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Thread: Trump moves to ban VAPE - Shadynasty and Art Vandelay are shook

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    flavored vape is already banned here in Michigan. I'm not gay so it hasn't affected me though

    Quote Originally Posted by SonicRingz View Post
    Diet and fitness won't always guarantee you a long life. I knew of a woman in her mid 50's who ran daily, did marathons and ate a strictly organic diet. She wasn't a drinker or smoker and died of some form of aggressive cancer. Imagine doing everything right, and the fat piece of shit who smokes 3 packs a day and leaves walmart with a shopping cart full of diet soda ends up outliving you?
    yeah genetics plays a huge role. Some people can smoke a pack a day and live to 100yrs old. Not always about longevity though - I bet a healthy person felt a lot better mentally and physically than some wheezing fatty on a daily basis

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    I think the former world's oldest man said his secret was 'whiskey and a cigar a day' lol
    Quote Originally Posted by JASPER View Post
    Just accept the cookies, fag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TSA View Post
    I think the former world's oldest man said his secret was 'whiskey and a cigar a day' lol
    That old black guy WWII vet? They did a documentary on him. That guy was the shit. He ate bacon, eggs, bourbon and smoked cigars every day and repaired his classic pick-up and was still in love with the wife.

    Gen-X is consuming fentanyl like a fun-dip
    Gen-Z is getting 70 yr old lungs from bootleg chinese vape cartridges
    Millennials are trying to make getting pegged or cucked a fashion statement.

    I'd rather be listening to Smooth with Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas as mister yo whispers "It's gonna be ok".
    Quote Originally Posted by Dooch View Post
    Weak erections and watery nut.

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