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Thread: Lyrical FLEX (Finish Wit Da Word) CYPHA 'NEW'

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    I’m Zion Williamson in New Orleans
    Must see TV, Scottie Pip to MJ on NBC
    Been fly like smuggled mics on charter flights
    Heat I bring can only be gauged in Fahrenheit
    Inferno attire, verbal pyre inspired by eager fires
    Frenzy mind-state is out of control like US STD rates
    Ike Turner explosive sessions of repentant prayers
    Transgressions in layers like that of DC’s ex-mayor
    Convoluted details of contrite martyrs in jail
    Iconoclast impresario, hijo del Chapo ammo
    Nine milli Hellcat heat of Springfield armories
    SIG Sauer revolvers strictly devised for slaughter
    Itchy trigger fingers scratch serial from Bond Derringer
    Rage of escalated tensions in Middle Eastern regions
    Neck tie constrictions form asphyxia devastation
    I’ll eagerly assassinate everyone all by my lonesome

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    Feeble minds get stomped like Orlando Anderson at the MGM
    Crews crashed screeching from pain watch the rain fall on them
    Slim like the life of Soldier he caught one to the shoulder
    His hoe reaching for his hoister both life's suddenly over the killer drove off the Range in a Rover
    Colder than December nights shooting dice hands raked in a thousand backyard style of housing
    Section 8 first of the month checks got me the Benz with plates
    And seafood mother's happy sewing
    Sweaters, and socks plate she thinks is grits is really crack rocks
    Ready to be bagged then it's out side for me graveyard shift to twenty past three
    In the morning walked past two churches to get coffee they wanted me to sign a few litanies

    Next word albino

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    I’m the male lion of MGM’s logo
    Seed of Creed when I die like Apollo
    Dolph Lundgren Universal soldier
    Rover range when I pull revolver out holster
    Tombstone rhymes of graveyard shifters
    Recalled beef quickly meat cleavered
    Saws cut flesh like frozen blades thru hot waffles
    Bobble heads shaven with shards of T-Rex fossils
    Blood-stained gauzes stretch across barren terrains
    Medical examiner’s sheets stained with disdain
    Half gnashed torsos sculpted with bone ash
    Carnage of David Parker Ray’s detailed journals
    Homicidal testimonials, spinal infernal epidurals
    Stalker of prey, Carlito Brigante criminal ways
    Benny Blanco anti-hero, Lefty Ruggiero like Al Pacino
    When I make Donnie Brasco moles transparent as an albino

    Next Word: Pigmentation

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    Operation covert corruption
    Message pumping airhead destruction
    Penetrate vagina cherry popping loving
    Got her oven hot heavy moaning
    Until the last drop no drip
    Eyes pop out like racoons I showered then broke out quick
    Spliff lit soon as I sat in the whip
    Blasting gravelpit skip to the next song kid
    In traffic a homeless man approaches with a sign
    Give him ten dollars told him for food not crack
    He smelled my spliff and asked for a hit of that
    Gave him the rest as the light turned green
    Hit the store and grabbed two dubs out the money machine
    Here comes a hoe ashy legs and dead skin corroded her toes
    Breath smelling like egg salad
    She said you fine daddy I love your clothes
    Told her thanks as I got in my seat
    She said I'll give you a blowjob for ten and the pussy for free
    I said no thanks and handed her a five dollar bill
    Back to the crib with my shorty to chill

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    Bloodstain birth, cursed by Mother Earth
    Enemy of the state locked behind hell gates
    Baffled bleakness, inhaled methane gases
    Cerebral illness ravages mental mazes
    Faces of death in Rohingya genocide cases
    Animosity augments while logic descents
    Ronald Reagan assassination attempts
    Bone-dry conditions, grotesque escalations
    Famished cadavers feast like scavengers
    Vultures swarm while buzzards scatter
    Dark clouds hover like death over Hitler’s bunker
    Morbid images I hoard, grisly flashbacks of grim wars
    Mass murders ease the pain but warps the brain
    Berettas settle vendettas, Hiroshima trauma
    Temporarily insanity pleas, diseased soul seized
    Richard Kuklinski ill-will, too coldhearted to ever chill

    Next Word: Scourged

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    Lurking in the halls of distant demises
    I wear no disguises war arrows for guidance
    Silence for the ones laid to rest without distress I never confessed to be the best
    A clever one to treasure pure pleasure on his endeavor
    My heatwave live on always and forever
    Severe whoever dare to step flattened need a spare
    God collosious keep it moving like Grandma's on rocking chairs
    Hater's stop and stare as I anoint the one's near
    With rules of travesty his majesty
    Magically manuvers through the Galaxy
    And he's well equipped to clip those who flip and throw fits but never paid the tips
    and dishonor the code of karma
    It's chaos and wars opponents scourged

    Next word diabolical
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    Macerated nerve agents inoculated in patients
    Embalmin’ liquid obstructs respiratory from breathin’
    Richard Kuklinski pupils, gaze as cold as arctic particles
    Sick senses worship in uninhabited churches
    Undiagnosed clinical depression, melancholy sessions
    Despair conscience, mass civil disobedience
    Sadism with no repentance, life sentence vengeance
    Enforced hateful discourse, unbridled force
    Scud missiles whistle, cattle rods prod bone gristle
    Crucifixions persist, makeshift spikes puncture wrists
    Moby Dick harpooned, life-threatenin’ stab wounds
    Ceaseless bloodshed sanitizes sheets on death beds
    Epochal decimation only seen in Book of Revelation
    Threatenin’ omens, Damien/Mrs. Baylock coalitions
    Mark of the beast inscriptions, initiation of afflictions
    Abominable chronicles, psychological too diabolical

    Next Word: Warheads

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    No need for a stamp of approval
    Your dead if it doesn't move you
    Took Time ahead to own mastery cred
    As the world Marvel's the enchanted leigons who Excell at thieving and misleading
    The waters heating due to lake of fire demon's
    Purpose to poison natives their naive traders
    Who sold out for maximum wages
    Drop warheads on stages inner light beams mic fiends on the speakers I lean
    Kamikaze dreams of the reaper returns
    The smoke is heavy as the fires burn
    From Utah to the UK the wordplay leaves em in dissaray
    Going down mayday left the smoke temper in ashtray
    Smashed trays on the last day
    I'm coming in with a hard right to rock Chins unleashing a beast within u repent for sins without a neglect to win
    And send pirates to steal samples
    DNA I dread the day of judgement coming my way

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    I death stamp foes like Nazi concentration camps
    Tsunami waves of carnage, obligatory collateral damage
    Battle-coarsened bloodshed like thoughts of Mayans
    Jeepers Creepers cadaver hoarder, Hitchcock horrors
    Inner demons fully apparent, malevolent testaments
    Disharmony armories swallowed by trenches of purgatory
    Demised marches ascent out of bereaved darkness
    Vicious winches, callous corpses embellish bridges
    Molten magma smoke soaked from volcanoes evoked
    Radiological accidents, Chernobyl radioactive contaminants
    Gore goblets, RBMK-type nuclear reactors scourge planet
    Unapologetic cannibalistic convict, appetite cataclysmic
    Atheist gospel spreader of immoral, crucifixion rituals
    Virginal sacrifices, multiple sclerosis leeches sickness
    Innocuous populous with lifeless visions of carcasses
    I brought Sheepish-like chaos because of my untidiness

    Next Word: Sacraments

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