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Thread: Golden swords x william cooper-heaven on earth

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    Default Golden swords x william cooper-heaven on earth

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    Sick beat. Nice cuts. U-God samples.

    What you use to sample? I like the subtle vocal samples in the background.

    Make some more tracks!

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    peace thanks for the listen and the samples the cuts where done by dj madhands and of course he used turntables to do the cuts I got so much music out right now its not funny lol you can check more of my stuff out here https://soundcloud.com/shaolin-disciple NEW EP THE BLOODY KATANA DOCTRINE https://shaolindisciple.bandcamp.com...na-doctrine-ep respect bro

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    I appreciate what you're doing kid. keep at it. You need to up the recording quality of your vocals and work on your breath control a little though. Respect to you and your craft.

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