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Thread: The track SHADOWBOXING discussion

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    Default The track SHADOWBOXING discussion

    first question is: who is MAXAMILLION???????

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    Quote Originally Posted by AxeMaxxamil View Post
    first question is: who is MAXAMILLION???????
    Good? That is GZA's Wu Gambino name. For OB4CL, the Clan took on mafioso inspired names/personas...

    "Maxamill you could crash a mill got your back still..." Rae from "Hellz Wind Staff"

    PS https://www.urbandictionary.com/defi...m=Wu%20Gambino
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    thse second question is: who is bloody bastards "flying guliotines here they come" ?????

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    my friend we ain't rapgenius

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    YO! how I understand these words its about Mr. Meth saying upper in this track is you busting steel or is you flashing. Rappers understood WU just like the killers< gza in liquid swords said week people had lost their houses in this war. Knewing of tthat niggas put the ultimatum to everybody< namely the WU. saying "look what we can". But in present time not only Niggas but the bllody americans and even europeans. with silver hair. meth warns about that.
    after opinion the english movie starring Jason Stattham. There was an bastard who was doing pedofilia. In film was not saing about his name< but it posibil his name was MaxEmil. My name is Maxim. And I have a case < sexual case<and what I know< here is the news for you. EVERY maxim had sufferation and me too over all past USSR< This is about results of that film. Evidents says that that bastard existed in London. Respect to the Russian Church< because they wrote new explenation of every Maxim Saying that it was necessary to them toshow their nega to stay with God. All that is by the reson of one English devil. Now I ask you a question may be I am paranoid but other opinion is that may be Maxamill is me and Method man speaking about me, because maybe WU judged my case.

    NOw I want a wide answer.
    PS if it is a evil joke about that ITS NOT YOU< I say I have a fear only of the GOD not DEvil with his demons or other bloody bastards< but of course they are scarry. Invaders must die.

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