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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty blade runner
    Moral fiber tainted like blood of Ebola survivors
    Ike Turner impersonator with overheated burner
    Life of Hezbollah, raged bull violence like LaMotta
    Mental maniac has snapped, vast lone wolf attacks
    Lyrical rebel fatal as radicals in Home Depot rentals
    Psychological manacles shackled cerebral ventricles
    Verbal tweaker dope as Demi Lovato’s drug dealers
    Jermaine Dupri said these wack cats rap like strippers
    Love & hip-hop like Mimi Faust on hard rod in shower
    Monistat emcees with innocuous authenticity of R&B
    We’re not of the same cloth, I’m of a homicidal fabric
    I’ll sink your warship like maiden voyage of the Titanic
    Sawed off will slice upper/lower bony structure of jaw
    Mandible off clean, wet dreams when plasma streams
    I’ll make all contenders plead fifth like Trump’s tax team

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    No hoax just pokes from the butterfly
    Gutter Guy gutting rappers and trappers my heat humidifies
    On the right moving the knife
    Into flesh until he rests
    Distressed the iron left em pressed
    Tendorized and cooked
    Left before I got booked
    Shank fights in the chow hall
    Dirty design raw outcast an outlaw
    Southpaw working jabs hurt em bad
    Attack like alpha wolves hunting prey
    God blessed rap Artist slam finesse
    Vest cover chest ride with respect
    For less many settle drugs flood ghetto's snatched a Rollie rolling devil

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    Flamed metal of Gilroy Garlic Festival
    AK-47-style rifle stifles instinct of survival
    Homicidal maniacal in gear that’s tactical
    Lyrical warfare where carnage is inevitable
    Son of anarchy, correctional facility mentality
    Heavy artillery of mercenary in Babylon A.D
    Desert eagles with Hitchcock bird’s eye view
    Slugs spew, attacks launched of rocket crews
    Intended targets hit hard, blows of prison yards
    Adversaries get dropped like Future’s bodyguard
    Without sucker punches, Tyson combos in bunches
    Charles Manson baleful how I viciously contemplate
    Ruthless slaughter like this was home of Sharon Tate
    Whole crowds wrapped in plastic deceased shrouds
    Nemesis be puzzled when I turn’em to jigsaw pieces
    Rap’s father time how I chalked your demised outline

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    Hammered Banner in Georgia pieces still there
    Thesis kill here like wolves kill hates lares we steak in front
    Windows tinted masked men entered with hollows for points
    First Rob then blow the joint
    Heads we anoint bloody
    Ravishing minus Rick wigs split
    On some rapid fire shit
    Migos killers fire fury wit confidence since a buck I threw shots at precincts even recent
    Rappers lives decreasing rates high blood pressure low too many chemicals and chemtrails
    Turtles close you'll see shells

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    Became Josey Wales outlaw after I inhaled chemtrails
    Psyche just can’t get right so they locked it up for Life
    Carved Chucky with OJ’s knife, his bride is now my wife
    Heart of stone like ancient Greek monuments, ill intent
    I’m from beneath underworld tides where devils hide
    Dr. Jekyll’s twisted side Edward Hyde, cyanide certified
    Graphic genocides, hog-tied with hateful eyes paralyzed
    Vile optics of demon exhibits, irrational logic of lunatics
    A machine gun like Glocks with a Chinese conversion kit
    Ribald relic, arsenic orifice liquid toxic with Avian flu spit
    Mimicked schizophrenic, terrorist tactics to planet's orbit
    Deadly as bombs in Israeli embassy, lyrically sadistically
    Michael Myers verses too malicious for even Dr. Loomis
    Elected paths of desolation with despair, poetic warfare
    Barbaric barricades, carnage cascade at police blockades
    Lethal pinnacle due to despicable presence of ethereal evil

