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Thread: The funniest thing ever written i tried to explain my schizophrenic time travelfailed

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    The thing that disgusts me about cutting myself that deep the most is how at peace i felt at after doing it. I calmly talked to the police through the door for 15 minutes before i came outside. Then i made them wait till someone went inside and rolled me a cigarette then i smoked it all before we went to the hospital. The phone was completely dead when i got there and i made them let me charge it up enough to take that picture before they stitched ne up. The only thing that hurt was the novacane. I had no plans of doing that it happened in the moment thats how im gonna die at some point unless i get a record deal: nit only do i not get paid for this shit but it costs me everything. Im not happy about being here

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    I got like 5 albums worth of unfinished unrecorded lyrics on my iphone i dont even know whst i got

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    I just woke up on the coutch i was all alone i thought i had been with people but i have woken up kinda confused and alone and whoever i was with i do not now remember them or who they were but i remember i was with the wutang clan but i do not remember anybody else

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    Thats how i want to end my life i want to have a huge ass party then i wanna escape into the mist

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    Thats how i want to end my life i want to have a huge ass party then i wanna escape into the mist. Escaping into the mist is mistical i wake up confused and reborn every time i do it. The second time i went to sleep i did not escape into the mist.

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    I might be making the slide very soon

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    Theres a fee to make the slide sometimes.maybe thats what jesus rzas greatest prophet was all about. Jesus showed me all that power but that was the universe i dont know where jesus went but he came back as a ghost at first. The other universe even neglected me but it was true romance i even met jesus before when with 3 witnesses a statue of him came alive that story is somewhere. Im gonna ask jesus what to do if i find him there but i wanna go home my purpose is to leave something behind as well as bring something back its not to stay here i think the mist is the border between the two universe i love fading into the mist the most what does that mean but in the other universe they are alot older than me it seems like they just shake their head this is a girl.....but there also alot more bored when i go there its like im drunk and high st the same time and when i met them it took them a year to train me in but i never sleep and when i do sleep its hard so i dont have very many dreams right now

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    Honestly i think every universe has made contact with me once but there is a place im trying to reach please help me make the slide my story needs to be told if i have to stay here im gonna be pissed

    I found something once that said like 8 conditions that needed to be fullfilled in order to be considered a prophet and i had the ability to write an essay for each and every one but i cant find it now i feel like its s race against time

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    The dream people even molested me but theres little fear there. I molested them too though but i think I actually got penetration once but it was all dry hump. Alot of times when i go there im tied up but it’s usually like im wearing a piece of clothing i cant take off. That happened one time in real life while not on spice but standing in line to get inside of a lil wayne concert in 2009 at one point i was fighting paralysis while standing in line. I want a video of being blacked out at the small busta rhymes concert where he soaked me with booze and at one point he said something about how he had to watch his mouth somtimes or he could get in trouble or something and i knew he was talking about me. That was a crazy concert i think everyone had alot of fun at one point 100 dollar bills fell from the ceiling but i wasnt quick enough to get any. cwhen i fly in a dream its usually like that of a butterfly. I only got to fly unrestricted twice one time i was not lucid and standing in a crowd of people and a mysterious man in a cloak wispered in my ear that i was in a dream i went lucid then he grabbed my hand and we flew through star wars hyperspace only prettier. The other time i was flying high above a bunch of convayer belts of ice cream sundays that were endlessly being endlessly dumped into the garbage. I think when jesus said they were eating his flesh he was joking cuz he knows how to replicate food. I call this jesus at the casino. That one time he freaked out in the temple and caused a scene. I went through 12 years of sunday school and i still dont know what happened but i guess he cast out all the money lenders what does that mean they were giving the donations back so he gave them back further. I dont know but my question Is did that or did that not form the cathlic church. The cathlic church burnt all the books written in the time ofjesus one day besides the ones in the bible and jesus knew alot of people. I have the same view of church as the simpson family. Pure gibberish. I wont touch the muskim thing with a 10 foot pople. I had my choice of two concerts a big one or a little one and i listened to busta rhymes when i was little but the last time i had saw him he was skinny

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    Jesus at the casino indian gambeling laws hitler had to give the jews food or they would have revolted hitler ran out of troops japan would have never stopped and they had to drop the atomic bomb twice before they surrendered. Ive never had a genetic test done but my understanding of it is that im 95% aryan with 5% indian hitler blames the indians for fucking it up. They tried enslaving the indians like the niggers and it didnt work. Like peckerwood i also think that there are black people too. The greatest gangsta i have ever known basically said it like he’s terrified of my schizophrenia. He says theres always that to factor into the equation

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    you crazy

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