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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    time to execute the legend of the underground flying like a eagle sworm low like an inbread beagle, fuck your style getting dropped in the ghetto's of the lost and found pound for pound white crane style slays in less than 3 rounds and still K.O.'d cause it's boston legal. stay illegal when I drive holding ten wantend men gawking and squawking at a Instagram pic of a STD hen, bitch is next of ken rubber up or get put down like a fighting pup standing wrong and long like the kung fu style of the southern wren. I don't keep a pen cause my issue is with you whom talks that stupid shit and wont quit, posting shit that you'll never spit like pre cum coming out when it's time to split.
    "white crane style"

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    Legions pillow sleeping until the hollows chirp head in the dirt a savage
    Murder average undocumented victims cemented by a pike of shrubs
    Your vinyl thugs records broken on the rug
    Horse kick his head leave em bloody dead
    Twisted dreads under the skull cap rap is raw
    Heavy in the Hindu reverse the curses in you
    Tablet effect eyes rolling back behold the slap
    Motion the picture scripture deeper as the reaper sowing karma murder honoree honor
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    Wimp Lo foes kung fu can’t fu** with Chosen One from Mexico
    Ain’t no homo but I’ll do’em from the back like Pryor did Brando
    Drug cartel execution steelo, hollow heads after slugs swallowed
    Turn brain veins to spaghetti strings after only one machete swing
    Mayan megalopolis how I’ll decapitate them with guillotine verses
    Sordid streams of black tar heroin bars so dope they’ll cripple fiends
    Biohazardous gleams, soon as I step out the booth it is quarantined
    Blatant display of satanic horror, I look in mirror to confront Lucifer
    Reflection reveals half-human half-animal, reprisal is root of my evil
    I duke like North Carolina tobacco road rivalries, fists flail sadistically
    Pitbull appetite to fight, when I flip bird it means desert eagle in flight
    Ricky Hatton hitman for hire, PETA will protest after I set llama on fire
    Burning bushes on peak of Mount Horeb, fiery lead from this hot head
    It’s an extremely cold world that’s why I flex Elon Musk flamethrowers
    Heaters the size of Chevy four-seaters that are eager like moist beavers
    Bram Stoker bloodsucker when I handle beefs like Dahmer’s last supper

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    Invoke the inner smoke travel light passage bright despite the dull tunnel funnel the fumes super sonic boom I'm on guard like I woke up with Aryans in my room
    Spoon fed goons poison meals urgent kills
    DNA cleaned soon as the chlorox spilled
    Heart filled with pressure beating like Prime Tyson combo's your team pelican's scarface turned to John Doe exclusive inclusive darts
    Anartica cold I got bars like Trump has racist thoughts drop the top topple the block flocks of enemies sparked by a cannon hidden rapidly spitting as he slides on grounds no playing occasion mack spit confrontation
    Cons give the confirmation to the congregation process of elimination international annihilation

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    My horror spills from forest hills once I pop these orange pills the black ghetto insane buffalo bill writing will to leave pennies your Lincoln dust body crush like silverback gorilla punch lunch catfish and a loud pack your weed is weak and average
    Smacked trick she ran treats unhealthy like a diabetic surrounded by sweets
    Soon to weep like mama over murdered son ghetto bitches burning sun
    Ask Ray at the clinic every other day I pull more bitches than a Broadway play
    When I'm done the vagina sore horse dick in your whore pull the roots of her weave like do you want more here's twenty dollars go buy some lifestyles at the store
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    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    Morale of savages, irreversible mental illness was diagnosis
    Hell gates off their hinges, virtuous senses rotted in loneliness
    Kevorkian deadly imagination due to anti-psychotic medication
    Glover/Gibson lethal weapons fascination, Mossberg resolutions
    Rifle fanatic with vile tactics, Nikolas Cruz semiautomatic lunatic
    Day of flowers converted into another Valentine’s Day Massacre
    Violent lines, murderous rhymes bring back horrors of Columbine
    Bullet streams gleam, every sixteen has homicidal intent of AR-15
    Twisted world of Elliot Rodger's, weight of sins ascend transgressor
    Sauer P220 Legion manifesto, eyes stare deep into Dante’s inferno
    Abundance of animosity, whole-hearted revenge against humanity
    Ted Bundy criminal conviction incarcerated in purgatory for eternity
    Hostile mind combats with bricklayer straws that broke camel's back
    I cure paraplegics, soon as biscuit spits exodus flock make run for it
    Hospital hallways painted by bloodstains, inflictions of cruelest pains
    Forensic photographers vomit when seeing carnage with fiber optics

