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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    What's good bro at Father n Dangerous yeah were the only posting

    Fuck the watered down spitters black boule illuminati niggas
    Never get more head than the splitters have you more done than Ray Charles when he died from liver cancer paying private dancer bitches for back shots eye x clans like black watch you'll get 2popped
    All eyes on the black glock slap Bandana's off your dome hunt your mama like a dear it's all tears for fears and niggas that kill in clown outfits round here everyday the blocks hotter than granny's biscuits cause Mantra sicker than dope fiends with no fix or fags with no dicks drug construction worker bagging up bricks of hard white plug the essay it's all corrupt how the kingpins die in the day killing field slave a hustle beats minimum wage my hand caress my queens legs black skully covers the waves I'm strong as ocean waves this is non fiction real hip hop addiction you want lean here's the prescription see how long you live blood and cripping on the block first on the hit list loving how my blunt hits

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    Fuck your seminar I'll send it raw stand over six feet tall I'll eat the spaghetti you keep the meatballs
    Street gods with golden eagles
    Blowing lethal you faker than the undertaker I bring the Kain sell you nose cocaine that would've saved Kurt Cobain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantra View Post
    Fuck your seminar I'll send it raw stand over six feet tall I'll eat the spaghetti you keep the meatballs
    Street gods with golden eagles
    Blowing lethal you faker than the undertaker I bring the Kain sell you nose cocaine that would've saved Kurt Cobain

    First ta swerve in lanes driving drunk purpose-lay
    Curb stomp ya worthless face till ya unidentifiable on the murda scene
    Detects they search for me but im camouflage like chamelons be..
    Concealing heat like celings be...
    Still a beast with a million teeth that are razorsharp

    Tables Turn..Which Made it Worse, Engaged N' Searched..
    for a Way ta' Learn, how ta Take tha' Curse of the Weight of Earth
    Incase it Curved, and Strained my Nervous System..
    Rage it Burst, n' Explained in Words how ta Further Wisdom

    Take ya life plus ya afterlife -Bloodshed

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    I don't discriminate a dog like Nate that narrates hood stories at rapid rates
    All the way live writing lyrics at an emcee's wake see the arms forty inch Python's every blow is like coke uncut keep em calm I can't afford a bomb so fire works best I take all bets while others settle for less thugs screaming all that bullshit get hit in the chest
    Like Orlando hit PAC I pack the gat and pop opps leave the remains for homicide detectives inner perspective
    Glow like the iced out wu necklace
    That deck used to Rock the public enemy in the scope of the FBI shot

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    Cancer is manmade
    Like a GoFundMe page
    Taking over the world
    Every got damn day!!!!!!!!!
    Two by four the track
    Put douche pads in the pack
    Break your back
    Break your neck
    Batman is black
    Master blast the funk dynamite
    Type nice when I write the price is right
    Don’t get cha sugar levels lowered
    I’m a Saiyan
    Throw e’m over the shoulders
    Don’t care, I don’t fight fair
    At open mic night
    The stars shine but
    The lights dim
    Gone with the wind
    Just passing through
    Get recinded

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    If this was Japan, we’d be perceived as monsters like Naoya Inoue. We’re more potent than Ghidorah because we have four heads. You headbangers keep droppin’ the robust ruckus because it inspires me to bring my A-game every single time.

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    Been a beast like Mugabi since the inception of Christianity
    Sophisticated savagery of autopsies in cacophony harmony
    Charlottesville chaos, I’ll slice Robert E. Lee up with hand-saw
    Bloodthirsty desperado imbedded in deep-seated machismo
    Feral monster like Reggie Williams at G-Town, Hoya paranoia
    Steel-chinned Mexican like Yori Boy Campas, trauma euphoria
    Acid rhymes as toxic as Zambia’s lead mines, heavy metal lines
    Vernacular vicious like convicted murderer was to Jeffrey Dahmer
    Impetuous trigger-finger of Clint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter
    Wooden cargo pallets to fuel flames, conflagrations never wane
    Insatiable pyromaniac, adult silverback sized retaliatory attacks
    Accredited murder-for-hire, singe anyone who’s in the line-of-fire
    Quick to gas the wack only to burn them like they did Joan of Arc
    Minor leaguers with zero hope of reaching the majors like Tebow
    Front like Iverson ballers when they’re Bruce Jenner crossovers
    None of my enemies will survive in this hostile Apache territory