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    Mentality non menace I raise Cain
    Blow brain in vain it's like shitting yourself caught in the cold rain
    No brainer rappers get clipped by the lips then hung by they gold chains start the chain of events as I vent victims repent as I ride windows in tint pressure applied
    Respect when I slide or catch one in your hide hideous rappers slackers crumble like crackers
    A mass amount of them don't own Masters and get blown faster than perverted actors laughter after the conflict you cons gone with one hit
    Your pretty bitches lips hugging my dick know you want to put out a hit
    Hire a shooter to fill me with a full clip
    The fan in the window only thing I'm cool with my ex chic blowing my jack
    Like when I moving packs back in 2006
    Special delivery shit tons of black pepper sprinkled in the whip I sink ships like loose lips and raise the murder rate like ten trigger happy crips
    Tips I never leave your make believe like Ali Baba and the forty thieves
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    I’m Abel to kill like Cain cause I’m menace to society
    O-Dog hostility mentality, antipathy of penitentiaries
    Anthony Curtis in need of dead presidents like Kirby
    Jose pyromaniac after he was drafted in the US Army
    My wifey had an affair with Cutty while I was on duty
    I’m Bill Bixby angry, turnin’ hulk green but not with envy
    Vile atrocities how I keep enemies heads as war trophies
    Agent Orange casualty when I can’t Skip a heroin remedy
    Arteries with lethal dosage administered, Cowboy sinister
    Religiously deadly staff sergeant turned devoted minister
    Cadre revolutionary of Nat Turner, proficient with burner
    Antonym of a saint because wickedness can’t be restraint
    Dire weaponry armed with face disguised by anemic paint
    In Vincent Vega haircut ready to ambush an armored truck
    Emcees remind me of Cleon because they’re quick to freeze
    Samson’s future wife Delilah wouldn’t be able to save their lives

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    Leave my foes discombobulated and pussy holes ovulated which means theyre prolly pregnant
    Grew up on the streets of las vegas where bullshit wasnt tolerated
    Still the one line king while u a one night fling
    Gimme one mic and a drug pipe and ill put sentences togetha betta then a harvard alumni
    Make this shit personal like im writing correspondence
    Put wires in ya mouth like a trip to the orthodontist
    To be honest i like a bitch that uses her hotness to be abnoxious im so sick im chronically nauseous
    Constantly catchin charges guilty or no contest innocent aint a fuckin option
    A gunfight is what my words are similar to
    Ill leave ya toungue tied untill ya body turns blue
    Im in the zone automatically
    Acutally they named autozone after me
    Jesus christ this is blasphemy
    Needle point filled with atrophy
    Stabbin me erratically
    What are ya gettin lippy for?
    What car do i wanna invest in? I was thinking porsche
    So i can sex twin gypsy whores
    Sissys get whippings galore no flinching or yall get sixty more
    Pass the mic like a fucking frisbee sport
    My skills punish, you untill ya grills rubbish, make ya cry like peeled onions More electrifying. Then a eels touch is, got a girl thats real luscious Eat these rappers for real like sealed lunches More bad ass than a navy seals gun is
    More fly then everybody that wields luggage
    Im the beer clutchin career crushin fear nothin fierce one with...sheers cuttin blood spills gushin no need to worry bout the wounds cuz u wont heal from it

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    Coroner first aid after I swing guillotine blades
    That are ten times the size of Discraft Frisbees
    I shred emcees like Brandy did Hollywood hippies
    They couldn’t hang with help from Jeffrey Epstein
    Labeled drug fiend cause I’m dope to bloodstream
    Wet dream of tsunami waves of injected morphine
    My brand be Jordan like Zion’s lucrative shoe deals
    I aim to kill when I have 100 shooters like Meek Mill
    I’m behind bars too deadly for Riker’s prison guards
    I’m a moreno like Paco, bad boy of maniac in Waco
    Bushwick Bill flashbacks of crooked officer in ghetto
    Mexican invasion has Trump administration shaken
    Not Johnny but I live dangerously like migrant facilities
    Islamic state martyrs in cockpits, brain patterns sadistic
    Tuberculosis illnesses, carcinomatous visions cancerous
    Horrid memories that’s why I describe deeds graphically