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    Chron don it or should I say chronic
    My mind is beyond it
    Put it on everything
    Place ya hands on it
    Fam or pharma
    My flow be controller holder
    Money folder
    The eye of the beholder
    Know Iím cold rather be frozen
    Jack frost
    Classic darts causing you fungus and frost
    Come off the condensation
    Made it in mind
    wind shield wipes swipe at night
    Got it turning into something
    Menstruation vs penetration
    Know how the next 9 gonna go
    Gotta grow
    Gotta get mine in four
    Flips flows raw
    Hit the beat hard
    Flips fixers
    Give you the peg
    Out cha keg
    My brewskiís be punched back with cans in the jack
    Posted on forums in the past
    Had to keep it popping
    Like passes for the masses
    Iím a dirty bastard
    Canít match this type of chaos
    When I display the odds
    Put cha cards on the table
    Play you out like kane did able
    Its all a fable, like cable companies
    trying to get money

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    Sacrifice the suffices and vices were the corps nicest head slicers like Isis
    Doing time in the cipher's the pit vipers none like us created in Christ's likeness
    Hype this like Williams the Villa villain masked avenger death defender coming for millions still in the hood champ lighting shit like a street lamp
    Police sweep blocks and those caught get smoked by the judge for a past grudge family hugs as the years past and many meet demises so stay the wisest soul survivor's non illuminati rhymers and old timers still grindin

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    Snatch ya sharpies off ya desk
    I ain’t graphing I’m not tracing
    I’m cutting and pasting
    With no paint
    Dropping more jizz on her face
    I’m a mason blaze to death of ya
    Hated faded knighted by the queen
    Question my regime
    Redeem ya math like coupons off Groupon
    Don’t take a poop on
    I got pigeons on that
    Know the rap ummm
    Speak something nice
    Tight fight off hate
    I’m heated heading to the hearing
    With getting head in the whip
    Not pressing it
    Fix ya flow or get flattened
    Matted on my wall like vinyl

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    Verbal luger, Mauser vernacular as dope as Russian curlers
    Spirit exudes conflict like Tonya Harding in Winter Olympics
    Barbaric lyrics, abusive to tracks like limbs of crack addicts
    I hallucinate myself behind hard bars of death row inmates
    Secluded in cabins writing explosive letters like Unabomber
    Hard times slammer diction, heroin-like addiction to friction
    Prison fistic launches with relentlessness of venereal rashes
    I assault with fireballs thru Godzilla nostrils, blaze spectacles
    Feeble equals get exposed like Trump’s scalp in wind tunnels
    Presence of evil at presidential inaugurals with desert eagles
    Vasyl Lomachenko hi-tech arsenal, scalable grenade shrapnel
    Rivals see lights at end of tunnels when they look down barrel
    Duck down like Rock when the Ruck sprints amok or get struck
    Cranium cracked, turn your wig cap into a decal after I peel that
    Life blood streams after I shred you clean like claws of wolverine
    MQ-9 Reaper drone twilight strikes, mic fights turned burial sites

