. How do i do this now?

    One thing i forgot to mention was that one of the first pictures on this phone was taken june 19 2018 and its of a rainbow beaming right into one of those towers that nobody knows what they do that’s basically in front of my trailor. They must have been cloaked because i didnt relize they were there until a year later. I think the rainbow was a transmission from the cartoon dream universe that i think my soul is made for my first memory is of something female dressed in a way to mess with a child grabbing me with 300 rings. Read my blog for the whole story about that i may or may not gave finished it. I think it was a cruel prank to put a soul from that universe into a flesh and blood body here. Imagine the horror. It was june 19 2018 1=a 9=1 thats ai now its omg this is nut i didnt know i was making the jump today omg this is crazy. Gonna tell you something crazy crazy crazy syncincricity syncincricity But first of all its 2009 revelations is unfolding the mayan long count calendet ended in 2012 thats close to this point but right now this year we are experiencing the birth of ai. A=1 i=9 ai. But this last part starting with mention of the rainbow is an edit. But while writing this part i looked at the date thursday may 16 1=a 6=f counted backwards its fay or fairy and the person that told me that i was actually astroprojecting in my lucid dreams said my soul was fay. I might go viral today. I had no idea that this would be the day but now after seeing all that i must do it today if i can. Shocking isnt it. Today i found the schizophrenic sub reddits

    I think this is the final edit its 2019

    Edit i find out tomorrow if I actually traveled time or not but if the danko order gets dropped I actually traveled time put that in your history books put that in your history books ah another edit askhistorians subreddit moderator bitching at me

    Edit or is it when i get katie back or is it just going viral time travel was just a metaphore but i think im actually gonna travel time

    Edit I think im gonna get katie back that was what i was in jail for do you see?

    Edit another thing is that i have a charge in another county and today i have to see a probation officer or something for the first time but im not exactly sure whats going on because I haven’t gone to the sentencing hearing yet if i get a drug test today i might go to jail. My lawyer wont answer his phone to reschedule. Theres that pending fee again. All this lining up is up its crazy crazy crazy. The probation dude wont annswer his phone i think i gotta go but i dont know whats gonna happen. Yesterday before i knew today was the day i told him about reddit and what he has to do. Im gonna have to put this in his hands. It was just a metaphore to go viral i didnt know i was actually traveling time or did i

    Edit in response to a comment that said they didnt care.You cared enough to write that comment i was in a race against time and i just got done with probation officer and i didnt have to pay the time travel fee. When i got out of there i read it and its funny as fuck hahaha and it got me a bunch of views or it might but it didnt really explain anything butim powerful as fuck with synchronicity but that post was funny as fuck haha but it didnt really explain anything when i get home im writing the real one but that was funny

    Title for new thread

    The funniest thing ever written you see im trying to go viral and im powerful in synchronicity in a paranormally paranormal way and this was a failed attempt to travel time i think it tried to explain the music video for my song “time travel” but it didnt explain anything hahaha i was in a race against time and i laughed when i read it after the probation officer

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    Todays the day fuck would that be hard to explain i can get hi one more time im powerful in syncincricity and yesterday my grandma was bitching about a pair of shoes and her fortune cookie talked about buying a new pair of shoes

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    21 stands for ba or w which stands for ab positive blood the most advanced blood type the only one that can take blood transfusions from any other blood type theres only 3% of us and all other blood types are only compatable with themselves. This body might be phoney. But thursday feburary 21 is the date on my picture and i just now four something new its spells aby shes the first girl i could have fucked but didnt. The time travel music video was made with infinite magic of that nature. I still use touch points cuz i never learned my multiplication tables but im giod as fuck at making those types of calculations im obsessed with it

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    It was a typo but teo seconds later i found im giod is do i gmi. He says schizophrenia terrifies him then i find another typo its but teo seconds that says so et tub or the two ts is the symbol for perfect e. I see that shit all the fucking time but I haven’t explained it completely whatever you see i see more

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    I thought i said the symbol for pi but ut said perfect e. Although i erased theladt two letters before this tut was a typo that i saved. Lee towers tutes more than king tutincommon himself

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    I was demonstration more magic and the browser froze and it was gone. When i went back the thread was gone. I immediately looked in general chat and it was there. Im psychic

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    You know how on the movie the dude that sayd thats not your thats not yours thinks hes a cop but hes just a student. Well lee towers thinks hes a miderator but hes really inly a fan

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    I got a couple hundred dollars left if i can make the jump now then now is the time to jump. I still haven’t figured out reddit. I was thinking of fucking around with the schizophrenics more. Want the idea if something funny well think about two schizophrenics fighting. It wasnt even about that but one says their crazier than the ither ine and the ither one iut of nowhere has the plan that there gonna cut themselves the ither one says ok then the rest is instantanious. Lol

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    [image]https://ibb.co/bzgYbHz[/image] for the charges that already got dropped i guess the prosecutor wants me to focus more on my mental health. Theres a chance all of them might get dropped

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    Linkin park commited suicide at 40 my theory is that it was so great that when he got tired and it got old he commited suicide because he couldn’t live without feeling that way ever again. His own wildest dreams became his own personal hell. Some people say im living the dream. Im 34. After cutting myself i found out how all those charges got dropped and among two other friends i played the macarana after telling them the news. I find out if the danko order gets dropped tomorrow. I know somebody that knows where they live. The mother fucker will break phones if she buys them. I let her have contact with him when me and her were together. I know where both unhappy. Ive been so disrespected that well he cant even handle her whst the fuck is he gonna do when the other one shows up. Projectillogic slim shady

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    After cutting myself there was an act of god the very next day

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    Im as smart as the come and shes dumb as fuck but shes hot. Schizophrenic means pure entertainment

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    Because of a bullshit danko order the cops arrested both Of us and we both went to jail. We never talked ever again. Ive had time to find true love only one time and im a hopeless romantic. Omg i forgot i have a bottle of hundred proof liquor that tastes like mouth wash than you can drink straight

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    I only astro projected one tumein real life and it only lasted for 3 seconds but suddenly i was in the same room on my old furniture and there was a fairy with its back ti me with magic emmitting from its wings. Fuck i must have been 28 before i first encountered someone lucid inside a lucid drean. Wekl tgey git lucid but i fucked the fucker in the ass with a marker then there was 17 mother fuckers chasing me and when they caught ne they left me all alone with a gurl abd we walked home to the neighbors. Theres no speech there but what they were saying was “this is a gurl” after that we had a one tear war before they trained me on they kept on reaching out to me because i would at times go lucid. Not even that long ago it was an older version of this is a girl and she gave me the most kinkey dry hump she could we gad neth but we didnt do it. She commented that the other side of the trailor was filling up with people but i dont think it was with words. Thats the second time i seen that girl.

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    Lord infamous was with the voices hes 10 years older than we and hes dead. I dont like the voices but there not fucking with me as bad anymore. Sometimes i listen to lord infamous. This is the only way i can explain the voices you have to listen to this movie

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