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    Address this like Gettysburg gritty words we link up and get money like a Brink's truck my chest stay inked up let's motivate with motives monster of the mob bust
    Shots hot as sunfire the son sire
    Jewel's dropped diamond in the rough umpire tired of the liars leading movement beating free speech rally death finale the numbers increase hate groups protest loudly wildly I ignite fusion
    Shoot up courts like stephon Curry
    Illustrious to all illusions

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    Speed roadrunner gold gunner classic as the old hummer the stunning stuntman stunner
    Confront a gang on the frontier
    Indian spear hit saint Nick's ear
    Massacre new year nice since 08 plastic hold weight belly full from ganja cake con jour spirits ghosts appear by the doorway girlfriend from Norway we go back like corn braids stay in the lab on storm days with Windows open soaked emotions moet sipping and kush smoking with Arabs that hate busta rhymes the culture vulture assassin call your bluff blasting in madman fashion he running gasping a fallen body in blood puddle .master settle in the huddle
    Murder the opps go home with queen and cuddle

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    Busting out flows for mad long
    Getting lungs tired and twisted
    By how flip the linguistics
    Like gymnasts
    Remember this
    The chaos reigns supreme
    Snatch a dollar plus the dream
    Next to scheme

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    They murdered the dream mutant emcee skin colored green cash never ruled me remember the Titans that trashed teams in every inning injured players off the bench scorer floorer admire the fire pourer over your heads I got it locked like doors of newlyweds
    No hawking allowed or claws in your head don't know where your headed fill em up with a gallon of the unleaded cool unless I'm unleashed come in peace but test he gun speaks in a loud pitch you react like a bitch moaning and groaning family disowning out the park rappers like cars we towing to junkyards hunt frauds signing off Mantra farraud

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    Spaced out cases, cages in-rages
    Phases lifted outta pages
    Burnt books take stages
    Get blue off history’s coo
    Dismantle stories too
    Draft stat
    math class suck with percentages
    entering 10th and shit
    Had to come fully equipped with calculator in this bitch
    Sheepish rich loose lips
    Get the toe nails clipped
    Catch my drift
    Its 40 below catch cold artic winds
    Frost bite is deadly around these parts of N-Y
    I’m a emcee with a dead eye
    Keep it cool fool
    Swimming in pools
    ain’t my michelle mccool
    Nicer when I’m swimming in gold
    Scrouge McDuck
    Snipe out you fakes
    get draked
    draped over the side
    Have you spraying gas like premitine mist

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    Asphyxiant gas vernacular as inhumane as gas chambers
    Cloudburst of poisonous spit, monsoon rains wreak havoc
    Hailstone swarms, landscapes deformed by perfect storms
    Cyclone atmospheric circulations produced, swollen bayous
    Flooded freight elevators, rooftops blown off FEMA trailers
    Tornado debris, rescue missions due to enormous damages
    Hurricane verses cause titanic destruction of Harvey in Texas
    Grave scenes after I leave trails of ruin like Irma in Caribbean
    Insane asylums’ bedlam sovereigns in primordial wastelands
    I’m a real threat like perception cops have of every black man
    Michael Bennett pass rush QB, sack most agile of adversaries
    Afflicted anatomies, severe lesion outbreaks of Usher herpes
    Sullen realities, scattered IEDs not seen by satellite imageries
    Hopeless rivals’ mouths leak like vaginas on menstrual cycles
    Fearless nemesis are used Kotex, a Carrie White bloody mess
    Emcees in battle stances are Chanel West Coast ridiculousness

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    I'm a copy cat, i bite my owner
    I'm a sloppy cat, i swipe my boner

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    Pavillion civilian killing soldiers on the ceiling sealing fates rap ace claps for cake investigate the infestation infect nations need vaccinations active agents I fire flagrant aging Zeus babe's and brutes flames recluse the truth teller head swell at pop a fella toaster holster hybrid car at if static spar art of war chest shots galore rappers lured by hard core add gore to enforce drama I'm armed for double strapped attack Crack mover Stat soothers smoother than oceans Trojan bust old in crush slow rush testimony test a home so phony beat themwith phones big bones broke sky smoke hit my eye twinkle you die lethal deadly cerebal

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