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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    Bill Munny pig farmer turned bounty hunter
    I bring undertaker like Paul Bearer, London Bridge terror
    Phantom rhymers, I’ll sniper their ghostwriters
    Prolific penmanship, automatic shoots up like addicts
    I spit hollow tips with no need for firearm permits
    Banana clip epidemic, plasma drips after slugs rip
    I’ll shatter bulletproof windows like Elon Musk’s demo
    I murdered Dr. Dre beats just to be on death row
    Expiry penalty after I painted ghastly pictures for jury
    Mentality deadly as Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theories
    Hood orthodontics when I put metal to mouths like braces
    Knuckles of brass break jaws like politicians do promises
    Frozen weapons when you get iced with Smith & Wesson
    Dr. Kevorkian stables, skeletals on coroner's tables
    After anatomies get separated like migrant families
    Nervous mental states shook like Albania’s earthquake

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    Function's malfunction when Mantra goes haywire
    They say I go crazy like horse's around fire
    Sire rather unique like a Jewish Crip when I flip foes take a kneel like Capernick
    Heartless like Alpo killing Rich Porter for brick's
    This is it giving you the news like Huey Lewis
    Her man is clueless kissing his bitch when she just blew us
    Ruthless as Eric you know I'm not Wright
    Sick in the head like the battle rapper Daylight
    Only difference I'm hitting ladies like Denzel in his prime
    Crunch time I'm breaking spines
    Never snacking on ribs no gangbanger but I'll smack the blood out of a Crip

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    Tongue of Gillette blades how I spit razors
    Sick HIV vernacular ruthless as Jerry Heller
    Eazy-E AIDS lyrically, there’s no hope for me
    Cali 3 strikes, prison locked for Life cause I can’t get right
    Ferocity of Mick Vick’s pits, helmet-to-helmet illegal hits
    Greg Olsen concussions, Ryan Anderson ejections
    Redrum cerebellum, conscience in grip of bedlam
    Conviction layers of insurrection, mayhem equation
    Hornets’ nests rage like Hong Kong’s civil unrest
    T.I. virginity tests, human rights smeared like pap tests
    Temper turbulent as East Coast holiday weather
    Larynx dracula massacres, bones turned granular
    Skeletal bloody spectacles, cartel sicario unethical
    Integrity heartless when conscience is thoughtless
    Maladies of leprosy colonies, incurable infirmities
    Edge of sanity mentality, Terry Glenn Jr. accidental ODs

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    Collosal to challenge the lost like Nemo and Waldo
    Foul flow two hot shots tore through torso's
    I endorse glow from infa red put em fast asleep like an infant fed
    Headshot he's instant dead I switch pace and out race the feds
    Dots red decorate the body let's dance with shotty shit on em like toddlers on the potty
    Warheads no morgue bodies it's a bored hobby besides spitting I hit hottie's
    With thick thighs her lips climb I split spines
    Back to writing exquisite lyrics that conjour up dead emcee spirit's
    Hear it locally or from a far I'm like Tyson in his prime you don't wanna box rhyme spark
    Head hits the ropes u screaming for Pope once the combo's combined
    Throw in towel time or catch a deadly beating like Apollo for not respecting my Creed
    Nose bleed from strike feed hammer the skull fracture free
    U ignore the plea for peace know that ass in hot grease
    Usually used for cooking I'm to rap what Big was to Brooklyn
    Unbelievable once his chain's snatched he wasn't looking
    I make it hot like crack cooking and fingering dimes
    Hindering minds the rap Krueger
    With claws to rip through u
    Nightmares become reality no matter nationality
    Graduated from sawing off limbs gradually

