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Thread: Lyrical FLEX (Finish Wit Da Word) CYPHA 'NEW'

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    Let's take it to 88 I spit double o seven
    Recognized by the spies I glow Allah presence seven is the number I was born under disguised my enterprise kill em for a few summers u can't relate to the shots until they hit I'm Nasty used to deal packing steel amongst the bricks
    Puma kicks sent em to the hell fire
    All liars retreat over beats I flame fire
    To stop the stress fky dine undressed temperature riding I'm the arsonist

    Next word. Brigade

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    Reflexes of mountain lions when I rock Pumas
    I devour herds of impalas then laugh at hyenas
    Wage war of Ayatollah Khomeini’s forlorn family
    Bereaved descendent, been militant since an infant
    Malevolent mind state yearns for any of hell’s gates
    Desperado motto, homicidal like OJ in white Bronco
    Putrid existence, ISIS guidance to sadism of violence
    Munitions strapped to shoulders, revolvers holstered
    Semi-automatic rifle barrel size of Judge Dredd’s gavel
    Napalm bombs gripped by eager palms, lips embalmed
    Heaters become cap peelers after I pull firearm triggers
    Boiled rounds of molten mounds, projectiles earthbound
    Karch Kiraly volleys of slugs, mugs ignited like spark plugs
    Bloodbaths due to furious warpath, battle axe paragraphs
    Diction deadly because I gargle grenades, written air raids
    Defiant renegade in dark crusades of .44 Magnum brigades

    Next Word: Clandestine

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    Your facing fury firewater brewery five fingers of death a deathly act of cruelty
    Choose thee way to go hand on the gun control
    Clutching my jewels handle pearl shoot for my baby girl in this plastic world
    Theatrics twirl like ballerina's my wizdom Sarafina rise like Phoenix my prequel zenith
    Talk calm but fire flows from the hands palm
    In your mouth like lip balm ring the alarm
    It's ongoing drama I'm a spazz off the grass
    If u don't quit testing blessing through aim
    Finesse a stain stainless steel to the brain
    He came to bang off the banger strangle a stranger if he's out of line in the event of clandestine. Next word

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    Venom reproduction of Komodo dragons
    Kevorkian penicillin won’t be killin’ infection
    Spit is epidemic sick, pandemic plague bubonic
    Patron bars flow like liquor at Betty Ford dinners
    Cutthroat vernacular as deadly as tips of daggers
    Father Merrin couldn’t save me from inner monster
    My polar vortex disposition will freeze heat waves
    Psyche reaches for inert souls from vibrant graves
    Lethal cerebral, mind hovers above desert eagles
    Unshackled jackal, John Rambo ammo in arsenal
    Verbal missiles equal to warfare that is chemical
    Flame retardant couldn’t slow down fire element
    Propane combustible barbarity of Chicago terrain
    Hammers on deck like carpenters on cruise ships
    Murder tactics bear hallmarks of drug cartel hits
    Eliot Ness untouchability because I am too Illicit

    Next Word: Caesarean

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    I'm a captain like Kirk more berserk than sideshow Bob reduce 5 percent of your brain matter u still want to be God?
    See I pull the cards you must want to be scarred like a dude with erectile dysfunction wants to be hard
    Lord has no mercy like a Chiraq savage putting four in your cabbage then updating their self snitching Instagram status
    Many are lost hope that's on blood like Boscoe sack one hundred rappers ruthless apostle thoughts remain hostile like police smoking black males so many turn to crack sells once rap fails
    And then it's career oblivion another one cut like a caesarean

    Next word voracious

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    Cesarean incisions when I cut opposition in sections
    Aborted pregnancies, too bloodthirsty for mercy
    Cobra clutches hold esophagus like heinous do grudges
    George Ackles runnin’ rebel with Pantera heavy metal
    Satanic candle wicks lit, burnt out eyes empty of orbits
    Demolition visions, mortal perception of the forbidden
    Mastermind of heinous murderous sprees like Manson
    Serial killer in Freddy Krueger sweater armed with razors
    Mutilated massacres, body parts scatter after slaughters
    Callous character colder than arctic winters in December
    Iraq 24 hour bloodstain fights, murders in broad daylight
    Merciless warpath as fatal as Bobbi Kristina bubble baths
    Trauma surgery infirmary chief when I flex cutlery weaponry
    Jason Voorhees machete ready to puncture layers of arteries
    Meat factory employee how I stack inert bodies in cemeteries
    Toronto T-Mac raptor rapacious, ravenous vulture voracious

    Next Word: Satiated

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    In inferno I craft journal passage external
    Never pass remain eternal infinite infernal
    Next dimension extension subtracted tension
    Back buffed from benching the continents
    Against him
    Ravenous hyneas dying to bite my limbs
    Leave them in limbo without hurr

