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Thread: 4OURFATHERS - All Seasons [ Summer ]

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    Default 4OURFATHERS - All Seasons [ Summer ]

    4OURFATHERS Presents : All Seasons [The Summer Tape]


    It was a time of unsettling Moons and dying Suns. All that was wanted throughout the orbit was a return to the old and comforting. The Nostalgic Duo from the 9INE explore soundscapes and planet forms once again. Across 4 Seasons, a solar powered microphone, and a battery operated pocket weapon, an old newness was created. Manifested.

    Part #1 is a trek through a warm, but shadowed [Summer]. A depiction of the minds and souls of M.O.D and MENES the Pharaoh. A belief in a reminiscent return to 4orm, this EP represents from Dusk til Dawn and from the start to end of Summer.

    The long waited return of the 4OURFATHER's has been asked about since our first release. MENES the Pharaoh and M.O.D have been working on music together since the original, but have refused to put out a product we did not believe was entirely original.

    The first in a series of 4 EP's, which will be released as 4 Cassettes, 2 CD's, and 1 piece of Vinyl.

    The limited TAPE runs come with Instrumentals on Side B [ Sunset ]

    MENES the Pharaoh [ Emcee ]
    M.O.D [ Production ]
    Mars Gate [ Artwork ]

    P.E.A.C.E to ALL!


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    ^^^ It's an honor to work with you G!!!

    Fall, Winter & Spring are currently in production! Witch will drop accordingly to season. All beats were produced on the PO33KO! as you can see by the cover, Shout out Mars Gate for the artwork.

    Professionally Printed, Normal Bias Cassette with clear shell, Double pad print with white ink. Shrink wrapped

    Exclusive B Side Instrumentals! Not included in the Digital Version

    Available on All Digital Platforms!!!

    Click Here To Support

    Peace & Blessings!
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