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Thread: Dreddy Kruger Presents... Think Differently Two: The Audio Film (December 19th)

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    Default Dreddy Kruger Presents... Think Differently Two: The Audio Film (December 19th)

    Quote Originally Posted by Artsdradamus View Post
    I also don't like when young millennials call me "sir"

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    Check this thread for all of the upcoming Wu-Tang release dates.

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    Think Differently has put out tons of dope Wu Tang material.. I am down for this

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    lets seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    Default Dreddy Kruger presents: Think Differently Two The Audio Film

    TD2® • An Audio Film By Think Differently Music Institute
    Directed By DREDDY KRUGER
Album: THINK DIFFERENTLY TWO :: THE AUDIO FILM • [TD2® • the audio film]
    Release Date: December 20th 2019
    Label: Think Differently Music Group®

    Executive Produced, A&R’d, Arranged & Sequenced by Dreddy Kruger, The albums core sound is very Cinematic & Minimalist with a more Traditional Sound of Rap Music that focuses on Lyricism & Production; Guest Starring some incredible Artists that I admire & Respect they have helped me bring my vision to sound. I want people to not only hear the songs, but visually see them. The Album will consist of 11 songs not including intermissions & interludes with a total time coming in at right under 36 minutes. This is the Official follow up to the compilation album i released on Think Differently Music in 2005 called “DREDDY KRUGER presents WU-TANG MEETS THE INDIE CULTURE” which to me was a CLASSIC body of work and was much needed at that time in Hip-Hop ...But this is a totally different album, concept wise & sound, it was executed Very Differently, very similar too how a film is made. None of the Artists or Producers that appeared on Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture will appear on this album with the exception of Timbo King, Vast Aire, Prodigal Sunn & Byata. Who all make another appearance on the song Slow Blues 2 [SB2]. The Album is called the audio film because it has a very cinematic visual sound. Which comes from my love for Films & Music as well as Music in Films. The subtle transitions on TD2 • The Audio Film gives the album’s arrangement a continuous cohesiveness & unified sound unlike most rap compilation albums.
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    Still no clue what this project is exactly. Peace

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    Is there a single?

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    I would have hoped for more Clan features, but actually the first one only had 3 members. I see he's got 9th Wonder and True Master on production! Hopefully it turns out good, the blurb makes it sound like some effort went into this, so fingers crossed.

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