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Thread: Lyrical FLEX (Finish Wit Da Word) CYPHA 'NEW'

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    Zapatista radical rebel, barrel full of metal
    Ominous suggestions of public assassinations
    Ill-omened intentions of criminal convictions
    Devious behavior, evil demeanor won’t waver
    Cujo wants no part of this vicious pitbull terrier
    Terminator tenacity is the common denominator
    I vent like when henchmen get sent, vile intent
    Rambo ammo violence like decade of Sopranos
    Wolfman hollow wounds revealed by full moons
    Macabre mirth from the womb of mother earth
    Pussies do not want none like caesarean births
    They claim they want smoke but are quick to choke
    Too much semen for their superhead deepthroats
    Vegan emcees cannot handle this Kobayashi beef
    Even with Rollie Fingers help they wouldn’t find relief
    I bring the aches that Dr. Kevorkian couldn’t alleviate

    Next Word: Deplorable

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    Guts down when the shotty spray fifteen a sentence like treyway
    See them crying spying tailing the Don on the freeway
    Insightful yet trifeful as Carlo Gambino killing a Bambino
    Hit Reno for renovations it's street war trigger masterbation
    Shots wasted or overkill fakes survive but y'all smoke the real
    Missy looking bitches all in my grill swallow the red pill
    Should've chose blue Mantra feared like bird flu u chicken's through
    Beat em blue blood no crew love like Juice Bishop give my own homies slugs
    Riverside motherfucker as I stand over fallen rivals and bust shots
    Plots thicken like Georgia peaches and cooked up rocks
    Mops for bloodspill as roaches are stomped deplorable executions for comp

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    I spit napalm only seen by Hiroshima
    Deadly radiation levels of Fukushima
    I don’t play like Ray Charles in Georgia
    When I segregate heads from their torsos
    MO is to maim when I release’em hollows
    Even my inner demons don’t want to face me
    Vast quantities of evil entities entered my mentality
    Consciousness shadowed by shards of darkness
    Mental murderous flashes, rebellious phases
    Bullet-proof hearses cruise in Holocaust mazes
    Desolated testaments imminent, torture treatment
    Son of Sam .44 caliber, crime scene tape parameters
    Buzzards hover, they know it’s fatal when I smother
    Vulture peckin’ order, Wayne Gacy morgue hoarder
    Ingested poison botulism, cannibalism after exorcisms
    Beast in me is (pigment) of my imagination in this malapropism

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    Next Word: Realignment

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    On assignment planet rocks kitchen cooked
    No dummies just reluctant jooks
    Fish hat crooks Captain hooked all your rooks
    Blood falls on the board and drips off the tip of my sword
    Sixteen clip for the war hand to hand combat Tyson Lord
    Add kimbo what a slice for you Limbo night
    While he hit the pipe I'm in the backseat of his hellcat hitting his wife
    Front to back until she drained the sack
    Hitting Beyonce high notes poke after poke
    Thought she had a stroke that pussy got smoked
    Like ribs on the grill my soldiers down to kill until the next assignment we remain alligned some teams need realignment

    Next word corpus

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    Mexican mutant, militant stance of Huey Newton
    Combat supporter of Black Panther headquarters
    I pursue to gain equality by any means necessary
    Ruthlessness of mobsters that murder for power
    Wickedness fostered, iniquity incarnated monster
    Heinousness of fiends with cracked pipe dreams
    Sinful spirit of serial killer, Krueger jagged fingers
    Hand-held box cutters, blood splatters triggered
    Murderous thesis with disastrous consequences
    Josey Wales heaters’ triggers become cap peelers
    Baked biscuit elevates murder rates, NRA mindstate
    Put on earth to obliterate, planet of apes handshakes
    Inestimable mortalities, morgues with no vacancies
    Transgression repetitions, assassination decimation
    Innocent compositions turned culpable executions
    I put in labor when I slayed fetus in uterus’ corpus

    Next Word: Tempestuous

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    Beast mode deplete holds deceased those who heat hold
    We seek soul's who need scrolls
    Babies screaming like crows on black night's protected by unseen angels
    In the staircase their momma blow's a dealer for a crack pack
    Spending her rent money saw her get evicted ashy legs, and lips chapped
    Tight spandex shorts showing off her ass crack her man up north doing ten he's a chief in the pen
    He robbed an undercover with a lethal weapon like Danny Glover
    She's in a family shelter know a year clean her belly large she's a recovering fiend
    Working a nine to five at Walgreens
    Proud she's doing the right thing
    I gave her a fifty dollar bill so she could get her seeds a meal
    And on her weekends off she would come to the lab and chill
    We'd listen to De La and Common
    Bonding but I never hit it and she never mentioned if I could get it
    Taught her lessons, and jewels that she took heed to so she could get understanding as well as cash rule
    We up in Macy's shopping she's like Mantra I love you
    I said it's cool but friends is all we can be plus in another year your baby daddy will be out on pre release
    She teared up saying no man has ever respected me the way you do
    I said your a queen you deserve it
    I drove her home feeling guilty like I'm about to face a verdict
    My nerves hit as I looked in her eyes we kissed and I pulled away
    To her surprise she said you don't wanna come inside I know your hungry I'll make some potatoes salad and fries
    I tried to front but I was hypnotized by the shape of her thighs
    One hour later listening to Badu
    Red wine, dinner, and candlelight
    I said after the meal I gotta ride
    I need rest I got work tomorrow night
    Before I knew it she's massaging my back and I'm carrassing her backside condom put on tight before I entered inside
    Shorty was right she helped me unwind and ease my mind though
    Tempestuous times
    Next word calibration

