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Thread: Russian dude lived in bear den for a month

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    Saw this yesterday. Really is the most terrifying nature related story I've ever seen.
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    Probably would've been better off dying judging by the pics.

    People always think of Australia as being full of deadly wildlife, but we don't have fuc'n bears here. U might get bitten by a deadly snake or spider here, but at least when u're camping out in the middle of nowhere n u hear something rustling in the vegetation near u, u don't have to worry about it potentially being a bear that's gonna break ur spine n keep u for a midnight snack when it can't b fucked hunting fresh meat.

    That's y I'm hesitant to explore croc territory. Crocs to me r the scariest of all beasts. Cunts will take u in the water without u even realizing they're there, or they'll come n chomp ur fuc'n legs off while u're sitting by the campfire at night pickin' at the 6 string.

    Fuck dat shit.
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