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Thread: What's you're opinions on INCELs!?

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    Letís not get too scientific as to why nobody wants to date LaMoniqeeya.

    And it ainít about hair or skin tone.

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    Default ffffffff

    Quote Originally Posted by RADIOACTIVE MAN View Post
    Another thing, if you allow yourself to believe societal None truths about what a nerd is, you have lost from the get go, there's no such thing as a nerd, its a construct used to break down the spirit or mindset of aready docile broken people. its what actually insecure people use as a weapon to brand others and feel better about themselves.

    you are on a wutang board, method man is an avid comic reader/collector. naturally he would be considered a "nerd" but he is deemed cool because he doesn't adhere to the title and hasn't been made insecure by it, which brings me to my point, what society considers nerds are really broken people with no social skills and use hobbies as a get away and in turn make those hobbies their reality. there are tons of people who you consider cool and hip who are avid perusers of what you consider "nerd" activities.

    this issue has nothing to do with being a nerd, it has a lot to do with upbringing,lack of social interaction, buying into the belief that women are more than what they really are ,which is nothing mre than someone with a hole who eats,sleeps and shits like you do and cowards who fear feminism instead of realizing that, the very people who adopt the ideology are the weakest, most frail, idiotic women you will ever meet.

    but what do i know?

    you getting to the heart of the matter like Don Henley, oh Radioactive one

    the modern day bum bitch has created a certain fake reality and tries to present this reality as truth and most dudes believe the hologram is real and next thing you know they emasculated, wearing skinny jeans with their ass exposed all day looking like a faggot trying to impress a bum bitch

    the truth is, attractive as she may or may not be, no sane man with the least amount of self respect wants this "bum bitch" for a wife, which is the reason they create this false reality in the first place...nothing more than a cloaking device to hide their bumbitchdedness

    thankfully eye been dealing with groupie bitches since elementary school and was disgusted by their groupie-izm and came to the realization early on that bitches are stupid like domesticated house cats

    the truth is human females have a biological need to chase a man even though they don't know it...the first mistake a man makes is taking into consideration what a bitch want

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaDynasty View Post
    SMH I'm not advocating going raw, casual sex or making poor choices with the women you date.
    OK cool

    I remember Ironman used to be a huge fan of the word 'RAW'. Dude was all about going in RAW, which could be risky in a city like Detroit.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dooch View Post
    Weak erections and watery nut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max Chinroom View Post
    OK cool

    I remember Ironman used to be a huge fan of the word 'RAW'. Dude was all about going in RAW, which could be risky in a city like Detroit.
    Yes, fan of it especially if her booty is good but I knew better. Certain women just have that drama. It's not worth getting someone pregnant who won't be a good mother and then pushes child support.
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    hahahaha 100%
    Quote Originally Posted by JASPER View Post
    Just accept the cookies, fag.

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