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    How I jump and land the cushions they move how they know what to do they shape my shape how I can go through and appear somewhere else it can be anywhere another bed it can take me close to a door I open this door and I'm in public I to leave this way I i must hello go somewhere these plants at one time how how they have outgrown me hello hi what's up how how do we chill long time alright I 'll see you later lates you move when that gust comes from somewhere from someplace I know don't be angry you you know how to dance where to go so cold I think the uphill would be rock roads I think something we can jump off too there would be springs too i think they re warm but it's too frigid right now quite a place yes I believe we must how we how we and how we just go we can see far ahead what do those lights and gales say one that drives and goes like railroad tracks that lead somewhere like them toys you you drive extraordinary it's like the steam is letting out but it still keeps on going and going do we have that grace so up we can see so many things how you be dropping stuff do they do they somehow make some by themselves off now I want to spread my arms like birds and just chill and glide and have a fast trip like when we are the ones not driving with no traffic a normal limit I 'll be there in a bit i truly believe I can lower my height I stay at a normal one dropped off I have no delivery packages for me I yes we must I do have I I was I was I was just I was just here how the warmth and how our covering of cold like them blankets with holes it's like my motorcycle I I have to go so way over there very distant it's like I got the wrong luggage I I have to return it I have I hope it's cool I hope to it's like when they rip your note all lost all up there they make sounds as you step on some or as when they appear the it's like what what was me now I can land and fall through how we apprehend will it ever happen a gamepiece that gets lost you you were more than something a bunch of thanks how when it spins do we fall I truly oversee you can see me from here no joke more I I must i have to go no I'm I'm just here it's like that letter that has to leave to go however it may be when we have an ache I hope it can vanish no longer here or there

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    Emcees vanish like Natalee Holloway in Aruba
    Death made official after divers lost their scuba
    UPS carjacked to make G. Dep special deliveries
    Mossberg double shots like Prodigy with Hennessy
    Faggots hold handguns but they’re the shook ones
    Richard Grieco public intoxication, killed prohibition
    Warm blood flows like illegal Chicago mob distilleries
    Gov. Phil Murphy will confirm fatalities of Jersey City
    Under duress I spit Godzilla red spiral atomic breath
    Rodan wingspan how I wreak havoc thru Earth’s lands
    Biscuit’s hot lead will turn your classic car into miracle whip
    I’m my brother’s keeper when I fire up the heater
    Menace to society when I kill like Caine was able
    Existence disabled, corpses lay on morgue tables
    Life liquidation, rapid deterioration of competition
    Kamikaze brigades deadly effects of full-blown AIDS

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    Elm Street nightmares emcee's jump off buildings we need multiple wheel chairs
    Eyes bloody off the Rodman weed hairs
    A menace like Dennis to Mr. Wilson
    Creep up then cut up the body your a skeleton chilling
    On the block kicking like bum socks
    My words dispute no C.L. Smooth
    But they'll reminisce over you
    Pop bottles at his funeral spit fire fumes in view
    It's ashame nobody had his back but the spine busting slug from the spade gat
    A war marine jungle killing machine
    Seldom seen shine like baldy Mr. Clean
    Beat a friend until he's clean no slapping
    Or capping one fist both eyes blackened
    Bloodthirsty like Jason in Manhattan

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    If Big Daddy Kane be half-steppin’ on my Jordans
    With no doubt I be Giancarlo Esposito buggin' out
    Because I can’t do the right thing like Danny Aiello
    Public enemy with hate of Radio Raheem towards Pino
    Jason Voorhees bloodthirsty, machete swung lyrically
    Sick diction when mental gets retarded like Janoris Jenkins
    LT giant, non-compliant like Phil’s triangle with Kobe Bryant
    Bloodshed yearned Goliath when with David I get stern
    Internal deadly head injuries, emergency brain surgeries
    I’ll rock Pete just to show CL Smooth rugged terrains
    Main ingredient is I get physical when I aim the flame
    Anatomies blackened like the skin of Michael Blackson
    Smoke billows from adversaries’ ashes, ruins in batches
    Violence in excess, Jeffrey Epstein medical distress
    Stripped bedsheets around necks, guards overslept
    Heads bow after hyoid bones broken like Tiger did vows

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    A disaster like Big L's murder on Lenox
    Nothing futile about my finish gimmicks diminished
    Leave mobsters timid noodles blown drip off the phone
    New Hamp- Shire vampire neck biters be gone
    It's robust Row's crushed body parts cold cuts
    No balls, no guts, stick ups, and hold ups
    Nose punched, left fist, danger zone
    Rambunctious Rambo with mad clips
    Massive thunder rounds, groundhogs underground
    Dogs die in reservoirs next to headless whores
    You bust the two I bust the four can't edit the score
    Demon from under the floor board
    Raised by the morgue morbid thoughts absorbed like water in the sponge
    No Bob gun in the square pants
    Blood everywhere like ants
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    Morbid thoughts of cadavers’ eyes bloodshot
    Panoramic views of Titanic flipped under lunar eclipse
    Lazarus vernacular rise like Skywalker, carnage author
    DACA dreamer turned Kamaru Usman jawbreaker
    Paul Bearer better not bring his undertaker
    I’ll prepare bodies for burials like funeral directors
    Scalpels disrupt mandibles like storms do holiday travel
    Slaughtered jugulars, dismembered skeletal armor
    Bought OJ’s black Isotoners on Ebay to become murderer
    Dion Waiters heat causes fractious insubordination
    Dennis Rodman suspensions, psychological prison
    Brute’s disposition rebuked, convulsed psyche shook
    Desert eagles give them anxiety of Brandon Brooks
    Willie Mays giant AK spray scans your anemic DNA
    QB shotgun pumps how I jack Tatum when I head hunt
    I’m quick to mock inferior emcees like NATO leaders did Trump

