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Thread: New RZA Beat

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaDynasty View Post
    To me it sounds like it would fit on Afro Samurai (2007-2009) because he had a lot of beats with a similar eastern vibe.

    Tanasia doesn't sound similar to the beats you mention.
    A fair point Dr Malcolm. This could very well be the case.
    The depth of the drums certainly sounds similar to Just a Lil Dude.
    The reason I cited Tanasia along with the Turn; Brutality; Run is that they share what I call a bare bones aesthetic to Rza's production. Harkening to a time when his beat making was simple, punchy - yet esoteric and kooky.
    The Afro Samurai beats while highly enjoyable, still captures Rza during a time when he was rightly being a bit indulgent and showing off his film score nous. Remember for the Afro Samurai stuff, Rza re-worked a lot of old beats and blueprints, galvanising them and making them a lot more cinematic. Whar is a case in point.
    Imo, he got the balance right for Afro. By the time of 8D however, he had a tendency of over-producing - save for Campfire and Rushing Elephants.
    Tanasia seems bereft of this, and has that simpler aesthetic that seems like it's older than 2007.
    It may not sound like The Turn or Brutality, but that doesn't necessarily indicate they were made a different times.
    Wildflower sounds nothing like Semi-Automatic Full Rap Metal... Yet they were produced in the same year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brock View Post
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    I think both beats are dope. Tanasia definitely reminds me of Afro Samurai. And Highly Favored I’m not sure when that might have been made, but Nas ripped both those tracks. He did his thing.

    Agree with the comments about 8D with the production being good, but the emcee performances not being the best.

    I still believe in RZA. I know we won’t ever hear him do early 90s RZArectah style stuff but he can still make some dope beats. He’s got it in him.

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    not bad but not great either.

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    I believe ghost said these came from the same “yellow box” machine rza used to give him run and rAe new wu, molasses for earl sweatshirt

    These beats all have same vibe. Simple but classic rza flips. Afro sMurai was made in moment for most part.

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