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Thread: Yet another mass shooting...

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    Default Yet another mass shooting...

    There was another mass shooting in the US this weekend. I don't want to touch on race too much, but it involved another disgruntled white male. How many more shootings have to happen before we get more serious on gun control?

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    Stop fuckin wit whiteboyz and yo ass won’t get capped.

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    This will be quickly memory-holed like the STEM school shooting. The media is pissed because he isn't the right ethnicity, political party, or used one of the most commonly owned caliber pistols to perform his executions.

    The story of Trump getting a "slick new haircut" will completely eclipse any further coverage. Expect entire talk show panels of women, metrosexual and gay men giving commentary about it.

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    Weak erections and watery nut.

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