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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    Nope nada you ain’t messing with sheep
    Leave it the beat in the deep end
    Render you badly like cgi
    Emcees can’t see me now
    Rip thru the galaxy
    Making me your majesty’s fiend
    Act like you know
    Get broke taken tokes off
    Take time off
    Now I’m back like a waldolf
    Making your world get thrown off your axis
    Patch your game making no names
    Taking out blames and crittics say
    I fell off so I bring it back

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    I too see dead people like Logan Paul, families bawl after beast mauls
    Pitbull fight to death when I settle scores like Lauryn, Pras and Wyclef[/QUOTE]


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    I was born a raptor rap master of ceremonies
    Gat tore through homies so much flesh chunks lost exposed his bony skeleton blood jiggly as gelatine scold your men with water boarding never snitch enforcements killed by reinforcements of greater value than you foul dudes leave you leaking faucet of doom
    Sonic boom deady fumes travel from lagoon

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    Drinking fluids in this desert storm opposing apostles warned space born on earth to settle shadow leveled I follow god and walk with the devil no dancing dime romancing
    Fight wild style like Manson no Marilyn
    Your deader than Monroe when da gun blow
    Bitches suck behold the load sicker than incest in stocks we invest tropic heater under the Gucci vest shootouts over dead Grant's
    This ain't no thug rant for the second year like Alabama Mantra undisputed national champ
    Drop science bitches dance as the bass blows the amps

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    My verbal play-by-play is Keith Jackson legendary, whoa Nellie
    Written or spoken sharp bars in temple of darts will nick Saban
    There’ll be crimson tide after I sever arteries of botched surgeries
    Blood vessels stretched like gargantuan wounds from AR-15 rifles
    Jalen hurts after I sacked nimble quarterback after a shotgun snap
    Spittin’ Tagovailoa causes big dogs to choke like Georgia in Atlanta
    Culprit of Hawaii missile launches, Ray Lewis raven with H5N1 virus
    Rodan with avian flu, blood test verified chemical weapons residue
    I’m a killer like John Wilkes in a booth, slugs thru POTUS’ bulletproof
    Wes Unseld size bullets pierce Paul’s flesh till he admits I’m the truth
    Igor rhymes, Salma Hayek said I was a monster like Harvey Weinstein
    Pupils of Lon Chaney, Matthew McConaughey said I was a wild turkey
    Existence been lived ruthlessly like Bonnie & Clyde two-year crime spree
    Psyche is inspired by rage, pen bleeds when I stab my rhyme book page
    I heave grammar grenades, renegade tirades annihilate like sunrise raids
    Abominable attitude will always be as nasty as Caitlyn Jenner in the nude

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    I got a question serious as a cancer
    Somebody better answer
    Who mess with this ripper
    Slash spit kick flow rip
    slice thru ya bone and tendon
    Verbally kinetic telepathic predictions
    Kick the non fiction fiction
    Keep friction going
    I’m all news worthy
    While you trolls be yelling
    Spout fake news make cues
    Make you lose defuse
    I’m a muse to any accused
    Fools errand
    Get you baron corbin
    Or get you joe buddened
    Don’t even know my referrals
    I’m sick in world, sick of the world
    The world is mine y’all Best back up
    Like a Mack truck you know what’s sup

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    Simmer the winner with a flame lion rip the frame abundant pain murder rituals in rain
    Stunning as diamonds narrow walk for body findings already marked strong as lebron
    Blocks the bomb drops explosions calm cops got the blade what opps want a chop
    I'm hostile you better hop like rabbits and hares throw u down stairs for stares
    A remedies rare never again come round here
    Hit em severe like tip of spear or mauled by bear I've been in here horrendous tear blood floods the ducts cut flesh in the sun in the fridge cold cuts masked like a Bruin's game and I don't give a puck
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    S-H double the worlds in trouble
    Sorry to burst your bubble
    Straight spit verse in the royal rumble
    Leaving most emcees humble
    Don’t bumble at the bees
    I ran marathons with ease
    Breeze in the leaves
    Mirage when I cream ate delivers
    With off kilter rhymes schemes
    Dream lean off the rocks
    Hitchcock flow flicks of birds
    Misnomer cold shoulders
    Given like boulders
    Shape and mold ya
    Rebuild and scold ya
    Get to know ya
    I’m verbally vicious
    Telekinesis to your thesis
    Reach this possible features
    Broadcast you leeches
    Movie buff in the bleachers
    Kick no doubt in the clouds
    Research bars ya proud
    I battle the stars
    I battle your bars
    Feeling cats like loaded lux
    Eat emcees like rubbish
    Your just dessert
    Beef it’s what’s for dinner
    So meet cha winner
    New lord and savior
    The Chaotica has arrived

