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    does anybody know where i can buy wu-tang shirts? not wu-wear stuff, like actual wu shirts. i checked ebay and can only find 2 things besides the usual crappy picture shirts. thanks

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    Well my understanding is that both Wu-Wear Stores have closed…

    Wu-Wear Store (NY):
    61 Victory Blvd.
    Staten Island, NY 10304

    Wu-Wear Store (GA):
    509 Peachtree St.
    Atlanta, GA 30308

    www.WuWearUSA.com has been closed down for a little while now too, I’m not sure if it’s returning.

    But you can order shirts and other Wu-Wear ish if you visit…
    www.WuWear.com, www.WuWearEurope.com, & www.Wu-Wear.jp

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    yea id like to know where to get some wu wear as well peace

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    Same here I know ebay has alot of shit, not the real stuff that is

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