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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    I scrutinize screw dimes and soothe minds
    Sicker than Kim Jong it's war game time
    Life's on lines soon flat hospital bed is where you died eyes rolled back mass murder record broken 58 dead it's Loco vocal absorbed rays sonic sun bathed
    lungs collapsed from gun play menace is me drop a degree desert eagle lyrics give yours disabilities cap peeling spree makes gees memories

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    Heartless to mankind spread bizarre lines buzz raw like bees flying lion of the pack
    Move alone pay me back like student loans
    Mantra s known like Donnie yen hit the chin
    Once again chances to triumph are tragically slim your little like Kim pussy unable to get it in the hole flush that booty flow fight style Kemp mastered so simple
    Shot in your dimples left u in a state of limbo

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    Word to fam
    Fan the flames
    Put names on chests and in the skies
    Nights and days get played
    Games get loss and some get won
    Some shine
    Put it back to the grind
    Timing is everything
    Back to the mine
    Back against the walls
    Back to the grind
    Put in the work
    Paid dues
    You know the rules
    Get schooled
    Fix the food on that table
    Quit being picky
    I’m sickly comforting on the floor
    Ripping it up raw
    Hitting the floor
    People nowadays age in meth years
    While I sit home and drink some beer
    Spit flames making flames
    Off the pain off the name
    Sold never my soul
    Digging for gold
    The real broke mold
    Shake and fold
    Get those goals
    Shipped and sold
    Kicks a flow
    Whether I’m rich or I’m poor
    Saw the blood guts and glory
    Pour out liquor on the floor
    Seen my share no stocks no bonds
    Penny pinch pawn shit to earn a buck
    Had to rent a Dell Alienware made aware
    Westinghouse Sony RCA Panasonic
    Chess piece teaching feed features
    Read in pain and torture
    About face lace the place
    Made my case
    Take my place
    I don’t got enough
    Nothing lasts forever
    Ya know

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    Me & RZA playin' Tennis with the GZA
    until along came RAE who cut the net with his scissors
    Then Method Man wanted to get a cheese burger from McDonalds
    but he only wanted the beef and not the bun
    thats why i always wanted to high five RZA's mum
    and a volcano with wheels rolled by
    and cuddly elephant Warcloud put his head into a bee's hive
    Inspectah Deck was was quite sleep-sleep and wanted to get some ZzZ's
    U-god was upset because he fell and bumped his knee
    Masta Killer was also quite upset
    but then he saw a big big bear with a really small neck
    Meth's shopping bags were far too heavy to carry
    so he flipped out his wallet and bought a sixty-thousand-pound Ferarri
    he started to smile then Warcloud bust a rhyme with his Purple-Monkey-Dishwasher style
    Then ten great easter eggs put lemons in the wagon wheel

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    Eskimos perspire after I drop fierce heat of California wildfires
    Doc Gooden flamethrower, vocation is metal furnace operator
    Molotov cocktail cobra strikes as combustible as refinery pipes
    Lungs exhale dangerous verses like winds to deadly arcs of blazes
    Hot embers’ meteor showers, anger turns mercy into gunpowder
    The day’s stale air filled with smoky haze, terrain buried by decay
    Flames burn uncontained, meteorologists blame it on lack of rain
    Solar flares consume large swaths of country like nuclear warfare
    Crumbled infrastructures forsake homes, only thing left is ash/bone
    Mother Earth tormented, measure of destruction is unprecedented
    Bomb site blight, where death toll reaches historically grim heights
    MRI images reveal unseen obliteration, Dante’s inferno illustrations
    Cadaver dogs explore broiled wreckage, only thing found is carnage
    Catastrophic environments, cauterized remnants in burial garments
    Lifeless pulses swathe everything within a 10,000 square-mile radius
    Ravenous hands caused anarchistic mayhem of front-line wastelands

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    yeezus get off the van-glorious penis
    before i squeeze and bust
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    Vainglorious verses, Tyson animal without the massive purses
    I’ll squeeze and bust like Dr. Dennis A. Johnson in Nasty Nurses
    Verbal John Holmes porn legend bathin’ in the blood of virgins
    Lyrical reprisals as nasty as cervical fluid during menstrual cycles
    Articulated sharp darts the size of great white sharks birth marks
    Incendiary munitions diction, dialect grievous beyond description
    Perilous times impudent rhymes as perverse as Harvey Weinstein
    Assaults never sexually only physically, swore loyalty to savagery
    Inept rivals will take infinite headshots like they were face models
    John Carlos clenched fist indents facial features like brass knuckles
    Moses manmade manacles will dislocate Gordon Hayward’s ankle
    Limbs padlocked, legs in air boots like NASA spaceflight astronauts
    Adversaries in groups get maimed like transgender troops in Beirut
    Lacerated lesions from skulls to pubic region, Unit 731 vivisections
    Incisions as grisly as postmortem photos of Nicole Brown Simpson
    Macabre instincts to slay, I was born thirsty for plasma juice like OJ

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    Two words off duty no calls my phones off
    Official boss doors opened and traffic stops at green lights when I walk across
    Nas knows I carried the cross bitches on my balls like golf keep em coming I drop loads
    Pop nines open minds like brain surgery
    Them no worry me my shooter stays close
    Lyrically slang dope my Klan hang foes

