I’m Zion Williamson in New Orleans
Must see TV, Scottie Pip to MJ on NBC
Been fly like smuggled mics on charter flights
Heat I bring can only be gauged in Fahrenheit
Inferno attire, verbal pyre inspired by eager fires
Frenzy mind-state is out of control like US STD rates
Ike Turner explosive sessions of repentant prayers
Transgressions in layers like that of DC’s ex-mayor
Convoluted details of contrite martyrs in jail
Iconoclast impresario, hijo del Chapo ammo
Nine milli Hellcat heat of Springfield armories
SIG Sauer revolvers strictly devised for slaughter
Itchy trigger fingers scratch serial from Bond Derringer
Rage of escalated tensions in Middle Eastern regions
Neck tie constrictions form asphyxia devastation
I’ll eagerly assassinate everyone all by my lonesome

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