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    Babylon bonfires fulfill propane desires
    Flammable thoughts of Backdraft backdrops
    Dante's inferno affirmed, Lisa Lopez cigarette burns
    Pyromaniac traits, Terry Nichols with ammonium nitrate
    Fast & Furious combustible, cannibal principles
    Self-defiance violence eradicates my common sense
    Perception of ghastly futures with mind meditation
    Barren landscapes collapse soon as I decimate tectonic plates
    Flexin’ black steel in an hour of murderous mayhem
    Venom glands sting with deadly poison of scorpions
    Brown recluse spider depicted, reptilian shape-shifted
    Nile crocodile incisors, bloodlust discharges like geysers
    Orchestrator of slaughter, Jim Siedow chainsaw massacres
    Wesley Snipes blade wielder, Darth Vader swingin’ lightsaber
    Vast hordes of soldiers turned organ donors get smoldered
    Undeterred I still harbor dreams of vengeance like Ben-Hur

    Next Word: Frontlines

  9. #1074


    Dedicated to the annihilated armory
    Gone deceased street carnage on adversary
    AdLib's airy hypeman in background buried
    Terry outsmarting Tom cats in pet cemetery
    Zombie on me laser execution in a hurry
    Devil terminator warrior's shootouts like Stephen Curry
    Scary to civilians head's hung on the stakes
    Awake with a sword to decapitate black snakes
    Hiss in the cut blood glistens in the sun
    Gun hits the driver wheels screech
    Ambulance unreached we leap and hurdle
    Hard to break like shells of turtle
    Birthed the next Garvey my army brighter than suit's on Steve Harvey
    Family still feuding half the time
    Peaceful path I find after exterminating foes on front lines

    Next word rogue

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    Venomous ecosystem of fanaticism
    Malevolent euphemisms, Kitsch Satanism
    Descendant of vengeance, vindictive existence
    Frenzy forensics after hallucinogenic acid trips
    Chauffeur of headless horses that carry corpses
    Madness cognizance, vile plans sinister like ISIS
    Brutal punishment of Sharia law, blade of jigsaw
    Viciousness of horror-thrillers, John Kramer killer
    Inevitable troubles, Grim Reaper in wind tunnels
    Primal urge homicidal, Jim Jonestown cult revivals
    Mexican rattler temper quick to climb Jacob’s ladder
    Bram Stoker author when I bring Dracula horror
    Hockey mask murderer to Crystal Lake campers
    Red-tailed exotic boa constrictor agony inflictor
    Grasp deadly, no moratorium on death penalties
    Carnage becomes vogue like white cops gone rogue

    Next Word: Nymphos

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    Hotter than wool my visual leave the physical in critical
    Red hot red dots blow the box bloody socks I send shocks
    Bag a fox breakout like chicken pox
    My excursion rocks we swing out like sister incision blisters lips bloody hips hindered I'm here with Hindu's your cowardly the type to jump one man with ten dudes
    Ripping through stomachs like Kruegar kill intruder's with loaded ruegar stop crying candy girl
    Here's some ChapStick for those blistered lips waiter's hated me for snatching tips she's on her knees
    A lot of bitches are Nymphos dirty hoes
    Next word experimental

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    Ceaseless scourges, censored climate crisis
    Cast-iron skillets, I’m on fire like our planet
    Kevlar brain emits flames, unbridled disdain
    Telekinetic earthquakes, landscapes pulsate
    Radiation euphoria, Gay Enola in Hiroshima
    Mutineers military gear, atmosphere of fear
    Holocaust in locomotives, malicious motives
    Grim Reaper aspirations of narco-traffickers
    AK spray doomsday with gun control of NRA
    Thunder in revolvers with noise suppressors
    Unspeakable horrors of Chernobyl survivors
    Chainsaw incisions, forbidden mortal visions
    Bloodshed of Alfred Hitchcock’s rabid pigeons
    Incognizant violence, semi-comatose populace
    War crime tribunals, incurable turned terminal
    Scalpels to the awake like Unit 731 experimental

    Next Word: Castigate

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    I passed with all honors left many stranded Gilligan karma
    Stronger than a farmer death before dishonor cold blooded pirahana
    Prada dressed world obsessed with dimes I undressed
    Ace of the tests I'm next to slaughter indirect
    Speaking facts actual the bat I move acrobatical
    Horrendous to watcher's wet up watching concerts
    Easily ended his gate I had to castige

    Next word infumigate

  14. #1079


    Desert eagle curses, Columbine gat cases verses
    I’m behind fatal bars like felons with death wishes
    Habitual criminal turned infamous killer in serial
    Abominable individual of porno bestial material
    Destructive scenes of Hurricane Harvey Weinstein
    Pussies gored, battles rage when petrol is poured
    Saliva propane, pollo loco when I feed the flames
    Kamikaze frenetic missions into third dimensions
    Insensitive cold murder is a bloodthirst quencher
    Bloodstain piranha pictures, psychological torture
    Norman Bates couldn’t escape my irate mindstate
    Silverback size bullets penetrate Kevlar landscapes
    Hail of slugs out their shells quick to touch like brail
    Projectiles engraved to abbreviate their brainwaves
    Terry Nichols with ammonium nitrate, pesticide fate
    Enemies don’t want the smoke when I’m in fumigate

    Next Word: Truncate

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    Bodies dumpster found my logic rounds clip sixteen unleashed
    As I regulate grounds no Rodman King of rebounds
    You retire no rings like Ewing and Barkely
    Spark thriller for thrills godson shield
    Penetrated and aided like First
    One shot dispurse hate
    Long lives we truncate

    Next word alleviate

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