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    Rappers getting skinny off the dexatrim
    Time traveling is what I am doing
    Battling beastly bruins
    Script schoolyard fights
    Like wrestling matches
    moves make ya hit "rock bottom"
    stun ya like steve austin
    coming with the nature of the threat
    like john austin or the golden child
    hold cha down to widows peak
    let e'm sleep
    shoot e'm off cliffs like napoleon bitch
    Court of opinions
    Rapidly getting dominions
    Spit flames shouting onions
    Breaking tracks taking maps
    Loading up vocals like they cracks in the wall sticks in the hall
    Fix your fall
    Know how to brawl
    Kick flames over hot off stove tracks
    Keep the flames from flaming out
    Flavor in your ear
    blazing the rear killing in gears
    take your kingdom as a killmonger
    war dog patriarch of the monarchs
    too hutches rolled up
    fillies loaded white owls we smoke e'm
    twin twisters
    spit what ya whispering
    hit the title that's vital to our survival
    straight spit show e'm how to rip
    got spliffed up in a cannibus cup
    duck n dodge run up in garage
    you know times is hard
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    Savage maneuvers of Chechen militants in Moscow theatres
    When it comes to cruel murders I’m after Bill Gates numbers
    Copious ammo of heavy artillery like early 80s Tyson combos
    A king will bear witness when this Kodiak snuffs one’s welfare
    Mossberg slugs move with grisly grace, never at a snail’s pace
    Stainless grenades with napalm nucleus incline the earth's axis
    President Trump wears Cosby sweaters due to stormy weather
    Caitlyn Jenner crossovers get molested like Harden did Johnson
    Gats with Medusa stare paralyze kneecaps, Shane Stant attacks
    Main targets in clear scope, rest croak from secondhand smoke
    Thawed beef will get turned into charred flesh like David Koresh
    Titanium cudgels will implode craniums like antiquated stadiums
    Decayed stacks of cadavers get packed in industrial stretch wrap
    Blow torch these ice cubes, they’re snitches like Jr. in Den of Thieves
    Enemies’ disemboweled that’s why they wear hearts on their sleeves
    Russia invincible nuclear type weaponry turned cavalries to casualties

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    Confetti hard concerto murder guard go raw in your broad at the age of ten broke the commandments manic maniac putting bread together like a sandwich over stand shit
    Landed plenty knots rappers cooked like ready rock bust shots hop fence no gun charge entourage full of frauds so fraudulent
    Backs get bent hit the loud and repent
    A calculator couldn't calculate all the money I spent

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    Knick knack ship skits spit flicks
    rip through crowds
    know how kapow! Shit on you dow jones
    bow to the poems making clones
    get loaned a flow I straight come collect on that
    chef up the cakes in these bakeries down the street from me
    dynamite type nice
    write when I’m inspired wired off the Gatorade
    ripping through tracks until they’re laid
    minds are made up in seconds
    beckon wrecking effects
    necks get snapped by how I chaotically map it up like bones on lab tray
    taken names making baking brains taking time
    out cha grind put cha down with corner pressure
    dualisms vs bison coming off the vega
    mega montana bond off the van dam
    put down the clam shells
    minds wells band up links clink by how I drink
    fina rip through her tits like t-shirts get wet
    drink it up never fret I tone touch bust flows but
    never lost a connection by how I expect e’m
    so don’t get on my spectrum
    I can eject them like a cd from a deck
    Or get deleted like song off ya playlist

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    Pollo loco peligroso, musical electric chairs in death row
    I’ll cut to the chase like NBC did to OJ slow-speed Bronco
    March madness bullets break down the toughest brackets
    Bust caps of Gillooly, KO my pops like Brandon did Tommy
    Carrie prom pig plasma bloody, Jason with Trejo’s machete
    I’ve been behind penitentiary stout bars like Martin Shkreli
    I don’t brag when I say I’m as dope as fiends in body bags
    Y’all know I’m hip-hop’s cocaine cause like crack I’m a rock
    Half Man Halfa Monsta on nocturnal prowl of Heltah Skeltah
    Trails blazed in Portland, I too carry weapons of Larry Legend
    Murderous mission, ready for vengeance like Jonathan Martin
    Knife/axe sharpened, gats loaded to trigger volcanic eruptions
    Retaliation via substantial violence, savagery of sweet science
    Bad intentions of Tyson haymakers, never get beat by a buster
    Rage of Kadi Touray’s razors, tracks sliced by this blade runner
    Peace treaty after trained killer is paid by dead relatives’ agony

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