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    Cats try to be rappers when they’re Jo Jo dancers
    I told Richard prior that they’re Paul Mooney emcees
    Comedians with ingrained homosexuality tendencies
    LGBT blackmail how they run their lips like faggots in jail
    Friends of Dorothy on Brokeback Mountain anal trails
    Knob jockey mentality shook as Havoc without Prodigy
    Lois Lane emcees been had the cape fear of Nick Nolte
    I’m Cady vindictively, all are related to Bowden family
    I enjoy to see blood that’s why I unplug these pussies
    They’ll bleed constantly instead of a few days monthly
    I kill vaginas, turn this into gay genocide like Chechnya
    I’m ready to blow like DeMarcus Cousins recorded audio
    I’ll put Wes Unseld size bullets to many masses of heads
    Skull wounds’ dimensions of bobsleds, wigs torn to shreds
    Breastbone in your chest will protrude out your tactical vest
    Conditions extremely critical after I liberate the heavy metal

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    Like sh was the bomb like it was like what what t it has left it's gone what what is me w t ups gone what space is like snap it's like oh what like if it was already finished it's like she came to life and took off left she left though she was there every finished work she was gone like yes she had she had busted how I am was am was I I was um left behind after a long time holding I gave up I let go all up there dirt in my jeans and shirt I had to get up my hat taken off but it was hot a little bit of water would be good I think I would of made a note would she take it or throw it away what was it about me all my things I would of kept I would did do do i have it how it feels to be taken away in in any with the wind after I tell her to just let go leave me I continue and come to my desk I think no one has found out what should I do do i have yes a bunch but what about one how it feels like when you don't speak yes of course I am not the most perfect all to think of like yes I know she it's like she has upgraded and gone up another level while I stay here who is the one that comes back and enters oh my no I i must be trippin am i so like am i so so drunk like I see cups glasses I feel the evening I see lights hear sounds to it having to be me that plain piece of paper all messed up what to do do i control what it has there no all I can do is speak speak a sound even that pencil will help me who and how I I hope they can last how will you see it will you see the outside do you see inside lighting going off at times or on waking up I think the same feeling around the heart area is lifting me up from the back to the front it's waking me up it's really just in the middle heart hard as yes how it is it is pretty extremely difficult I know she does not want to its like your happy you are not a stud it's like man I should not just yes we have to go through this feel feeling fools be singing I to how to flip this page I would yes I would start with the hair then face something that doesn't happens a lot how it looks when it starts everything that comes out im not nobody to some it might be simple or very so much hard harder like how no like if that that fool yes how how is is it is he that I can I believe how did like how has can is he old or older the old back back then hey but what no yes he he can come just right now today hey like do do you like how it did he he is a is he a crazy person everything that used to come out I have I have seen his his old stuff do you remember this fool his like how was is I think his his form or manner like what oh yes I have like can he come home come back how like this is his what how will you say like so oh he s still around I think I might yes he is so like no it it's there how do I see everything yes how night looks in twilight not the movie when the sun is bouncing he is leaving but the moon comes back she is chillin I see I can see stars them lights it's like yes a few years after that fool had a color mood paper it used to be alright but I stay don't hey please come come back hey but like where did you go oh I have been yes how it was when you chill what this this how they no like I I hope they don't or they they find found do they just how they follow me where to go hey no no more this fool just how can like no I would jump over I think I would score in the end zone then get up everything ok like what how who everything I must feel what what to say speak or better just be here at this what how would I oh yes I have I have to hear I would have i have heard this fool like I do need for this fool to come just here how we listen to this ih stuff hey yes like who who is this I no like I think I have tripped oh I I have yes I have seen this all old this old stuff who like do I will i be all alright with conditioning no like oh yes your hair is nice it is so how it looks smooth where how yes no there is no championship now today but yes that one was it was how it felt yes it is it was like a fast rollercoaster that goes up then down yes how we fall but no I have not fallen hey how would you like hey but where where do we go what what is your I think it sounds alright what is your (....) yes to start off where where do you want to go yes I have to be here but no like do you like (......) I think I must need to put In c d s how they sound scratched but how they still play or not some songs but some sometimes do like would you (....) yes sometimes I have to let them play cool volume or all alone hey can (...) yes I just need to just be here calm by myself and just bump what would you man this this is very so it is (.....) it has happened how we go through how we how we all just how it feels how I hold my balance I must hold on how the flower would not mean nothing it's like I felt but then it went away it was gone how it returns and leaves is that what we all go through ? It has it is gone saying goodbye what the tequila bottle is notes I'm losing it to drink when you tell me and let me know yes when sh knows and is with that person how everybody knows a heavy book I'm about to get beat up with punches of paper when we find they don't beat me up on my own I can barely stand how the inside feels I think I would be programmed to wake up the first minute you know

