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Thread: I don't get the whole 'made in america' aspect of the wutang show's marketing

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    Definitely one of the lamest rappers in existence. I think he did it for the 'black vote' but accidentally nailed the 17 year old California white girl with half shaved hair vote.


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    Just accept the cookies, fag.

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    This forum is fucking annoying. Logged me out like 5x trying to type this. Coloring it wrong when pasting from my notes.

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    I think you could apply that subtitle to a bunch of shows and it would make as much sense. The Sopranos: An American Saga, Breaking Bad: An American Saga etc. It doesn't actually communicate anything meaningful.

    Both those shows get those titles after viewing. Just look up american and there names Youll see a buncha discourse on it. Sopranos finale is named “made in america” afterall.

    Its just execs/ rza adding gravitas to a hood story that will become much bigger. This show isnt for wu fans. Its meant for a wider audience. Hood shit by itself may turn away some viewers. Give it a wider scope using the american dream angle and it changes somewhat and all people can then identify.

    Youve seen “once upon a time in america”? Movie has very little to do with the dream itself, but it provides a backdrop for what your seeing and why. Wu tang in a sense is the same story. Groups of individuals with hard lives coming together to defy all odds against them. Hip hop used to be seen as a fad, but wu and others defined it as another great american artform like jazz. Its deeper than music.

    I have not seen the show but i have no doubt atleast once they will use the imagery of leaving staten island, by boat, passing the statue of liberty, landing down on wall street aka height of american greed only to travel nyc to projects block partys/downtrodden 42nd street and still make something of themselves. Weve seen that imagery in a thousand american dream coming of age stories before. Its classic nyc shit every kid from there taught growing up. Hustle

    Its no different than HBOs “how to make it in america” 80s hip hop version. I mean they name themselves after the figures from “once upon a time in america”. It writes itself, the parAllels are there. American dream 101.

    I think what youre having an issue with connecting is just hip hop to america at all; due to the seperation between the two. But it is uniquely american. Hiphops leading philosophy is about hustle.

    whether its right or wrong i understand it. One could say any rap act could have that label but i disagree. Wutang music is an amalgamation of different symbology to make pure HIPHOP. Something btw they took by storm in all areas: business, streets, education, diversity, art. Only other person i think could have that meaning would be jay-z or maybe even pac. I think it has more relevent meaning than say “american gangster” had; as to why it uses the term
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    Quote Originally Posted by TSA View Post
    I know Rza likes to throw American into a lot of things these days, but I don't get it. For one, nobody is really attached to the 'poetic' idea of America anymore so it's going to fall of deaf ears. Some shills and 30 year old boomers want to pretend but they're over it too. If anything, Wutang's story is very international and made in spite of America lol.

    Wutang combined influences from everywhere and have their strongest support in eastern europe. I don't know how much excitement knowing they came from the continental united states is going to inspire. I've come to associate it with a lot of their shittier late efforts which Rza used neoconish boomer language to market and explain.
    We cant be sure that Rza is behind the subtitle.
    My thinking is that this is more of a studio manoeuvre to follow marketing trends.
    Studios and production execs are suckers for the latest trending stats. Which consequently, heavily influences the stylistic and aesthetic choices that the showrunners make.
    My guess is they are just copying recently successful shows with 'American' tags such as OJ: An American Crime Story.
    They feel it's a way to elevate their product and appeal to the herd that watched the OJ series.
    I don't think the Wu themselves had much of a say in the title choice. Even if they did sign off on it, it still doesn't mean we'll be seeing the Wu emblem on the new batch of MAGA hats any time soon.
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    The Trumpkins in here telling on themselves.

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    the subtitle is a meaningless marketing shtick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hal Incandenza View Post
    the subtitle is a meaningless marketing shtick
    Exactly my point too. Rza may have signed off on it, but I don't see how a purely reactive decision based on marketing trends, makes him a Trumpite.

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    Just found out that Erika Alexander is going to be in it. I liked her character Maxine in Living Single with Queen Latifa. She was a black woman lawyer that dated bad black men LOL. I thought Kim Fields who plays Sinclair was cute.
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    Just accept the cookies, fag.

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    I legit thought that was Charles Jones when I was reading that. Ha ha.

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