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Thread: The Boxing Thread

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    Been following Andy Ruiz since 2011 when I saw him on the undercard of a Jose Benavidez fight in Parker, AZ. I was amazed by his hand-speed, combinations and power-punch placement - something not seen in the heavyweight division. Issue with him has always been training. He had a good showing in 2016 when he went to Joseph Parker's backyard and gave him hell. But after that it seems like he was content making a decent paycheck. The chunky cat can fight! And he has a durable beard. A motivated Andy is not going to be an easy out for any heavyweight. Don't be deceived by the walrus physique.

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    I think Ruiz is too easy to hit with the right hand to survive very long in the ring with Wilder.

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    Something was off with Joshua. Or maybe it was the fact that he was overhyped? anyway the heavyweight division hasn't been this exciting in a looooooong time.

    Watching Ruiz though I just couldn't help but think he was a slightly slimmed down version of Skampoe.

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    I only saw highlights but Joshua looked abnormally tired. I saw him brawl with Klischko for a whole match and not look this bad

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    I believe some of Joshua's fatigue was panic related. It all started after he was rocked and dropped in the 3rd. His legs were gone and his equilibrium was off. This got his adrenaline going as he feared losing and wore him out as he fought hurt more and more. Adrenaline is no joke. When you come down from an adrenaline rush, you're energy is pretty much zapped.
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    RIP to Pernell Whitaker

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    manny is the best in the world

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