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Thread: Naked ladies? Nah I'm good. I like to go to strip clubs to see Brooklyn Zu affiliates

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    Riding home from work yesterday I noticed a sign on a local strip club that said(to summarize) November 23rd - Beanie Sigel, Wu Tang Clan

    Now we all know the actual Wu-Tang Clan isn't making an appearance there. Last time Wu-Tang was advertised to be at a strip club out here it ended up being some 5ft Hyper Sniper nigga from Zu-Ninjaz or someshit. So, can anybody tell me which no-name low level Wu-Tang affiliate will be at Taboo Gentlemens Club in WV on November 23?
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    How’s the talent in this establishment? Never heard of rappers appearing at gentlemen’s clubs. They should stick to getting porn stars in there. Peace

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    West Virginia… would it be a stretch to suggest Wu-Syndicate perhaps? Nevertheless they have always advertised themselves as The Syndicate, or Wu-Syndicate - never as the WTC.
    I think it is more likely the case that the promoter/club has erroneously attributed Beanie Sigel as a member of WTC: "Beanie Sigel, Wu-Tang Clan".
    Beanie is appearing in Charlotte NC a few days later, so it is highly probable.
    That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if DLAH and his Hellkeydoe goons show-up, or Raddrr Van (y'know Meth's cousin).
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    At least Beanie Sigel is still making some paper. I haven't heard anything from him in over a decade.

    Their website seems to be down and I don't see any events on their Facebook page.

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    The club hasnt had much of an online presence since it closed and new ownership took over. Im thinking it was a mistake since Wu-Tang Clan has now been removed from the sign. Theyve had 3 variances of the sign, first was Beanie/Roc, then the Beanie/Wu, now its back to Beanie/Roc again. I dont think he is there to perform, just to draw in customers probably, but who knows.

    And rappers have appeared in strip clubs around here before. The biggest name probably being Jadakiss.

    The talent in the club, well i havent been in awhile so i couldnt tell you. I had some good times in there before it closed and reopened though. I have since found another club i prefer. Dont fall for the stereotypes of WV women, you know "fat, ugly, toothless, etc". there are some good looking women here.

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    Is this the same club Nicole Bass was stripping at before she died?

    theres some dude named Eternal claiming to be a Wu-Tang Killa Bee that’s been touring at small venues. Don’t know who he is or if it’s him.
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    I also don't like when young millennials call me "sir"

    Check this thread for all of the upcoming Wu-Tang concerts.

    Check this thread for all of the upcoming Wu-Tang release dates.

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    I think it's interesting that Wu-tang is more or less a public domain rap group

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    Just accept the cookies, fag.

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    wu chamber has the best thread title changes

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    wu chamber has the best thread title changes
    i dont find it funny, but whatever. i never go to any of the special appearances at any of the clubs around my way.

    137 posts in 11 years and i have haters here lol. now that is fucking funny. i have no idea who or if there are any moderators here, only one i know who couldve done it is cilvaringz

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