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    Vicious vituperation, infliction of tension till I see friction
    Double-barreled pipes, slugs sparks ignite nocturnal nights
    Fire blade of Ghost Rider, Terry Nichols with fuse & lighter
    Militant fighter with deadly aim of Osama Bin Laden sniper
    Shells over Broadway, gun play as rare as Neanderthal DNA
    AR-15 spray to become foes undertaker like Mark Calaway
    Brain waves shaved, open graves the size of colossal caves
    Graphic photogenic, SARS epidemic too sick for EMT medics
    Horizon silhouettes exterminated like NY’s skyline after 9/11
    Firestorm fragrances, water-borne diseases health hazardous
    Diabolical display of doomsday, sinful wicked ways portrayed
    Misdeeds galore, character as murderous as city of Baltimore
    Penitentiary integrity, apathetic mentality devoid of empathy
    Subliminal subconscious, vicious impulses with no condolences
    Furious stances, wild savage like Bobby Portis in Bulls’ practices
    Beyond depiction carnage of rogue police body-camera footage

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    Step into the party itís me Sheep Lord
    Got that chaos
    Pop minds like pimple
    Eat through your mac n cheese
    Peace feast reach lames get inched outta the square circle
    Plot watch cha back through the trap
    Shake fade fakes Lakers drop flames
    Had to Kobe it to death
    Know Iím a Jordan fan
    Off the lane had to Rodman it
    So when I poke through the view
    Knew the screws in my dome
    Was loose
    Off the clones get her giving me dome
    Probate norman bates
    Iron out wakes
    Shades come down
    Know Iím an imperial sniper
    Type writer fire fight
    Line up 8 emcees in a line
    Watch 7 of them get eaten
    Tough titty get beaten
    Roast ya like a pig get eaten
    Chaotically get ripped apart
    Call me a black hole
    Because it all goes thru me
    TECHWON aka Sheep Lord
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    get laced from the base god
    aced from the base god
    got swords in the vase
    from a lord of chaos
    see that I display odds
    defy the laws of gravity

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    While Sheepish eats mac & cheese I dine on cats like the Chinese
    Jeffrey Dahmer one’s physique, bite thru meat of internal oblique
    Body armored opposition is eviscerated by the razor-sharp vision
    Insanely demented disposition been off hinges like Tyrese Gibson
    Cruelties arouse psyche after I indiscriminately target adversaries
    I bought a bump stock solely to unleash fury like Stephen Paddock
    Decontrolled slugs size of Manute Bol, abrasions size of manholes
    I have short temper of DeMarcus’ cousins, rebellion of Dirty Dozen
    Dementia diagnosis augments humanitarian crisis, ruinous stances
    Super-max prison yards battle scarred, chaos like after fall of Sinjar
    High FPS speed shock ripples reverberations, random assassinations
    Burmese python when trigger squeezed, spiteful pirate on high seas
    Tsunami waves of slaughter, blood ocean from passengers’ jugulars
    Atrocious spectacles of botched executions, rushed lethal injections
    Inert vital signs, contorted spines seated in suicide car assembly lines
    Cold-hearted crimes of genocide, infinite number of fatalities verified

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    Chron don it or should I say chronic
    My mind is beyond it
    Put it on everything
    Place ya hands on it
    Fam or pharma
    My flow be controller holder
    Money folder
    The eye of the beholder
    Know Iím cold rather be frozen
    Jack frost
    Classic darts causing you fungus and frost
    Come off the condensation
    Made it in mind
    wind shield wipes swipe at night
    Got it turning into something
    Menstruation vs penetration
    Know how the next 9 gonna go
    Gotta grow
    Gotta get mine in four
    Flips flows raw
    Hit the beat hard
    Flips fixers
    Give you the peg
    Out cha keg
    My brewskiís be punched back with cans in the jack
    Posted on forums in the past
    Had to keep it popping
    Like passes for the masses
    Iím a dirty bastard
    Canít match this type of chaos
    When I display the odds
    Put cha cards on the table
    Play you out like kane did able
    Its all a fable, like cable companies

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    Another day dazed it's a craze puffing chronic writing chronicles mix the kush and loud like chemicals fuck azelia I'm taking bank from hoes no match like a red tailed hawk versus a crow fuck all your screaming enticing demons enter body's noones on guard
    Terrorists give em terrible headshots in the yard older god no gza where I rests is no chiraq but still a lot of murders,burners and crack cliqued up ghetto alpha male leading the pack members gunned down before 21
    Twelve raping minors ought to be hung biggest artists slaughtered in front of their daughters Mantra memories mislead in battle
    No courtesy shown biggest gun blow out your tone a lot of smoke where I'm known you face defeat like cave did last season it's like burning alive illustrious stride in my glide I know cats robbing for six figures crash dummy niggas
    No finessing these shells you'll die young like pappy trying to slap me
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    The reaper took the gate from the keeper guard neck snapped on the beat he's an eternal sleeper on the graveyard digging holes hard drop the casket in no charge emcee's are so fraud fraudulent to the odds
    It's raw as manure discharge hold a gun like an applause I'm all additude like bitches on menopause saws you can see blinded by reality my doggs pound like snoop shoot troops fanatically fight acrobatically hoes suck me off passionately til I bust off dramatically

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