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Thread: My grandmom gave me a green piece of gum

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    Default My grandmom gave me a green piece of gum

    Now let me tell you my first 5 memories or at least how i remember it. My first memory is in a hotel room when i went to disney land as a little kid. I have a 3 second memory of my great grandma giving me a green piece of gum. I dont remember disney land.

    My next memory is of me being a little bit older i just appeared in the living room and i walked to the door and opened it and standing there was something female dressed in a way to fuck with a child with about 150 rings on each arm. I thought witch but wasnt scared then she grabbed me and there was a moment of fear then there was nothing

    I cant remember anything else besides i floated up and got stuck on the ceiling twice and for awhile i was scared to go in the hallway

    I cant remember anything else besides being at my grandmas second house and looking at the cement holding tank directly in front of it and being confused that it wasnt a space shuttle.i dont remember their first house.

    Cant remember anything else besides being in my grandpas junk yard at night with my father and there was a tall ass tower that i use to think was for tv but now think that nobody knows what the fuck those are for at all but who knows. Anyways a bright like the dun saucer that looked like liquid light suddenly appeared right next to the tower looped around it quick then it was gone. My gut feeling says time travel was in play but who knows. My whole bloody life is a blur

    I have lucid dreams sometime and i think that somehow something i call the cartoon dream world they somehow created those rings and sent them here they could survive the flood and believe they will never be able to make another me thats the benefit of using that many rings to flash me in.

    They played a prank on my father with some of those rings but they are not all of them. He says that my uncle purchased an old ass house and they were remodeling it and when he took the sheatrock off the wall there were various sizes of fitting rings on nails inside the wall. He said that when he handled the rings the whole house would creak and shake and he told my uncle about it but my uncle did not believe him. He didn’t say he was scared but he said he decided to leave. I guess my uncle caught up to him before he got to the end of the driveway. They decided to put the rings back in the wall. When it comes to me on the other hand i burned hitlers stick but you cannot burn rings.

    One time i was with some friends at a campground by a lake and i went into the woods to gather fire wood. In that woods i found a piece of wood that looked like a curved shaft with a knot at the end that looked like an egyptian pharoh head. Someone suggested they take it and i said no i found it i better take this home with me.

    I remember i was doing an exorcism and was batteling the stick and that it was making the whole house shake and shit. I ended up burning the stick i dont regret it. A little bit later i took a selfie and there was looked like the ghost of a sophisticated frog stuck to the window. Hitler worshiped wood knots i heard from the history channel. Does anybody remember when there use to be 2 history channel then one day i went to it and its new name was vice and they were showing a program called gaycation. I was pissed!

    Speaking of showing my mom shows dogs and one time I actually showed one once it was s cocker spanial it only takes 3 hours to groom one i did not have to do the grooming i just walked it around the circle 3 times thats all a dog show is i dont remember who won.
    One time my mom borrowed my dads van to go to a dog show i must have been ndaschizophrenic back then cuz i was only maybe 12 years old but i bought a huge package of condoms and i left them in the van and my dad eventually found them. My mom came to me all concerned but i said they were not mine i do not know what happened after that who cares. Some people hire handlers cuz they are somehow more good at walking dogs around the circle 3 times lol

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    Chewing 5 gum probably tastes like chewing the meds you should have taken hours ago. You are officially done on the Corp and so are your scatter-brain threads which I've warned you about the last few years. Seek professional help and don't let grandma's double wide, chain-smoked 70's trailer DOOR hit your diet kaczynski bush & pecker on the way out.
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    Weak erections and watery nut.

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    Normally, I'd be against banning anyone. But in this case I think you're doing him a favour.

    If you're still reading this, Trillogic, get some help. Or better yet, help yourself. Try a gluten free diet and supplement with iodine. Get a bag of sunflower seeds to snack on all day, they're rich in vitamin e and selenium. Good for your brain health. A rope and tall tree if you want a more pragmatic solution.
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