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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    Check it Deinococcus Iím radiodurans coming as extreme bacteria ,
    Gotta be one of the most radiation-resistant organisms known to man
    Iíve survived cold, dehydration, vacuum of space, and acid
    Therefore Iím known as a polyextremophile
    Got me listed as the world's toughest bacteria
    in the book of world records, check it
    Iím volatile like Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    Woke ya from slumber like Godzilla
    Donít try and stop me Iím glued like epoxy
    Yíall got anxiety attacks about how Iím do this rap
    Or bomb you like they did in Iraq
    I ran a mile take down you vile subordinates
    Iím developed in secret like the Manhattan project
    Super solider serum, Captain America
    Weapon X project, hulk buster armor
    Doctor Bruce Banner cold canvas
    You Niggaz talk shit then abandon ship
    Canít even come fully equipped to rip

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    Doctor Robert Bruce Banner mild-mannered
    But quick to anger like 9/11 martyrs in hangars
    Felon marvel like Norman’s Green Goblin villain
    Miami U convict, Kellen Winslow II guilty verdict
    Bushwick Bill mind of lunatic when it plays tricks
    Put hit on David Ortiz in the Dominican Republic
    Now that slugger knows who’s the real Big Papi
    It’s extremely ludacris how I disturb the peace
    Heavy-handed that’s why stout bars are obese
    Mexican warrior like Andy Ruiz, AJ got greased
    Emcees that step to me get torn like KD’s Achilles
    This mayhem will cause Tracy to crash his Bugatti
    Fu** vaginal walls Tray Barker I am the last O.G.
    Since ‘92 been a pain like Martin when I hustle man
    Rash hands quick to duke with wingspan of Elton Brand
    Zion at NBA draft noise, Xenomorph beast amongst boys

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    Trainin’ day ballin’ savagely at Pelican Bay
    With roguish jake LAPD animosity referees
    Alonzo knows King Kong ain’t got shit on me
    I’m El Chango like Cancio after his KO of Machado
    Another fierce battle between Mexico y Puerto Rico
    In the rematch to prove that first win was no fluke
    Since a child been a brute raised in guerrilla boots
    Portraits of my savageness painted on walls of caves
    I maul like Django unchained dogs do runaway slaves
    Vast malice when I bring peace of Metta at the palace
    Fiery emotions of Gupta’s white house self-immolation
    I bring global warmin’ cause world’s so cold it’s freezin’
    I’m king of all monsters, Godzilla fiendish fire-breather
    Martyrs’ Macs ready for banquet of hungry hyena packs
    A beast at the plate like Tony Gwynn, Grim Reaper grins
    Search-and-destroy of N. Korea when it executed nuclear envoy

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    nuclear envoy, scud missiles deploy at you and your boys
    tryna erase you off the map, replace you with my stamp
    get side cramps the way i run the track, make fun of that
    im lightning when it strikes, they flee from where the thunders at
    no fighting with a dyke, steal her girlfriend like a bike
    i used to eat mike and ikes and ride on a trike, PSYCHE.
    a typical rapper im not alike, mind stuck on fight or flight
    im bout to buy a new mic, slice up cuts like it was a new knife

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    No need for Shrap’s knife to be like OJ on 30 for 30
    With Jason Voorhees’s machete I’ll stab these pussies
    Vile acts, holes to grills so they look like hockey masks
    Wolverine claw marks to mascaras like Leslie to Bow Wow
    My Mexican man mayo will turn these hoes into fish fillet-o
    Deep throat sewn stitches for all these Frank Lucas snitches
    Drug dealers turned squealers, bald beavers in wife beaters
    I’ve got the trigger finger of a stranger in High Plains Drifter
    Convert street soldiers into purple-heart medal receivers
    With Gamera size shells any beef will get quickly settled
    Your Adidas apparel be cauterized by heat out the barrel
    Buckshot strikes will separate thoughts from your psyche
    Aerial harpoon hours before manifestation of the moon
    There was way more than one so there’s multiple wounds
    Cadavers left in horizontal angles, vivacity turned funerals
    Orgasmic ecstasy when I pen eulogies of my sworn enemies

