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Thread: Any Cryptopsy fans?

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    Default Any Cryptopsy fans?

    Anyone else upset over Lord Worm's SECOND departure?

    I was really looking forward to hearing him return to his old vocal/lyrical style for the next album.

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    Shit, I never saw this thread. I thought it was really upsetting, nobody else fits the band, Mike's voice was really generic. He probably has some of the most insane and incomprehensible vocals, Frank Mullen is the only guy that comes close to him. I like their first two albums alot, especially "None So Vile", Flo is a real drum machine.

    "Robbed of natural abilities
    In death they now seek tranquility
    In a confused state of mind
    Extending agony,they must be blind"

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    Fuck yeah, None So Vile is probably my favorite death metal album, right above Morbid Angel's Blessed Are the Sick.

    No one writes sick, fucked up, yet clever and hilarious lyrics like Lord Worm does.
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