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    XFL outlaw like cat from Western Kentucky, He Hate Me
    Michael wolf fangs when beastly mentality brings fire & fury
    Larry Nassar predator how I abuse youngest of competitors
    Flavor Flav will know the time after I clock him like a stranger
    Been doing the upheaval since Reggie treaded muddy waters
    Whole life is under oath that’s why I never lie, Malachai eyes
    Child of the corn cannot be reformed, born scorned to forlorn
    Deformed disposition warped convictions, polluted perceptions
    I’ll curse earth with an unrehearsed verse, integrity is perverse
    Not William but I too hung juries before verdict, reduced digits
    That’s a metaphor for your days are numbered, time plundered
    I rupture molecular structures, souls from figures will departure
    Final destination annihilation, intestines jut after anal excretions
    Frank Vincent good fellas drown in deep viscous pools of plasma
    Frankie Carbone gangsters are kept on ice like Manson’s cadaver
    No matter their race or creed I do foes like Ivan Drago did Apollo

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    No matter their race or creed I do foes like Ivan Drago did Apollo[/QUOTE]

    Inhumane God flow Gatling and my goggles
    Snipe the mic pronto cooling with a bad bitch from Congo I was dreaming she was creaming
    Then I awoke looked in the mirror and saw a face of a demon too terrified to start screaming heart beating heavy like I was obiest
    Sweat pouring down my forehead to my cheeks
    He came through trying to grab the God so I had to play for keeps grabbed the heat busted a shot through his back and all he did was laugh
    I'm running fast he grabbed me by my neck let go and I was slashed enough blood loss to fill a bath told me to bow before shaitan and I could have all the woman and the cash I laughed and gave em the bird he hit me in the left leg could've sworn he hit a nerve the pain absurd
    Thinking I'm in a state of shock dying
    Not crying but calling on Zion pressure burning like an iron thinking I'll reach orion Im nearly gone tired of fighting trying to hold on till I felt a slap woke up to my lady asking me if I'm OK massaging my back

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    Default Method Man's new stepdad

    I saw Method Man's mom in the streets alone
    She said 'Hey there Toast, wanna take me home?'
    I only met this bitch, but i'll probs shag her in a week or two
    She was like 'I don't like Pokemon, but i wanna have a Peek-at-you'
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    Heinous heathen beastin’ on competition like Zion Williamson
    Modern-day Freddy Krueger like Trump for how I kill dreamers
    Rave club butcheries of Blade trilogies, limbs severed in flurries
    Tom Petty mixed drug toxicity, enemies rather OD than face me
    Brave nemeses couldn’t hang even with the help of Mark Salling
    I cut Satan’s horns to put’em on the head like Norseman Vikings
    Sitting Bull verses slaughter like beset Comanches did pale faces
    Christian Bale hostiles, Yellow Hawk ill but always ready to jostle
    Medusa wild eyed, huge throngs are mortified of my savage side
    Once I lose control of my bestial nature lifespans hold no futures
    Unspeakable tortures of blood vessels distended before ruptured
    Homicides in titanic multitudes, abs flayed till intestines protrude
    Sick depravity, chests peeled till lungs extract thru exposed cavities
    Guts spill out thru neck wounds, scalded bowels sadistically strewn
    Skeleton shards used to lacerate rib cages apart till they snap open
    Inner city streets littered with defunct bodies like cartel cemeteries

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    Write in my Nikes
    Shit is touched by hyphy movement
    Topped of the flash
    Put thru the past, present and future
    I don’t recline back furniture
    I sit in chairs bare fruit
    In the booth exceeds proof
    I’m 20% proof
    Toxi off the Bacardi lemon
    Do it in diamonds
    Platinum off the army jacket lining
    Drop my mega man hoodie
    Parties off the web
    Rip mics pen and pad
    Compute flows on notepad
    Delete delete rinse repeat
    Revamp your OS
    Redo your migrant status
    Got flows on the bridge like windows
    Seen better days
    Off then solar rays

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    Coasted my mind post note it
    Rewrote it in flames I’ll toast to it
    Roast the closest expose e’m when I’m focused
    I don’t need pole’s in position to spit wisdom
    Account dollar amounts in amenities
    Drop the phase laser blade
    Been titan taking down jobba’s
    I don’t live in huts under the hutt cartel
    Chef the left rep the next to rep
    I’m from the cuse
    Or should I say we’re constantly under surveillance everyday
    That’s my reality making it totality
    Formed up shapes taken out ice to lakes
    Faded by the chronic I’m bionic
    By how I rock with it
    Unplugged with instrumentals
    making mentals crack like dentals
    its all about the principle
    to a fool there’s gold
    to a king there’s oil
    to man there mucho dinero

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    Crazed out my days fix ya fade
    Let my fade grow to a flow
    Had to let water get wet
    Chess piece two dwarf stars spit bars making metal outta mentals
    Had to head to “the forge” constructing lightsabers
    Flash the hammer like thor
    Got the sword of power
    Cut cha down like death mountain
    Blow up more lands than volcanoes
    Taking you down Daniel Son style
    Swing for the fences end cha sentences
    Come relentless where the apprentice’s deal
    with the rule of two inferences
    princes cipher life ire’s by how pyres mind sliding down avalanches
    disastrous fold cha legs up like a mantis
    I don’t dance to this
    I’m Beasting when I’m feasting on your bones
    Carving up beats like a vampire
    A king in spire, an immortal emperor before I retire
    Kneel before the dragon zakul

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