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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    Bridging the gap gunning caps I capitalize off raps end relax the beef burger king carries a big mack
    Wigs pushed back like bouncer to door rushers more crushes on your end means more crutches
    I break Pincher's dobermans and crabs can't touch us
    Treaty's broken double barrel's smoking dark n lovely handsome, or ugly
    Thugs leave with one eye like fetty then I slide up in their Betty til I drop it heavy
    Deadly joker taking stocks from broker's
    Dirtier than smoker's lungs drop a ton
    Of bars footage of the raw exceptional execution
    Moving work like the U.S. states government drug distribution
    Everyday choosing a new dime while u dropping em
    I'm like a Porsche through a red light ain't nobody stopping him
    From being the best good where I rest
    If I'm not checking a bag I'm checking a check

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    I'm back from teletransportation views beyond the paradox
    Attacked by the cops wrists shackled kinda hard to box plus I know they'll blow the ox
    All I was doing was hitting my medical listening to Wublock they searched the whip
    As one cop put me in the headlock I thought of Eric Gardner and Freddie Grey
    Damn pig punching my face like Like Ike did Anna Mae bloody faced I'm fighting for life
    Trying to run away cause I got seeds and I'm not trying to die today it's like they expect me to be patriotic in these circumstances
    Make a mellow fellow flip like Aaron Hernandez and pop his own man
    These pigs tallying on me like the Taliban
    Rebellious want to see me dead like Elvis
    But the spirit of Chakha shocked me so I beat em helpless

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    9/11 ire deadly like Aaron Hernandez in cell #57
    Future as grisly as Nurkic compound leg fractures
    Pterodactyl talons rupture, Taliban barbaric nature
    Beef done like Joey Chestnut, Nike criminal conduct
    Underworld don, untouchable like Kenyans in marathons
    Serpent senses with vacant glitches, sentience off hinges
    Darkest veils conceal presence of evil, genocidal general
    Merciless militant mercenary proficient in hostile activities
    Herds of antagonists get murdered by bloodthirsty words
    Labeled underground rhymer cause I bury heads in cyphers
    I’ll chop up beef like Jeffrey Dahmer as a Safeway butcher
    Laugh like sociopath after I cut numerous anatomies in half
    Turn existences to pixels when mandibles hang from clavicles
    Robust challengers would rather retire like Conor McGregor
    They don’t want hammers stroked of illegal massage parlors
    You shook, talked all that jazz so got threatened like Westbrook

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    Cats ain't ready for war they'd rather retreat
    while I was hitting your wife your hitting the net watching porn beating your meat
    My bars be everywhere like homeless people in the street
    You know I rock without a pipe or baggie
    You want to stab me cause your girl's always sucking like Maggie
    Blame yourself I spread like locusts on crops
    Or flies on shit
    Lyrics awoke spirits that were trapped in the darkness
    Spark this like some medical and smokeout the place
    Talk shit catch a fatlip like Jay z face
    Code name Danguard Ace powers in the waist I make maneuvers Mantra more remorseless than the Parkland shooter

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    Nikolas Cruz IQ, bloodlust of Rodan with Avian flu
    Child of the corn, hardcore like Terry Funk in porn
    Fanatical individual, terminal arsenal at my disposal
    Desert eagle slayer how I quickly blast heavy metal
    Hefty artillery deadly as Bill Cobbs in New Jack City
    Ruin streets like crack, demolition of mosque attacks
    Fervent detestation baked like alt-right world of hate
    High decimation dosage, scenes of carnivore carnage
    Plasma panoramic, gashes graphic as tracks of addicts
    Rivals won’t feel like big cats after I cut’em like Burfict
    Faggots couldn’t hang if they’re prodigy like Keith Flint
    Slugs sprint, high caliber rounds leave eternal imprints
    Internal organs snatched out like Godzilla did Hedorah
    Jeepers creepers creature the way I hawk eyes like Iowa
    Ripped anatomies with vacancies of Trump administration
    Cavernous lacerations, pussies open like fallopian ovulation

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    Attack the heart like Kimbos and leave slices
    And dices cross the kid it's a nailed to a cross crisis
    The livest resurrected from death with one eyeball hanging from the socket I see the effects from Boston to Bangkok
    Trying to blow the fuck up like the JFK headshot
    Beds rock once Mantra hits dimes from behind have em screaming we love Mantra long time
    Kind to the worst meanest to the nicest
    Cold blooded take an ice cycle to the iris
    Time this like a lap break em off like a nap
    Spring wars with double four's to open up backs
    Kill cats for rubbing I'm old school like cassette tape dubbing
    Coming of age a holder like Eric but shitty cuz ain't my name
    Fame turns thugs to muffinmen video still buffering
    No custody can protect them from a fate of suffering

