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Thread: Eminem - The Slim Shady LP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Unseen
    honestly^....put down the Haterade. You ever heard of Sway & Tech? Em in the good ol' days was sick with the freestyles.....I think he just lost his hunger. Encore was garbage.
    nah man, i thought he was a sick freestyler too! Then i heard the rap olympics shit and i was like, hes completely shit at freestyling

    but then i herd KRS-One battle and i was like, maybe he aint

    but your right, notice how he changed his voice too..

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    Too this day, If I Had and Rock Bottom are some of my all time favorite tracks. This album is Classic. From beginning to end

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    Bad meets evil is a sick track, Royce kills it

    My favorite personally was '97 Bonnie and Clyde

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    he changed his rapping style with every album

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    Today marks the fifteen year anniversary of Slim Shady L.P. The warped storytelling is incredible and the murky, dank production really meshes well with the gloomy vibe of this album.

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    Never listened to Eminem until a few years ago because he's white, so maybe i'll never really "get" this and MMLP (if that's even rated highly by his fans).

    Anyway, this albums an impressive performance from him, with patchy, at times cloying production....

    Just Don't Give A Fuck, Still Don't Give a Fuck, Role Model and As the World Turns are the only tracks i still listen to.

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    Twenty years ago today. Still loving it. He just came out with something to prove and he definitely made his mark

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