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    Been a beast since days of John Mugabi
    Silverback gorilla evolved from ape species
    Unhinged mental mosh-pits in pistol circles
    Criminal misfit, inoculated eccentric instincts
    Petulance of McGregor in whiskey distilleries
    Bloody bodies slumped in inner-cities’ alleys
    Martial law after I maim jaws, killer like Jigsaw
    I turn lifespans into uninhabitable wastelands
    Will Smith jiggy wit it emcees are radio friendly
    Nicki Minaj silicone, fake like Dolly sheep clones
    Joyner Lucas build but act like Conan destroyers
    Faggots as useless as Nissan Maxima with spoiler
    How can you claim you are ill with a straight face?
    Bars are slugs with shells cracked due to snail’s pace
    No to the smoke because you’ll choke from inhalation
    You couldn’t measure up with the help from calibration

    Next Word: Deputation

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    Streets of rage same as the cage
    We caged in inner flames speak through the gauge
    Stage intact they throw gas were flaming back
    Pacts together chosen even in summer those oppose are frozen
    Theatrics stolen so I'm lonely rolling
    And crushing the percussion
    Easily let it be ongoing madness
    Sadness the explosion destroying rapper's
    Face slappers, and head bashers
    Big check cashers, ghetto superstar like Pras obtain applause
    Fight for many causes and plauses
    No player's, just gun sprayers
    Damaging flesh a bloody mess
    Bodies stretched no rest
    It's a blood on blood war recreation
    So amazing how I lead the deputation
    Next word

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    Cold-blooded demeanor of alt-right killers
    War monger when I bombarded Hitler’s bunker
    Reign of terror insurrection abhorrent horrors
    Conscience consent of a convulsion of violence
    Slugs snug mugs, Sandinista-backed armed thugs
    Insurgent contempt of guerrilla movements
    Upheaval igniter of Nicaraguan contra fighters
    Artillery as sophisticated as drone technology
    Nuclear reaction weaponry scorch earth strategies
    Submarine-launched ballistic missiles, warheads whistle
    Aerial bombin’ campaigns, Django unchained lethal aim
    They refer to me as Dalai for how I spray the llama
    Hezbollah ideology as deadly as Palestinians in Gaza
    Grotesque human rights violations, radiation to nations
    Jack Tatum narratives of vicious destructive objectives
    Ed Hochuli said after further review annihilation is conclusive

    Next word: immortal

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    You chickens get fried like fries
    Eternally sleepy niggas die with shut eyes
    Guns are stashed on the rooftop
    Where my Uncle sold bluetops
    Pissed of the roof and threw boiled water on a few cops
    That's hard liven squad driven to perfection
    Another day to build and sharpen the third
    Spit on a bird I'm fly with words
    Had to emerge giant size and glide off the curb
    An immortal mortal so when I pass my spots reserved

    Next word strathsphere

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    I’m from a place where moon don’t illuminate
    A lot of days I’m not myself like Norman Bates
    Consciousness has cracked like Ernie Shavers did faces
    Drastic manic, bloodlust of Michael Vick’s pits
    Self-destructive like criminals executed in public
    Primitive male rage, enslaved at minimum wage
    Incarceration mediation, detestation manifestation
    Raw dog reckless mind-set like unprotected sex
    Belligerent dialect is industrial military complex
    Deadly tsunami vernacular will muddy the waters
    Mario Puzo with The Godfather, author of slaughters
    Scientists say I’m Black Death cause I’m a single strain
    I feel zero pain when I maim decomposed remains
    Perception effects long-term of Chernobyl radiation
    Infirm vision tormented by Robin Williams’ delusions
    Smeared psyche travels from mesosphere to stratosphere

    Next word: Secretariat

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    Blizzards killing lizards all u see is gizzards
    And the verbal visuals during rap ritual's remain exquisite
    Live it while they decipher my ciphers
    End of days coming soon when younger goons bravely invade
    Not caring who pathed the way
    No aim only care is a body to claim
    Deadly combination of lean and pills to cloud the brain
    And a forty caliber to scatter fragments of your brain
    Cops trained to leave black men holy to obtain a trophy
    And move up in rank no conspiracies just laws of the think tank
    You might think your coming up but as a nation we down
    Unforgettable like Rodman on the rebound
    Death be the penalty when he comes on the chariot
    Trying to unite the nation's the hip-hop Secretariat

    Next word

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    I’ll Rodman worm my way for inside position
    Bad boy when I microwave roast like a piston
    My heat liquefies tracks like cheap tires at Daytona
    I’ve earned my stripes of Abdul-Jabbar in Adidas
    This a game of death like father of Brandon Lee
    21st century artillery, no holds barred flagrantly disorderly
    Belligerent beast like Antonio Brown at his deposition
    Iceman Richard Kuklinski cold-hearted disposition
    Subzero winter temperament polar vortex colder
    Midwest freeze conditions harsh like Mt. Everest
    I deliver debilitatin’ shots like prime Tyson to livers
    Shotgun pumps iron like prime Arnold at Gold’s Gym
    I sever limbs after I throw caution to the wind
    Even Zion Williamson does not want to duke
    One-man cavalry troop ready to nuke after I rebuke
    Had to bombard this joint to prove I’m not one to disregard

    Next Word: Disdain

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    Baking cake niggas in New Orleans
    Shotgun holding fiend hands bling like Brady's Superbowl rings
    I'm forever fuck diamonds rhyming annihilating Kings murder queens set-up the four horsemen who never let up
    Tighten the bounty shoot the noose holders in the county
    Bloody the roads redrum the slums
    It's a Purge patrons emerge to let swords surge and hit vital nerves
    Brains litter the curve as I inhale the loudest herb
    High off the Brownie's foxy ladies want to down me like a liquor shot
    Liquids hot enough to melt bone no disdain do my dirt all by my lone
    Next word lonesome

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