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    Consciousness has entered depths of darkness
    Manson madness is loose like gun laws in Texas
    Spit verses as sick as loogies from Judge Mathis
    Global annihilation of Amazon rainforest blazes
    DNA as treacherous as LA's Mulholland Highway
    Road risky, gave Kevin Hart a serious back injury
    He must be in recovery room after major surgery
    Savagery legendary like a Maori, cruelty infinitely
    Edge of insanity punctures veins like phlebotomy
    Abdominal incisions in sections of dire caesarians
    Infinite evacuations before I descend like Dorian
    Category 5 Hurricane on interactive storm tracker
    Russian hacker, not election but body of a rapper
    Samurai sword combat how I gore digestive tracts
    John Wayne Gacy meticulously planned butcheries
    Dissect human anatomies like Tyler Skaggs’ autopsy

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    Insane as Trump make em duck like Donald show your worthlessness
    Died on the plane like Marciano I put out lakes of fire when I piss
    Wrist shining like vasoline on chapped lips slap a noisy bitch
    Vagina smelling like fish stunk so bad I had to vomit in the ditch
    Bitch you owe me a meal I'll give you free tuna and let you see how my ass feels
    Hoe fall back and cover your ass crack or else get killed
    She didn't listen trying to grab my dick so I threw a brick
    Her forehead started bleeding she screaming will you be the daddy of my kids
    Fuck no I'd rather beat my shit then fuck you the bitch pulled out a gun screaming fuck you
    Put it to my head and said know your going to eat this pussy
    I wouldn't do it so she pistol whipped me I swung on the bitch like I was Ken Griffey grabbed the gun it went pop pop like Jiffy
    She laughed as shots hit her chest they bounced off quick she nigga I'm the only bitch you know with bulletproof tits

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    Where where to go have you been drawn like am i real life animated you like I have to look to depart there everywhere but do we have circles that can hold our weight here or over there will i be here for long how will i turn into that person that appears somewhere else but we don't see we can't see would you see back then or now did I have a gang of quarters when they re all done do we step and walk out the invisible counts what is it we don't know but we do look feel I got to go to a gang of places is it like a full boost swimming is it smooth yes like how I have to get out how about a jump a long ass jump what days pass nights has it been sunset and fall like do we just become extremely interested like do we just stay forever what do we really do we just i think I can dive and go over a mountain and roll to get up these these fools are pros yes how what is it what is it like I think we will be like that whenever however they re they re around yes to look feel we no not me you we we are that all of you like I I think some might like or not but you still have a nice amount of change how you all look I think I have missed my flight how we just go how extremely hard it really is how we really are how we really look will it ever happen

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    Space star trilogy salute to stars, moon, and sun
    Mercury inserted me nation defender on the run
    Brought forth a sport motion deadly potion
    Brigade of beasts deceased by general warlord's pulling cords
    Whipping Ford's only wolves focus on the gourge
    Nature take it's course the gun man stunt man
    Iranian crack cranium in the Pittsburgh stadium
    Aiming pro darkness enhance my flow chant then blow
    Bloomberg money bloodthirsty blood's shoot at tummies
    Tonight it's fire for the choir noses stay runny
    Cuffs on wrists some slit suicidal dummies
    Want me sniped wiped out for money
    On my Meathead vagina's get beat red
    Feds put a high price clone tracking device
    Miami Vice blasted lives wasted at stoplight
    Pop life with black nine cousin Devine
    Forts held hostage raging raiderlines
    Black-hearted and cold get back mine
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