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Thread: 2nd Generation Wu - 7.O.D. (ft. PXWER, SUNGOD, Y.D.B., and INTELL)

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    Default 2nd generation wu - 7.o.d [official video]

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    This will never take off

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigSchnikkel View Post
    This will never take off
    With all due respect but if someone thinks it'll take off like Wu did in 93, he's out of his mind. But it's still decent tho

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    Intell looks nothing like U-God.. at all but I’m a fan

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    I always thought these guys would be the next generation. These kids killed it on the Masta Killa tape.

    Masta Killa feat. Karim Justice & Shamel Irief & Young Prince - Then And Now

    Masta Killa feat. Shamel & Kareem & Jamel - The Future (Skit)

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    I just realized they even put in the time code effect like the original video.

    This track and video are great. Hope we see more of it.

    In fact I don't even buy albums much anymore but if they put together an entire album that sounded like this and had these kind of well produced videos I'd buy the album on wax or CD or tape..

    Sun God verse was hot and then YDB keeps exceeding my expectation every verse he comes out with now and Intell comes in nice. There's no bad part they go hard. Going into my playlist
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    Quote Originally Posted by Artsdradamus View Post
    I also don't like when young millennials call me "sir"

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