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    Cats think they’re Cujo with mouth foamin’
    I’ll eat these dogs like Joey Chestnut at Nathan’s
    Franticly born to bombs like Israeli premature babies
    Temperament insidiously like that killer inside me
    Animosity fulfilled, vortex in cortex releases ill will
    Mental of psychiatric hospitals, cerebral diabolical
    Criminal upheaval, desert eagles reached pinnacle
    Vile torture unleashed like Russ after KD’s departure
    Pussies’ vaginal walls exposed like OBGYN procedures
    Bypass county coroners, straight to the undertakers
    Lyrically I’ve performed autopsies on stalwart emcees
    Andrew Cunanan fags buried in rainbow pride flags
    Lithe corpses humiliated by rigidness of rigor mortis
    You’re friend of flame soon as my burner takes aim
    Cliff divin’ into morphine wouldn’t alleviate your pain
    Foes want the smoke but the vapors choke their throats

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    I'm cold blooded summer to winter
    Sensei giving pupil's splinters
    Battle scarred ninja inflicting conflict and more crucial agenda's
    Light speed light weed loud as we entered shots hit the guard blood splatter squad at odds with heathens kiss the heaven's soul searching season frame left rotten
    Decomposing at the light tower holding tons of medical in baggies
    Verbal murders happen lines flatten as shots hit captain
    Abandon ship got handles bitch as my 40 cal spit

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    Faggots quick to abandon ship like mechanics on Titanic
    Mt. Everest icepicks couldn’t chip this iceberg spit I vomit
    Subzero saliva cold as ICE raids, polar temps for decades
    Phosphorous grenades, eternal chaos only seen in Hades
    Blaze barrels of Jim Beam, inferno flames in bloodstream
    Hellhole mired, out-of-control conflagration like Cali fires
    Lava spray incinerates a bone-chillin’ winter in Green Bay
    Apocalypto mayhem, Mel Gibson bloodthirsty camera lens
    Scourge courier, uncivilized marauder of Holcane warriors
    Mayan brutal culture, biblical scripture pestilent literature
    Tumultuous pupils haunted by bedlam, ceaseless redrum
    Untethered lack of conscience, entrance of no repentance
    Terroristic ballistic habits, militaristic hostile characteristics
    I bomb first with napalm bursts, mortars quell bloodthirst
    Third degrees of military weaponry, meticulously butcheries
    I’ll get away with murder like S. Arabia with Jamal Khashoggi

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    Stranded falling off like strands of hair
    Move like a grizzly bear on my enemies lair
    Another project Blair minus the witch
    Clemens when I used to pitch white rocks on the mounds
    Dangerous grounds round ghosts
    Where the pig roast smoke in the air lit oak
    Niggas boast hard but their oat soft lost like the followers of Christ on the cross
    Forgotten like Sauce money hands swollen so on the front line my aim funny
    Target hit burial spot three miles from where he was rocked
    Clocked like Father time and grandfather
    Welcome back without Carter
    Boiling in the water sits the fire starter
    Father of a few seeds and a wisdom asking me to proceed

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    I crack heads when I welcome’em back like Nino at Carter
    Rappers turned martyrs, vultures nibble on rigid cadavers
    Golden showers at your wake so you’ll feel Lord of the Rings
    Fat lady sings when she sees blood on your maxi pads’ wings
    Appendages weighed down by tons of lead, metal anchors heads
    Cannon pellets snug like bullet-proof vests to corpulent chests
    Feeble rivals get chopped for disposal like Khashoggi in Istanbul
    Ghastly desecration of your anatomy, nightmare turned reality
    Faggots remind me of the Man of Steel when his back was broken
    Only horse you be ridin’ is a Trojan when your anus is left swollen
    Metro-sexualization of a your soft participation trophy generation
    These fabricated masculine posers are pure pussy of vaginal odor
    Summer's Eve emcees symbolize femininity like LGBT communities
    Coochie fractured-wrist enemies sworn homosexuality to secrecy
    Khloe Kardashian in bodysuit tattered camel toes, fraudulent foes
    Verbal violence left you shook like 9/11 United Airlines’ turbulence

