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Thread: RIP Vanity aka Denise Matthews

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    Default RIP Vanity aka Denise Matthews

    I know I'm late posting about Vanity's death because she died 3 years ago. She was the first black woman entertainer I was in love with. I love Vanity's songs Nasty Girl, Pretty Mess, Undress on Action Jackson soundtrack, Faraway Eyes on Action Jackson soundtrack, Wild Animal, 7th Heaven on The Last Dragon soundtrack and Under The Influence. I love Vanity's movies The Last Dragon and Action Jackson. Vanity quit r&b music industry at the end of 1980's. She also quit doing movies after the 1990's. Vanity became a church preacher. She started using her real name Denise Matthews. Denise used to be a drug addict which caused her kidneys to be bad. She almost lost her eyesight and hearing because of using drugs. Denise also got married twice. She had 2 sons. If ya'll Wu Tang Clan fans haven't seen Vanity's Nasty Girl music video. Check it out on Youtube. Vanity's lyrics are funny talking about having sex LOL. Vanity told a funny story about how she met Prince at American music awards to BET's Video Soul host Donnie Simpson. She said Prince's woman assistant asked Vanity to take Prince to the bathroom LOL. Vanity said no LOL. Vanity also said Prince wanted to call her music group Vagina 6 instead of Vanity 6 LOL. Prince was weird LOL.

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    why would you be in love with a singer? find a real person, special ed

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