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    Drama received on your end it's a endless battle to defend
    Enforcer's stepping in instantly ended
    Beats blended minus mash up from murdered slaves he descended
    Strong winded voice raspy very few surpassed
    Without a gash slash that had to be stitched fast
    Ass emcee's constipated are feces
    Fecal to the matter shit splatter when flying slugs batter your body off ladder
    Grab you cement slam son of dam evil
    Cult receive and totally torture you with at least ten needles

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    Too dope when I stick tracks like heroin needles
    Maligned mental manhandled by wounds of evil
    Deceased pictorials of Nipsey Hussle’s memorial
    Eric deadly heat holder, icy preacher in Pale Rider
    Artic cool but blood lava when I get Heltah Skeltah
    I bring ruck that hits rock hard like cocaine to brain
    Drink away the pain with propane so I can spit flames
    Slave trader heart as black as Darth Vader as a Raider
    Demon sessions when I speak languages of heathens
    Disciplined rifle disciple, slugs come in waves of tidal
    Zion Williams on mic how I’ll blow you out your Nikes
    Cruel abuse when I step to streets to kill like coach at Cuse
    Savage sovereignty like sundry cities in Mexican territories
    David's goliath slingshot trajectories, sparks fly constantly
    Enemies USDA beef shredded after hollow tips embedded
    Method of madness when I turn notepad to coroner’s canvas

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    I’m back after days not year like a father that’s dangerous
    Joe Jackson patriarch when I whup on masses of young asses
    I’m incorrigible like the devil in chapels, immoral been ample
    Lyrical terminal like drive-bys at memorial for Nipsey Hussle
    Brain became a Jigsaw puzzle soon as I lost all my marbles
    Heinous mental too much to handle, homicidal urge primal
    Johnny rotten lines as fatal as ones in sex pistols’ nostrils
    Hostile rhymes cause homeland security secretary to resign
    I spit darts that morph to javelins, miscreations of goblins
    Self-diagnosis sickness, schizophrenia focus of psychosis
    Mental heathen, my reflection looks at me with revulsion
    Not braggin’ when I say I’m as fly as henchmen for Bin Laden
    Coroner defector, Arthur G. Dozier School bone collector
    Cadaver hoarder, undertaker turned burial data recorder
    Horrors of tomorrow like Robert Kraft leaked naked videos
    Vile acts with impunity of narcos porque tengo el diablo adrento

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    When you receive it you open you can check you break it up when you put it into however it is you are going to always looking up we have been we have puffed we have had some good shit up and off how the high keeps going up like we spark i who is there the silence but sound again you talk to me i guess once in a while around like looking to cross what these sounds if you cannot count i cant but it is reggae influenced if you understand me aguas frescas trying not to fall in a packed space how the turn you can be tranquil not having to worry about stuff yes i just thought of bomb ass i really cannot wait like going somewhere to get a nice drink ice cold hibiscus flower water i would hydrate be hydrated the drink you a paper in mid air it gets it slowly leaves it starts taking off it it leaves how it goes it took off it has taken off there like what would i say stuck but something else when they arrive i would wake like i would have something else to drinks they hit too when you have a chance to you blaze you up an escalator going up slowly another part you didnt know of i just home watching t v seeing whats on shows the shows are funny i would just have to go to bed in the morning wake up damn yes i needed to be in school what to write in my journal not even close i to trippin trip it felt good the bell man i wish it didnt ring have just like im right here i yes all these places ways i enjoyed i enjoy but i hope you guys can find it a high but you re coming down cuz you have just eaten yes here right now whats up yes right just right here an in and out passing play the feeling of the cut yes this fool after you have taken a long ass walk and you re barely getting there when you get home ice cold something how it feels then does it roll down relax off flying someplace space i would look then leave would go back down i hope i make it when you come oh you want to pu i would see and trip on them on it i would need to leave some look freaked out right here just posted crazy crazy ass stuff like where what the would i need to yes not at that time the daytime light always so f n bright a trip home no like i do not no i do not have to take a mas i just want to get we all get so yes we re all done up gone where do we chi ill i wonder if one one day i dont know where to go this time but i think im going south yes a 2 hour drive when you see food but you get a smell billboards a freeway where to take me i would give it a hug i found out about you guys in school i still remember the page a cold frozen or refrigerated drink some of the dopest strongest really good a good somewhere where you at do we see you how we chill yes some people smoke and yes we cant wait to wake up imagine like we re 18 whatever we get to drink on a empty stomach no being over there i was lost saying so much it feels good it feels alright what to put together if you miss me you can see another page it would be cool like to go outside take a break from all this out just for a bit how it feels we me i am so i am so ready alone around plants that are old to go down how will it grow it was just in my pocket the highway a satellite can see here or scattered to be home a cup glass of beer or tequila to chill lay back would we meet my beer has finished i want to go over not just out of a grape swisher

