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Thread: Ghostface Killahs First Listen

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    Default Ghostface Killahs First Listen

    Ghost Face Killahs First Listen

    1 Killah Intro

    Starts with king fu sample from "The Mystery Of Chessboxing

    2 Me Denny & Darryl

    Nasty Beat. Hard..soulful..head nodding..Ghost flow on point! Way sharper than the last bunch of albums. This is sounding completely reinvigorated! Cappa sounds good too. Meth expectedly rides this beat effortlessly. Ghost owns this 1. 10/10

    3 Burner To Burner

    Again. Beat infectious..hard..
    Ghostface glows strong. Lines everywhere. Laser beam precise.
    Deck sounds way better here than he does on the Czarface albums. Cappa impressing me. Dropping freestyle type rhymes like he does..filling in nicely. Dope cuts! 10/10

    4 Flex

    Classic drum break on the beat. Soulful guitar sample. Nice hook..Hood shit. Again..Ghost is back..but better than ever flow wise. Punch lines never missing a beat. 10/10

    5 News Skit

    Sounds like they wrote Conditioning after they heard this news skit...it sounds too real. Sets the tone for the next track.

    6 Conditioning

    You already peeped the video most likely. Had everybody hype for this album based on the quality. Beat heavy, bars and flow..wow. 10/10

    7 Fly Everything

    Ghost is stepping it up here for beat selection..switching it up. Off kilter sample..Street shit. Ghost pummels the track. Sean Wiggs on the hook sounds in place. Sun God never missed a beat. Nice and short track. 9/10

    8 Party Over Here

    Video came out a couple weeks ago. Downtempo beat. Original vibe. I like it. Nothing like a club track tho as the title would suggest. More like a gangsta celebration after a good lick. 8/10

    9 Pistol Smoke

    War beat. Ghost starts it off..does his thing. Solomon Chimds sounds aggressive on the hook..compliments the beat. Ghost describing the violent scene. 8/10

    10 Revolution Skit

    True message about what's happening in the world.

    11 New World

    Funky guitar loop. Ghost spittin with a bounce...getting a little more funky with it..spittin some truth with a message. Drops a Slick Rick homage. Some singing in the hook..sounds Sick. 2nd verse Ghost paints a picture ..wow..this would be a video that would make noise If done well and promoted properly. 10/10

    12 Waffles And Ice Cream

    Samples "Ice Cream Man" from Meth
    Ghost Re interpolates The Ice Cream hook. Ghosts verse spittin to a chick Pretty Tone style. On point. Cappa again comes clutch. Beat growing on me alot. Ghosts 2nd verse brings nostalgic bars back again from ice Cream. This 1s a banger. 9/10

    13 The Chase

    70s car chase beat. If NWA came out from the east coast in 2019..it would sound like this. Ghost sharp again. Is that Sun God on the 2nd verse? Sounds great on this beat.
    Ill cuts at the end. This album is pure hip hop. 8/10

    14 Sour Sop

    Reggae vibe. Soulful..commercially in tune beat/hook wise. Ghost doing his thing...flowing nice over the beat..better than he has most of his career. This tune has party/Radio potential. Masta Killa hits the track with his classic laid back cadence. Perfect fit. Flows effortlessly..10/10

    Wow. Everybody should go cop this. Ghost just dropped the album every WuTang/Ghostface fan has been wanting. Congrats Ghost. Right on time with the series on Hulu. This is the best Ghost album in years. He is a brand new artist on this.

    Whole album produced by Danny Caiazzo

    Mixed by Josh Gannet

    Executive Produced by Remedy Ross & Shawn Wiggs.

    Beats 9/10
    Lyrics 9/10
    Overall 9/10
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    This is what I wanted to hear!
    Thanks for the breakdown Jem.
    I'm looking forward to copping this.

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    yeah looking forward to this shit

    peep the new Vid


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    My cd just arrived and I can't wait to listen. Just looked over the tracklisting for the first time and did a double take at "Me Denny & Daryl." The title sounds like it was originally a Method Man song featuring Ghost and Cap.

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    Have u heard It?

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    Dope album. Ghost came correct after a recent streak of average/forgettable work. Some people will never be satisfied and that is what it is.

    But this is a major step up for Ghost who’s been flat in recent years.

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    unexpectedly good album, best since 12RTD

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    All Thanks to Allah. Who Made this possible. Good music. Next time the LP could be just a lil bit more longer. Is the album 33 minutes long ?My favorite Song ist also conditioning. Could be longer 2.
    Wutang forever
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    Appreciate the review but how you rating every song 9/10’s son....

    You saying this album is as good as Ironman or clientele

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    I i i cacaca cant believegghost is issttill gutter😂😂😂

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    Burn a flag in your grass despiteful... Gonna bump this later today.

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    Default New ghost

    When i saw the review i though it was a crazy album, i was so exited , but after 2,3 listening i finf it s cool but not 9/10 or 10/10 .

    My favorite tracks in order are:
    Me denny and harryll 4,5/5 dope ( remind me the yollanda house style)

    Waffles feat cappa ( cool they use icecream )
    Burner to burner
    And conditionning
    The rest is average skippable
    Ghost is best when the clan members are on features
    And beats exept those i had quotes are not as great as chamber n9
    Common ghist released supreme clcientel 2!!!

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    Been waiting on this.....been busy finishing up my Gravediggaz blendtape lately, but gonna give this a spin asap
    A Clan Called Wu (Wu Tang 36 Chambers vs ATCQ Midnight Marauders)


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