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Thread: Mikkey Audio update

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    Thumbs up Mikkey Audio update

    Mikkey audio update - July 10, 2005 By : Yash
    We got a little audio update from Mikkey for ya'll. The Chicago native is still working hard on his upcoming album entitled Nat Turnerís Revenge which will be out later this year on Jermaine Dupri's Virgin Records. The song below is called Gotta Get Betta Than This II. The original song is off an old Cash Money mixtape and features TQ, Baby and Gillie Da Kid. Click here to download.

    Anyways, check out Part Two. We've got two versions up for download: one with R&B singer Traye D and one without. No word yet if one of these two versions song will actually end up on Mikkey's album or on something else, but, check it out, it's hot!

    --download links--
    Mikkey - "Gotta Get Betta Than This II"
    Mikkey - "Gotta Get Betta Than This II" (feat. Traye D)

    Also, please pay a visit to Mikkey's new improved Uncrowned City website. It contains a biography, an audio section, etc. Check out the new Uncrowned City video promo here.

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    Default Re: Mikkey Audio update

    Yeah, Mikkey is ok. Some songs are pretty dope. This one's ok too.

    Not an accurate representation of white people.

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