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    No compassion once opposition passed hung hits ordered in a orderly fashion
    U might blast guns if I survive your burning I'm rap sun
    Savage gladiators overthrowing Masters plantation
    Take slums subtract sums rock hands smash gums
    Blood gush in action you and your acts run before rampage come
    In the early morning I come storming
    It's your last warning or deadly complications
    Compelling situations for today's generation
    Hood's hot like generators blow the spot raider the web swinging saviour
    Greater than Alexander the emcee slammer for those recording turn off the fucking camera
    Before a massacre occurs as he serves death
    Those who seen it hold breaths in the game of death I'm the soul ref
    Who's flows vexed and perpetually complexed
    Calm necks with one snap guns clap chaps run laps to be hunted that's facts
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    Brash gats clap, iron size of Magnum jim hats
    Ogre disrobed, Marshawn Lynch beast mode
    Sullied soul in all black of impeachment dress codes
    Spiteful spawn of Pelosi here to trump a Don
    Temper of New Zealand volcano seismic activity
    Odious mentality of black Hebrew in Jersey Jewish grocery
    Raw sewage in arteries, Tyson Fury state of sanity
    Cerebrally challenged like James "Radio" Kennedy
    Womanlike opposition has masculine malfunctions
    Andy dick how quickly I sexually batter skirt emcees
    Obie Trice aggravated assault felonies, shady artillery
    Devil's Night how I pap smear pussies without vaginal wipes
    Lyrically I dismember enemies like Saudis did Khashoggi
    Shred your chains of illusions with my chainsaw weapons
    Send all your emaciated skeletons to funeral processions
    Self-immolation conflagration, decisive finality of cremation

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    Seriously the verbal Jet Li check the thriller killer trilogy
    You know my bio more green than pastures in Ohio
    Line's load rapidly fire through the wire expectations expired
    Tired of terrorizing the horizon by horizontally blasting iron
    Go off like pig sirens and newborn's crying
    Can't critique mystique the wetter the chest means bloodier sheets
    God body the beat conquer spots cats retreat
    And apply pressure to press buttons grand finale gangster
    Three stack's in the bank
    Gas in the tank hand on my shank

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    Spit literature that secures scores of hardcore memroirs
    Source a seashore of tidal waves where I crafted my craze
    Layed in sunlight soaked in the drinking and smoking lowdown loafing
    Like Bo I was boasting went to war with old friends
    Seemed my life was coming to a closing
    Like Hoffa when he got in the car
    A revelation revealed from a gun scar
    Subpar people doubted my route was then rerouted
    I pulled a cougar on a black scooter and subdued her
    In a bed of roses
    We still talk and enjoy Folgers
    Thrill never left the smell of her breath and body caress
    I moved on quick to back track my steps
    A mess never cleaned a week of dreams obscene
    Chasing the green verses on churches sockets short circuit

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    La Cosa Nostra how I snuffed Jimmy Hoffa
    Frank Sheeran Irishman when I’m mob tearin’
    Mafia murderer, sheep herder turned martyr
    Manic pyrotechnics igniter, spawn of snipers
    I’ll show Old Tony who’s the real professional
    Leon cleaner with construction janitorial utensils
    Martin Scorsese choreographed catastrophes
    Don Imus hateful verses, David Duke speeches
    Calamitous blazes, Australia wildfires’ ashes
    Fedor Emelianenko rampage at Bellator 237
    Facials breakin’, fistic thunder bolts deafenin’
    Sandler uncut gems splintered, jugulars slivered
    Terrelle prior stab wounds, full emergency rooms
    Organs flayed, rogue cops training day gat spray
    Ammo of Alonzo Harris in his black Monte Carlo
    Sick sixteen so now this thread will be quarantined

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