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    Cause Iím a gon' bring it to anybody who want it
    You want it, you gon' get it til you quit and quoting shit to a judge
    Name 'em we gon' hit 'em up chew 'em up and eject eím outta here like a cassette tape
    Too much acid for ya to handle you got reflux so best duck
    We gon' take 'em out like we getting take out so best break out
    I already got my vaccines yall best quit maxi priest
    Iím a beast from the east emcees canít peep and see how I be
    I got too much pep in my step to keep it moving in my direction to lose
    My shoes will expose you then explode as soon as you go to step in them
    You know how I speak on topics
    How Iím a do it when we come through
    Sheep Lord, Blastmatic, Mic Psycho I move like the lord of chaos
    Get cha tossed out because you ainít displaying odds
    Disaster comes faster than you can react to it, just ask these lames
    Iím a psycho, these wack cats ainít got shit on me
    When I retire Iíd rather expire have you pasteurized
    Cremate cha down to ashes coming with caution
    Iím bossing around flow freeze read em please
    Ya canít rip down mics I tear them outta the frame
    Iím a burn source covers like fucking cypress hill
    While you wack cats were learning to crawl still in diapers
    Iím the Blastmatic and the Matic is how tragic shit can be
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    Magic tragic to emcees like viral agents in HIV
    Director of higher learnin’ like John Singleton
    Doughboy in Boyz n the Hood, tiger in woods
    Unmatched master like Jack Nicklaus at Augusta
    Radiodurans bacteria in saliva, volatile as Hiroshima
    Gladiator Batiatus, fu** Kirk Douglas I’m Spartacus
    Clutch gene of John Havlicek when dialect is flexed
    Henchmen void of repentance, impenitent existence
    Macabre manifestation, double amputation diction
    Napoleonic wits of sceptic psychics, Neo in a matrix
    Country House one-track mind at the Kentucky Derby
    Thoroughbred pedigree like pops of Maximum Security
    Purgatory periphery, kinetic energy protracts mutinies
    Killarmy dirty weaponry, doomsday holocaust ferocity
    German Nazi efficiency how my crematory is so deadly
    Vile conviction of Trump administration with immigration

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    Dropped fallin it gets more hurtful i ve been empty for like about since i been empty a long time yea i dont feel ish when i get stepped on rain air heat shoes fuck i dont feel this ish i have to i must go over here done i been done yes as soon as i get on my feet yes i start losing who i am im going far and shit yes im being taken somewhere im on a ride its fresh kind of cool its alright why is it cold ? I think im missing something no thanks them doo wop fools i know the feel w i feel it i feel it yes i have to go i must drive i have to keep driving how we fly fudge a long ride i know i fucked up how will this come out to i think i can do that i couldnt wouldnt yes just dont fuck up to appear how we look when you put your video game onto the console how it stays stuck how it works how we stay i been there where can i move there forever that fool was dope if only i can talk yes ok when you dont want to do i would want to how a hurt goes it leaves yes its gone where the fuck am I

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    Feeble cats claim to be pits when they’re Beagles
    These little dogs will get killed like I was David Eason
    For various reasons I’ll trump Donald this duck season
    I want prime grade beef but emcees have turned vegan
    I’m sonnin’ these children without postpartum depression
    I’m all about puttin’ bedlam behind bars like prison wardens
    AK dart spray, stepped in this temple to post like Shaq in LA
    Lyrical diesel, magazine-fed semi-automatic desert eagle
    Ground zero how I’m quick to put rivals under WTC rubble
    Rigid enemies will go down in flames like Ethiopian Airlines
    Modern-day father time, flat-line you with Mr. Yates Tec-9
    Knock your hustle like that one gunshot to head of Nipsey
    Hardcore emcees inventory depleted in this hostile territory
    Nemesis that want smoke get blown away like Jeff Bridges
    Assault with battery when I Ed Gein your entire anatomy
    Even in a hellcat redeye you couldn’t dodge these gat claps

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    Unabomber on archaic teleprompter
    Vile diction sickenin’, too ill for penicillin
    Lyrically as sick as colostomy bags selfies
    Seized territory, entered country illegally
    Mexican mamba but my agent ain’t a serpent
    I’ll rob Pelinka cause he’s a brash backstabber
    Computer programmer turned Dahmer hacker
    Homicidal instincts like John Wick in The Matrix
    Mind off hinges, Lamar Odom drug-fueled rages
    Elevated consciousness high off altitude sickness
    I’ve conquered Seven Summits of each continent
    Frank Lucas in Harlem after them dead presidents
    Not heroin but corpses in coffins of dead servicemen
    Moonraker villain with heavy metal armed to the teeth
    Surgical gloves like Raekwon’s chef when I carve beef
    In backdraft attire when I scorch like Notre Dame fire

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