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    i dont think he gets enough respect, hes usually not in a top 10 list or nothin but i think he is pretty amazing and compliments pete rocks beats like no one else could

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    he is a good mc and very listenable but pete out shines him with the production is all

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    CL Smooth on Mecca And the Soul Brother was amazing. Great range of wordplay. One of my favorites.

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    CL Smooth is one of my favorite mc's too. He has a new mixtape at Sandboxautomatic.com. He has 20 new songs on there. You should peep it. I'm gonna order it 2 weeks from now.

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    i prefered smooth from nice & smooth i think. But i loved Mecca adn the SOul Bro, definate classic right there

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    CL has a great flow and voice, but i dont know about his lyrics. But i could listen to him flow all day and not get bored, i hope he comes back with a lot of new material- we dont hear enough of him. the last time i heard him was on Magic Hour on AZ's album. His voice over Pete's beats is just the beautiful music, i wish theyd get back together for an album- fuck the bullshit, do it for the love of hip hop!
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