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    [QUOTE=Mantra;2625674]I come pound and break compounds and components
    Opponent who opposed I oppressed head compressed
    Bench pressed double my body weight mediate in a godly state
    Ate and broke bread went to war and smoked lead beat a bloke red
    Take a toke dread eyes a bleed
    Half Cherokee war feather's on me
    Journey of a lost tribe bad vibe
    Inside hoping we excell without drug sales[/QUOTE
    We nailed crucified pushing exclusive rides
    My theory low end I defend my tribe
    On a quest for peace weed rolled in sheets or the brown leaf
    Salute a chief executed beast captain deceased
    Whip seats plush expensive fabrics on us
    Ladies lust and get cold crush without brother's
    Fifth floor lover wallet full of rubber
    Snatch your band's hook in hand ready to kill like Candy man
    No tales in the hood it's silence of the lambs we hit opposition like rams and rhino's
    Donkey kick a bitch and crush her spinal

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    It's beyond relentless when I hit them senseless with one sentence
    Sentenced to life for spitting
    Hungrily eating emcee's like an obiest bitch with a bucket of fried chicken the journey was rough calling bluffs of the fluff
    A King like Tut leaving a hole in your hut when it rains it got flooded
    Like rza basement hot heads get cooled of like an a.c.
    I'm not having it like a crackhead having a baby there's more murders lately so peace isn't a option when hot heads get it popping no use on locking doors
    When bullet's fly through and hit your seed at fast speed as he's watching captain kangaroo

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    Martyr missions, slugs at the speed of Jack Traven
    Weaponry I pack man like Manny at ripe age of 40
    Dexterity legendary, Floyd wanted no prime of me
    Ronnie Lott beastly, Jim Brown 4th & inches violently
    Natural born killer with Mickey and Mallory armory
    Mentality should be in penitentiary like ASAP Rocky
    It’s homicidal like Bill’s killers at his ex’s bridal recital
    Cold-blooded disposition on Mt. Everest expeditions
    Vietnam vet with no regrets, Kirby’s dead presidents
    Existence lifeless like Skip’s arms poked with syringes
    Semi-automatic full metal jacket, executed silhouettes
    Murder in daytime while I moonlight as an executioner
    Still have the hunger of Dahmer before prison plunger
    Chernobyl nuclear disaster highly radioactive epicenter
    Murder perpetrator, Luca Brasi in Godfather liquidator
    Samir detonator, straight A student turned Unabomber

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    Deploy the ploy wrapped the body like a bundle of joy
    Joyous occasion occupation opposition cremation
    Pet from the cemetery ripping apart advisory's gun's buried
    Terror is him sign the Aries
    Awaken to breaking bad bullet rehab extra clip and three weed bags bitches nag ride em Jag
    Sex motion potion saggy tits sag
    Get out my lab cab money in your bag my hoes mad faces wounded
    Wood chopping unit give em blues like Bruin's school em like class
    Universal smash mash leaking fast
    No diary fuck Alicia Key's in the gallery move speed increase
    You need to go like Trump impeached bitch suck my beat
    We're scuba diving lyrically hang gliding slam em like Ivan striving
    Ice melt face the welt murder stealth attack beggar's with belts
    No help for the homeless
    Skin em boneless bloody bonus
    A new way two sides like a two way boo shot in the booty
    Bodies decay cloudy sky grey
    No zone compassion just blizzards
    Eat your gizzard emcee's fruity like Little Richard

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