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Thread: Wisemen - Wisemen Approaching

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    Pretty solid album, liked "The Great Migration" better tho'.

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    Damn, I just got this album, and I'm fuckin amazed. This is one of best albums that I have heard lately! I'm currently bangin 6th track, and I have already vote for classic, cuz we r not in position to hear more projects like this one nowadayz! Beats r fuckin mad, I have played only 6th tracks, and I liked 5 of them, especially Iconoclasts, and when I heard KP on it, I just had to vote for Classic! Only thing I am not really happy bout is that guestlist is not really long, there is only GZA of generals, and few killa beez, tho' the album is fuckin ill. Lyrics r great, and so far, I am fuckin amazed with album!

    Ill album, for me it's instant classic, 11/10!


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    Default Bronze Nazareth & The Wisemen show!!!

    Friday, February 13, 2009 @ The Eagle Theatre - 15 South Saginaw, Downtown Pontiac, MI

    "Bronze Nazareth & The Wisemen" -Kevlaar 7, Phillies, Illa Dayz, Beace, Salute, June Megalodon plus I.W.G (Indianapolis, IN), Maliki The Most Hi and other special guests!!!

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    Classic. When this came out i listened to it for a whole month almost every day. and revisiting it, its still shocking how fucking great it is and how almost nobody knows who these guys are.

    No weak links in this group, gotta say bronze kills everything though.

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    ye i just bump this the other day as well, funny this thread gets bumped

    dope album, sonically and lyrically. everyone def brought the A game. some might say its more simple but its definitely a lot more effective

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    On par with Great Migration. All emcees are dope, Bronze Nazareth and the late, great Kevlaar 7 hold it down on the production tip.

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