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Thread: Sega Dreamcast dropped twenty years ago today.

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    Default Sega Dreamcast dropped twenty years ago today.

    I remember playing Ready 2 Rumble Boxing in my local comic book shop when it was released and being mesmerized by it. I copped a Dreamcast many years later in March 2006 from a used electronics store in Harlem. Got it with House Of The Dead II and Sega Bass Fishing. Could not find any good games for it until three years later
    All I could ever find were generic sports games and a seemingly unlimited number of copies of Space Channel 5. Anybody have any Dreamcast memories?

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    power stone was a good one

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    Yeah. I have that and Power Stone II. I really want Giga Wing II, but it is expensive as fuck on Ebay and is probably worse in the wild.

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    phantasy star online is worth getting to play offline

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